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Concrete Skateboarding Distributed by Tubemogul.
7 Aug 2009
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Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S.D., the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee who suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2006, will not seek re-election in 2014, he announced today at the University of South Dakota.
26 Mar 2013
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Tim Johnson music video directed by Richard Taylor of Bizjack/Flemco for the FAN FILM "Return of the Ghostbusters" Check more of Tim Johnsons music out on *******www.Myspace/timjohnson27 and other music videos by T.J and Films on *******www.myspace****/bizjackflemco About to Bust "I'm about to bust in the mile high city I expect to detect psychokinetic activity. I'm about to bust, you gonna stand there and gape or lend a hand with this class five full roaming vapor I'm about to bust. The name's Ed Spengler, you can quit with the tremblin' I'm relatives with uncle Egon, can you see our resemblence? I'm a student of Dr. Peter Venkman's, so I'm used to battling demons from other dimensions. My inheritence is the family business tracking malevolent inhuman spirits. Its quite lucrative, brings in the dividends, despite our nuclear devices are unlisenced. I'm on the offensive opposite goblins. My perogative's to stop the cause of hauntings. Its not too daunting to accomplish returning lost souls to their sarcophagus. I'm a qualified parasychologist. Tobin's spirit guide is where my knowledge stems. This is bonifide science to determine the cause of poltergeists, here's my hypothesis. When the departed's quantum consciousness particles start discharging postpartum and barging in, party crashing, freaking startling, wreaking havoc with supernatural disasters, I'm in charge of dispatching whack phantoms for a price, but it ain't no bargain. Ectoplasm on your noggin? Phantasm that is bothersome? My conclusions aren't that far gone without a large margin of error, sign this waiver and pardon all the jargon We'll trap the ghost in this compartment. Will this be cash, check or charge? Cuz I'm about to bust. We got the "no ghost" logo, no choice but to enforce that I'll blast Casper, your Grandma, and Bill Cosby from Ghost Dad! Close have we come, to total annihilation But foes like marshmallow man all just end up roasted With a dose of proton flows. Hold your nose, here comes Slimer. Yo bro, inform Gozer he'll have to retire. Those droves that protest ghost rights are misguided Its not soul poaching, I'm not joking, its science! Unlike Constantine's discovery in Egypt. It bothers me and just don't seem legit. He puts Annie to sleep, dastardly paraplegic snaring legions of conscious beings for his evil amulet. So he can open up a portal and of course be an immortal paranormal warlord, and score with the reporter. But I'm not cordial to the sort of folk I can't afford to trust. I'll cut this short and seek the glory, cuz I'm about to bust. I'm about to bust, expect specters to yield as I ghostride the whip in the ectomobile. I'm about to bust, there's no need to be scared. I've seen more slime than the host guy of Double Dare! I'm about to bust and you know what that means, but whatever you do, do not cross the streams!"
24 Nov 2009
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How to Train Your Dragon (also known as How to Train Your Dragon 3D) is an upcoming computer-animated film based on the 2003 book of that same title. The film stars the voice talents of Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill, Gerard Butler, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Craig Ferguson. The film is scheduled to be released on March 26, 2010. This is also the second movie Jonah Hill and Christopher Mintz-Plasse will be together in since 2007's Superbad. ------------------------------------------------------------ Directed by: Chris Sanders, Dean DeBlois Produced by: Bonnie Arnold, Michael Connolly, Tim Johnson Written by: Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders, (Story: Cressida Cowell) Starring: Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill, Gerard Butler, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Craig Ferguson Music by: John Powell Editing by: Darren Holmes Studio: DreamWorks Animation, Mad Hatter Entertainment Distributed by: DreamWorks, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures International Release date(s): March 26, 2010 Country: United States Language: English
7 Jul 2010
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Patch (Robin Williams) brings joy to the patients in the Children's Ward, but Dean Walcott (Bob Gunton) isn't laughing. TM & © Universal (2011) Buy Movie: ***********/gp/search?ie=UTF8&keywords=Patch%20Adams&tag=movieclipscom-20&index=dvd&linkCode=ur2 Scene: The Children's Ward - *******movieclips****/KtGQ-patch-adams-movie-the-childrens-ward/ Movie Details: Patch Adams (1998) - *******movieclips****/i3SDY-patch-adams-movie-videos/ Cast: Aaron Alexander, Amadeius Cheadle, David Cooper, Jamieson Downes, Bob Gunton, Wesley G. Haines, Peter Idiart, Tim Johnson, Alberto Rocha, Joseph Trefry, Robin Williams, Lorri Holt, Kate Keith, Cameron Brooke Stanley, Domonique Tate, Jena Marie Thomas Director: Tom Shadyac Producer: Alan B. Curtiss, Allegra Clegg, Charles