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The Aspiring Gentleman is a men’s lifestyle blog based in downtown Miami. We aim for the fantasy life with a dose of realism. From travel stories in Brazil to whiskey reviews in Scotland, The Aspiring Gentleman’s founder and contributors share the latest trends and the timeless advice here to stay. We are not GQ and we’re not writing from our parents’ basement either. But we are focused on a complete lifestyle involving the best the world has to offer — travel, style, entertainment, fitness, gadgets, and more.
16 Apr 2018
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Indigo2Ash Reupholstery Services provides the timeless tranquility of a tangible link with the countries past and the gentler side of it’s present. Mere facts and figures fail to reflect our understated all year round magnetism for the generations of regional and local residents who appreciate the meandering beauty of the handcraft skills of its master craftsmen at work.
10 Apr 2018
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Discover with us a world where time seems to stop for a while, where elegance is timeless and beauty is everything. Find out the astonishing design of creations by Citterio.
12 Mar 2018
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Furniture by Giorgetti official is more than simple interior design: it is craftsmanship, art and a little bit of magic. Discover the timeless charm of this Italian design brand with us.
27 Feb 2018
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The PRESENT TENSE uses the verb's base form (write, work), or, for third-person singular subjects, the base form plus an -s ending (he writes, she works). The PRESENT TENSE indicates that an action is present, now, relative to the speaker or writer. Generally, it is used to describe actions that are factual or habitual -- things that occur in the present but that are not necessarily happening right now: "It rains a lot in Portland" is a kind of timeless statement. Compare that to the present progressive -- "It is raining in Portland" -- which means that something is, in fact, going on right now. "I use my bike to get around town." is in the present, but I'm not actually on my bike right now. An instantaneous sense of the present can be conveyed with either the simple present or the progressive: "Watch him now: he holds [is holding] down the control key at the same time that he presses [is pressing] the letter d." The present tense is used to describe events that are scheduled (by nature or by people): "High tide is at 3:15 p.m. The Super Bowl starts at 6:15 p.m." The present tense can be used to suggest the past with what is sometimes called the fictional (or historic) present: "We were watching the back door when, all of a sudden, in walks Dierdre." With verbs of communicating, the present tense can also suggest a past action: "Dierdre tells me that she took her brother to the dentist." Most oddly, the present tense can convey a sense of the future, especially with verbs such as arrive, come, and leave that suggest a kind of plan or schedule: "The train from Boston arrives this afternoon at two o'clock." Authority for this section: A University Grammar of English by Randolph Quirk and Sidney Greenbaum. Longman Group: Essex, England. 1993. Used with permission. Present tense habitual activities are frequently signaled by time expressions such as the following: all the time always every class every day every holiday every hour every month every semester every we
16 Feb 2018
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Timeless Music Company is an online music store selling all popular music ranging from Celtic, Country, Pop, Children's, Classical, World, Inspirational and much more. Check us out at or check out our music at
14 Feb 2018
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Eurooo presents: romantic luxury in Venice. Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world, the timeless charm of its channels and ancient buildings made it famous throughout the centuries. The Italian capital of love can become even more unique and charming, experiencing it in a villa decorated with the unmistakable Eurooo luxury style.
23 Jan 2018
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Here are 7 tools and resources for Pharmacists to find out if you are being paid enough for your skills and experience. 'Pharmacist Salary' is searched for thousands of times per month and instead of sending you a one-time report we want to give you timeless tools and resources to find out for yourself if you're making the right amount.
21 Jan 2018
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Our latest collection Shyama is now available online and in stores! Get the rich look for any party or function. This range of sarees accent the feminine beauty and bring timeless fashion to your wardrobe.
10 Jan 2018
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American Chest Company offers a variety of heirloom quality chests hand-crafted in America and made only from genuine North American hardwoods in timeless designed and built by Amish craftsmen. Our handcrafted, American-made products make a unique and heartfelt gift any time of the year.
20 Dec 2017
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THE Reaz Hoque SYNERGY Events team has made it our mission to elevate New Years Eve for those who expect much more from Boston nightlife. Allow us to welcome you to Timeless – a fun filled 007 themed parties to count down the New Year with Boston’s most exclusive crowd and make memories to cherish forever.
7 Dec 2017
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Tara Swennen has styled Gwen Stefani, Kristen Stewart, Emily Ratakojwski and more. Now she shares the basics you need in your closet for a chic and timeless fall/winter wardrobe and the importance of not following trends.
4 Dec 2017
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