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Ruth Langsford In A Tight Skirt Walking In Slow Motion
11 Jul 2009
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I tell Ashley and the guys about the aftermath of my close encounter. Let me just say right now, it stinks. -Doug
26 Dec 2008
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Mrs. Wanda Nylon sitting pretty in her very tight satin pencil skirt and slingback heels
7 Sep 2009
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Kim Kardashian makes a fleeting appearance as she leaves her hotel in San Francisco after accepting Kanye West's offer of marriage.
23 Oct 2013
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A garment store for women which offers plus & regular size clothing and they have a trendy collection of - shirts, T-Shirts, Tunics, Leggings, Jeans, Trousers, Capris, Tights, Skirts, Overcoats, Jackets, Pullovers, Cardigans, Long Coats, Scarves, Stoles.
8 Sep 2010
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ultra tight skirt in "voll normaaal", orchideus edit, you can check out, and download some more at *******tightskirts.blogsup**** or at *******tightskirtspage.blogspot****
25 May 2009
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The official "Tight Skirt" music video by upcoming Jamaican singer-songwriter Samantha J. Video Director: Renais Marshall / Song produced by Washroom Ent. (c) Oceanic Tradewinds 2013. Purchase 'Tight Skirt' on iTunes: *******tinyurl****/TSitunez Connect with Samantha J on: Facebook: *******facebook****/samanthajlive Twitter: *******twitter****/samanthajlive Instagram: *******instagram****/samanthajlive Website: *******samanthajlive****
10 Nov 2013
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By October 2005, I was getting good enough with clothes and make-up that I was starting to get looks from guys. But, as the end of this video shows, sometimes a short skirt gets more attention than you would like.
6 Sep 2009
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boots with 5 1/2 inch heels, tight leather skirt
24 Oct 2009
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Wow, this skirt really is a little too tight (but I love how my belly comes out :) ) ... *hehe* Hugs + Kisses
15 Mar 2010
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My thoughts on dancewear from Discount Dance Supply's holiday 2010 catalog. My favorite and least favorite leotards, skirts, tights, shorts and a bunch of other stuff. I hope this is helpful! =) Photo from DiscountDance****
7 Dec 2010
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Katie Derham - Short Skirt, Black Tights, Legs.
8 Jan 2010
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Christina Applegate in a purple tight minidress from married with children 5x17 Check out and download some more at *******tightskirts.blogsup**** or at *******tightskirtspage.blogspot****
11 Mar 2010
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Famous and stylish scene of the first appointment of Elisabeth Shue and Nicolas Cage on pedestrian crossing from the "Leaving Las Vegas" (1995). =)
19 Mar 2010
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carol vorderman in blue satin top and tight skirt heels and black tights ...
27 Mar 2009
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1,Gray recruitment suits(MESSY with MUD) The qualifying exam of a certain organization is said to be held outside in the field. Candidates are asked to do a variety of things with their clothes on (recruitment suits in most cases). This is to measure the physical ability of candidates and even includes creeping flat on the ground. Candidates must do what is told if they want to pass the exam because these performance is crucial to be a successful applicant. In this film, Mr. Higashiyama (the president of fetish-factory) and I tried to reproduce this qualifying exam. We acted as examiners and a female model as an examinee. Our first order was the creeping flat on the ground(in the mud), of course, with her recruitment suits on! The reason why she is asked to keep her suits on was to examine her courage and decisiveness. After entering the organization, she would be required to behave appropriately to protect herself from her enemies wherever she is, even in the mud, or water. The creeping flat on the ground was done at two locations: at the muddy ground and on the steep hill. After that, she had to clean up her clothes to finish her exam. Since it was expected that she would have to work without any clean water after the enrollment, this was done in the muddy water. She was required to clean up her body and clothes in a short time. 2,Private clothes (MESSY with MUD) Because her recruitments got muddy in the exam, we ordered her to wear fresh private clothes we asked to bring (a navy-blue tight skirt and a white shirt). After she finished doing so, we told her the result of this qualifying exam. Although she was pretty sure of passing the exam, the paper in the envelope said "disqualified". She, not seeming convinced, began to implore us to redo the qualifying exam. Impressed with her enthusiasm that she wanted to creep in the mud again in spite of the fact that she does not have spare clothes any more, we finally decided to give her one more chance. Not caring about getting dirty with the mud, she started creeping flat on the ground in the mud with her fresh clothes on! We two were moved at her courageous action and changed our conclusion to "qualified"! As soon as she was told so, she roared with great delight, and it made her wild enough to do the head-sliding in the mud! She immersed herself in happiness until all of her body became fully muddy. She left for home with her body covered heavily with mud. 3,Office uniform (MESSY with MUD) The final scene of this "muddy" series is the playing in the mud with the yellow office uniform. She started her exploration in nature with her fresh uniform. But her uniform got dirtier and dirtier. At first, she tried not to make her uniform dirty. But her skirt got soaked in the puddle when she was searching for her shoe which was accidentally taken off and she slipped and fell on her behind in the mud, which made her hip muddy after a while, her clothes, which was totally clean just before, got muddy here and there! With such a situation, she began not to hesitate getting dirty with mud. We let her play around in the mud to her content as she wished. Without any detailed directions about her actions, Mr. Higashiyama and I simply kept shooting her.
24 Oct 2009
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