Newirth, Devorah Moos-Hankin, Marsha Garces Williams, Marvin Minoff, Mike Farrell, Steve Oedekerk, Tom Shadyac Screenwriter: Maureen Mylander, Patch Adams, Steve Oedekerk Film Description: Patch Adams is a 1998 comedy-drama film starring Robin Williams. Directed by Tom Shadyac, it tells the true life story of Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams and the book Gesundheit: Good Health is a Laughing Matter by Adams and Maureen Mylander. The film is generally considered a box-office success, grossing over twice its budget in the United States alone. However, it was poorly received by most critics. Plot: The film tells the story of Hunter "Patch" Adams (Williams), a medical doctor who became famous for his unconventional approach to medicine. After attempting suicide, he checks himself into a mental institution, where he gradually bonds with his fellow patients. During this time he is inspired to become a medical doctor, and discovers that he is able to forget his own problems by helping others. Two years later, he enrolls at Virginia Medical University (a fictitious school shot at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus) and he is the oldest first year student. He questions the school's approach to medical care, and clashes with the school's Dean Walcott (Bob Gunton), who believes that doctors must distance themselves from patients. Because of this and other incidents, including a prank during a medical conference, he is expelled from the school, although he is later reinstated. Adams develops a relationship with a fellow student, Carin Fisher (Monica Potter), and develops his idea for a medical clinic built around his philosophy of treating patients through humor and compassion. With the help of Arthur Mendelson (Harold Gould), a wealthy man who was a patient whom Patch met while in the mental hospital, he purchases 105 acres (425,000 m²) in West Virginia to construct the future Gesundheit! Institute. Together with Corin, medical student Truman Schiff (Daniel London), and some old friends, he renovates an old cottage. When they get the clinic running, they treat walk-in patients without medical insurance, Patch performs comedy sketches for the patients, such as wearing thick glasses and pretending to be near-sighted. Corin is fascinated by Patch's talent, and their friendship turns into romance. She reveals to him that she had been molested as a child and had always wanted to become a butterfly to escape her torment; Patch reassures her that she can overcome her pain to help others. More encouraged than ever by Patch and his spirit, Corin wants to help a disturbed patient, Lawrence "Larry" Silver (Douglas Roberts), by visiting him at home. Larry turns out to be far more disturbed than anybody had expected, and he murders her, turning the shotgun on himself soon after. Patch is devastated and guilt-ridden by Corin's death, reconsiders his outlook, and questions the goodness of humanity. He contemplates suicide, but tells God that Heaven is "not worth it" and turns to see a butterfly. He then realizes how Corin mentioned to him that she always wanted to be a butterfly, and decides to continue his work in her honor. Dismissed from the school for a second time because he ran a clinic and practiced medicine without a license, he files a grievance with the state medical board at the advice of his former med school roommate, Mitch Roman (Philip Seymour Hoffman), and must attend a hearing where it is decided whether he can graduate. Patch is able to convince the board in a final speech that he did his best to help the people that came to him, stating that treating a disease of the body is a win-or-lose situation, but treating a person's spirit guarantees a win regardless of the outcome. He encourages medical students to cultivate relationships with nurses and learn their interviewing skills early, and argues that death should be treated with dignity and even humor. In the end the jury accepts Patch's medical methods and decides to allow him to graduate. He receives a standing ovation from the packed hearing room. Even at graduation, Patch cannot help but be a non-conformist. After handing Adams a diploma, Wolcott...
3 Jul 2011
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From the movie Patch Adams - Patch (Robin Williams) brings joy to the patients in the Children’s Ward, but Dean Walcott (Bob Gunton) isn’t laughing.
21 Jun 2011
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Christmas Crush When a woman learns of her high school reunion a week before Christmas, she's ecstatic to finally have her chance to win back the one “that got away”.
7 Dec 2013
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This video features <b>interviews</b> with Olympic Gold medalist Bryan Clay and Honolulu <b>Fire</b> Chief Ken Silva. I put this video together for New Hope's Doing Church as a Team Conference. It was for a message delivered by Mark Sanborn. To make this all happen in time we had a team in California shoot the <b>interview</b> with Bryan and send it back here to Hawaii. A big mahalo to Tim Johnson, Jesse Roberge, and others at Bryan Clay productions for doing a great job with that. Bryan and Chief Silva had some ...
20 Mar 2009
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Morley Safer asks local bookstore owner, Tim Johnson, whether Marfa's increasing popularity puts the small town's spirit at risk.
