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Racing Moto - Racing game by Droidhen Casual - Gameplay Description by Developer Racing Moto is a fast paced racing game. You never dare drive so fast in the real world! Control your moto with incredible fast speed during traffic rush time! Also enjoy beautiful view during the journey - desert, city, bridge, sea and forest! Intuitive game rules: # Tilt phone to control moto direction # Tap screen to accelerate Tips to win high score: # Keep accelerating moto so that the score will be boosted. The boost factor is shown on the right top of the screen. # Watch out indicator light. Vehicles may turn left or right. Enjoy feeling super speedy moto racing! Please give us your feedback, rate or comment if you like this game! #bringiton #bringitongameplays #gameplay #androidgames #downloadgames #mobilegames #gameplay #racing #motoracer #bikeracing
25 Apr 2019
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BubbleUp! - Casual Game by KneeGo - Gameplay Description by Developer Jump with the Bubble Man as high as possible! During your journey you can pick up the pearls and coins and you should avoid obstacles! Be careful, Bubble Man can't survive without oxygen! Compare your progress in the global leaderboards and collect funny achievements. Features: - fun and simple to play - power-ups to pick-up - various platforms (moving, broken, ...) - different enemies and obstacles (fishes, crabs, mines, ...) - global leaderboards and achievements How to play: Tilt phone to move left or right. 3 - 2 - 1 - JUMP! #bringiton #bringitongameplays #gameplay #androidgames #downloadgames #mobilegames #gameplay #bubbleup
19 May 2019
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Video of playing an Xbox 360 using a hacked version of the controller that uses tilt for one of the analog sticks. Shown: Full Auto, Crimson Skies, Marble Blast Ultra, and Goldeneye 007 (non-xbox) More info at www.adamthole****
25 Jan 2007
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A video of my finished Xbox 360 tilt controller. This uses the tilt of your controller for the left analog stick input. For details on how I did it, etc. visit: *******www.adamthole****
21 Jan 2007
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I have been noticing several comments on the web claiming that my tilt controller has too much lag to be worthwhile. Some people claim that they saw 'seconds' of lag. I can understand how people can think that the controller has some lag associated with it. When watching someone play a game it is hard to judge whether the controller has lag or not because the games don't usually have instantaneous response. If I am playing a racing game and am turning left then decide to turn right, it doesn't happen instantaneously. It is built into the game controls. In this video I show you the Xbox 360 tilt controller in the Windows XP 'Game Controllers' control panel. It shows you the X and Y positions in real time. More info: *******www.adamthole****
29 Jan 2007
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Magic Trick called the Marlo Tilt Revealed by me
31 Mar 2007
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Pandora Pan and Tilt HS-65B tilt servo HS81 pan servo
11 Sep 2007
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Test of my new Motion Control rig for Time Lapse Photography. It pans and tilts as I program it. More to come!
6 Oct 2007
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I teach you how to do the Marlo Tilt for the Ambitious Card Routine.
11 Oct 2007
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Experiment with a tilted surface
27 Nov 2007
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What is tilt
17 Apr 2008
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Tilda from Autoadapt tilts the seat and makes entering the car much easier.
28 May 2008
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FriendMobilizer application running on HTC Tilt. FriendMobilizer is the first application that combines Facebook with Windows Mobile 6. Get it here: *******faceofmobile****
21 Nov 2008
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