14 Apr 2013
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Get this song here: ******* and *******www.lonestarmusic**** Jon Wolfe's new single "That Girl In Texas" LYRICS: "That Girl in Texas" Jon Wolfe/Tim Johnson VERSE 1 I woke up this morning not feeling right And it wasn't the beer that I drank last night It's the state I'm in I just know I'm not where I'm meant to be I heard a southern wind callin' out to me Go back home again Now I'm standin' at the lonely end of the path I chose And I can't stop thinking about all the things miss the most CHORUS Might be those Saturday nights and the honky tonks and rodeos Or the way the sun sets in the hills of San Antonio Might be the dust on my boots, the miles of fence line That ole Rio Grande or the wide open sky But my best guess is It's that girl in Texas VERSE 2 I spent all day packin up my truck My boss forgot to wish me luck When I said so long It high time I undue my mistake So I'll drive all night down the interstate Till I'm all the way gone I know deep down in my heart it's what I've gotta do And if anyone asks me what I'm most looking forward to CHORUS BRIDGE I can't wait to see her smiling face And I couldn't tell you why I ever left that place I miss those Saturday nights and honky tonks and rodeos The way the sun sets in the hills of San Antonio Her beautiful smile, bright blue eyes Holdin' her close in the moonlight What I miss most is That girl in Texas Yea what I love most is.......That girl in Texas
23 Jul 2013
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Http://www.golfcentralstation****/tim-johnson-pga In this video Tim Johnson, PGA Professional talks about the importance hitting down on the golf ball, balance in the golf swing, and how this will lead to solid iron shots. Tim Johnson is a Certified PGA teaching Professional in Long Beach, CA to see more tips from Tim or to book a golf lesson visit his station on Golf Central Station Http://www.golfcentralstation****/tim-johnson-pga
24 Aug 2013
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Every action movie hero has a bad first date. Freddie takes a trek to the Batcave looking for a little extra help. Skyhook OST Download: *******johnrobertmatz.bandcamp**** WATCH THE BEHIND THE SCENES: *******www.rocketjump****/?video=skyhook-behind-the-scenes Check out the rest of GeekWeek: ***********/geekweek Special thanks to YouTube and Nerdist Industries for making this video possible! Directed by - Dez Dolly & Matt Arnold dezdolly mattlarnold Writer - Brian Firenzi Executive Producers for RocketJump, LLC. - Matt, Dez & Freddie Producer - Alicia Martinez Associate Producers - Jimmy Wong & Catherine Farrington Garcia Director of Photography -- Jon Salmon Editors - Dez Dolly, Ben Waller, Jon Karmen Production Designer -- Allesandra Said Music Composed by - John Robert Matz Production Accountant - Jamie Lukaszewski TALENT "Freddie" - Freddie Wong "Stephanie" - Grace Helbig "Lucien" - Baron Vaughn "Waiter" - Brian Firenzi CREW 1st AD -- Danielle J. Clark 1st AC -- Shaun Dixon 2nd AC / DIT -- Alicia Varela Gaffer -- Fernando Montes Best Boy Electrician -- Josh Coffman Electrician -- Danny Franco Key Grip -- Frank Garbutt Best Boy Grip -- Jason Gray Grip -- Michael Rha Prop Master -- Andrew Adams Set Dresser -- Xylon Jones Set Dresser -- Eddie Tamarayo Stunts by Action Factory Stunt Coordinator -- Eric Linden Stunt Performers -- Tim Eulich, Tim Garris, Joe Ross, Joe Fidler Production Sound Mixer -- Reza Moosavi Wardrobe Stylist -- Layne McGovern Production Coordinator -- Ashim Ahuja Drone Camera Operator -- Taylor Chien Drone Pilot - John Pacitto Radiant Images Technician -- Nick Lantz Colored at Blacklist Digital Digital Intermediate Supervisor - Tims Johnson Digital Intermediate Colorist - Narbeh Tatoussian Digital Intermediate Editor - Justin Williams Digital Intermediate Assistant - Steve Meyer VFX Supervisor - Kevin Comerford VFX Artist - Marty Kane VFX Artist - Ben Christie VFX Artist - Elliot Nevills Opening Titles - Simian Design Group (Michael Rinnan and Kyle Cogan) Sound Designed and Mixed at Point of Blue Studios - Alex Reeves Craft Service -- Sarinya Rattana Production Assistant -- Andy Sorgie Production Assistant -- Patrick Valler Production Assistant -- Ian Alloway Production Bad Ass -- Benji Dolly Production Assistant -- Elliott Rodriguez Production Assistant -- Anthony Sabatino Behind the Scenes -- Jon Karmen Talent Coordinator -- Nicole Wyland Background Talent: Brianna Fawn Harriet Richman Jeanelle Pineda Jonathan Marsh Jordan Kessler Manou Oeschager Marco Best Marvin Fraley Special Thanks Arthur To Blacklist Productions Seth Laderman Nerdist Industries Rebecca Lando Nicole Enriquez Tim Partridge YouTube CopterX*** Dronefly**** Radiant Images
25 Aug 2013
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*******www.golfcentralstation****/tim-johnson-pga In this video Tim Johnson PGA Professional shows you the three steps to hitting a draw off the tee with your driver and eliminate the slice from your golf game. Tim walks through in great detail the mechanics of the golf swing that causes you to slice and how to fix these mechanics in the golf swing and hit the draw for more distance and drives into the fairway. Tim Johnson is a Certified PGA teaching Professional in Long Beach, CA to see more tips from Tim or to book a golf lesson visit his station on Golf Central Station Http://www.golfcentralstation****/tim-johnson-pga
8 Feb 2014
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