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UPVC is one of our most common and reliable plastics. It’s also an extremely smart material that allows significant energy savings without extravagant investments or complicated technology. UPVC is a low conductor of heat. This means it helps retain the heat inside buildings and helps keep the cold out and vice versa. Additionally, UPVC windows have excellent weather seals which enhance this beneficial effect. In its energy saving capability UPVC Windows easily outmatch the competition. we create innovative building solutions for windows & doors, outdoor living, roofline & cladding, and interior. Our solutions meet today’s demand for timeless and elegant design, while striving to achieve the lowest possible ecological footprint.
12 Jun 2017
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Longines has not just been a renowned Swiss Watchmaker; it has also been an official timekeeper of various sports events across the world. The thrill and precision on field have always inspired brand to take its innovative journey further. The association with sports has been proven effective for designing watches that have a timeless appeal in every art of glamour. Longines thinks that sports convey elegance, and wearing that elegance seems to be the symbol of the winners. Longines’ partnership with sports started in 1878 with the launch of the first Chronograph watch by the brand. Since then, the brand has experienced many exciting movements as the timekeeper of various world championships of sports. Retaining the same elegance, the brand proudly fulfilled all the parameters stated in the sports world and enjoyed to accompany the wrists of champions. Longines’ connection to the equestrian sports dates back to 1878 with the fist introduction of the chronograph watch having jockey and his mount engraved on it. In 1912, the company had been recognised officially as the timekeeper of horseracing with partnering international jumping competition. The brand has also partnered The Roland Garros Tournament as the official timekeeper since 2007. To celebrate this partnership, Longines also introduces two exceptional timepieces that remind of the clay courts of Roland Garros through the design. The brand also accompanies the skier participated in Alpine skiing competition with the timepieces strictly for the discipline of sports.
20 May 2017
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Another one-man project, another amazing work of pure dark metal art. A collection of tracks that takes us through the life cycle of Earth beings, summoning contemplations of saddened feelings and a grieved interior state of mind. The result is a wonderfully melodic, timeless voyage of the senses. Its message is to let your spirit go. It will guide you through nature, seas and time itself. Tormented voices accompanying melodic synths and pianos becomes anguishing at times, just saved by the dynamic melody applied all over the desperation of the story. The blast beats dwelling with the guitars makes us forget the ever-intruding keyboards, solidifying this fantastic work. What seems discouraging and depressive becomes inspiring, this happens consistently throughout the album. Just powerful.
14 May 2017
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Presenting a collection Summer shirt for men which will definitely mark up your style quotient by leaps and bounds. Available in light to bright colors, printed to denims these short sleeve shirts for men from Zobello are must to show your timeless style.
12 May 2017
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Reflecting a seamless organic shape and timeless form, the Eero saarinen tulip table has become a symbol of modernism for over the past 60 years. Before its release, homes were filled with clunky remnants of an industrial age long gone by. While we don’t limit ourselves to plastics and wood, Poly + bark do insist on fabulous materials and high-end craftsmanship. Address - 2500 West Bradley Place, Chicago, IL 60618 Phone - 8553101450
3 May 2017
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Ayurveda, ancient yet timeless, gives you the means of attaining and maintaining your own optimal health and well-being. The benefits of Ayurvedic medicine have been proven over centuries of use, and its methodologies are as applicable today in the West as they were thousands of years ago in India. History Ayurveda is the traditional healing modality of the Vedic culture from India. It is said to be 2000 to 5000 years old, meaning it has stood the test of time. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that literally translates as “the wisdom of life” or “the knowledge of longevity”. In accordance with this definition, Ayurvedic medicine views health as much more than the absence of disease. The wise seers and sages of the time, intuitively understanding the physiology and workings of the mind-body-spirit long before the advents of modern medicine, explained the basic principles of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicine was originally an oral tradition, taught and passed directly from teacher to apprentice, who would learn and work side by side. The oldest written codification of Ayurveda principles is found in the Rig Veda. The fundamentals are then laid out in several major treatises, including the texts from Char aka, Sushruta, and Vaghbhat. There are also numerous other smaller works, written over time to explain the various branches of Ayurveda, which include disciplines such as general medicine, pediatrics, surgery, toxicology, fertility, and rejuvenation. The beauty in the way these have been explained is that they rely on basic principles which can be applied practically in any day and age. Ayurveda has thus been passed down through the centuries as a complete healing system, evolving to meet the needs of the time, and yet remaining committed to its core principles. Various cultures have drawn upon the ideas of Ayurveda medicine, and it continues to thrive in both the East and
15 Apr 2017
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Now you can match your wrist to your ride. The Gear S3 is an engineering marvel that puts design and performance first. Timeless outside. Revolutionary inside.
18 Jan 2017
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The classic watch just turned smarter. Introducing the new Gear S3 Frontier and Classic. Timeless outside. Revolutionary inside.
18 Jan 2017
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Hussain ibn Ali is buried in Karbala where a shrine has been built over his place of burial. Hussain made a stand for social justice. Hussain witnessed the basic rights and dignity of his people being violated, and good values from his society being drained. Yazid ruled with an iron fist, and demanded Hussain pay him allegiance to lend credibility to his own rule. Hussain had to make a decision… Should he give his oath of allegiance to a tyrant – and stand aside as the people were being oppressed? Or make a stand and risk his own life? The timeless words of his grandfather Muhammad echoed in his heart, and Hussain knew what he had to do: “The greatest stand is to speak the word of truth in the face of a tyrant.”
18 Oct 2016
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We all know about fashion fads, and how they come into being every year and go out of popularity sometimes about as fast as they came in. There are, however, some jewelry designs that are never affected by the passage of time. They are elegant and beautiful in any time era and become classics. I just stumbled upon a book showcasing several classical bead work jewelry designs using the following stitch techniques: Ladder and Herringbone Stitch Netting the Peyote Stitch Tubular Even Count Peyote Stitch with a Step-up Zip Flat to Tubular or Flat to Circular Right Angle Weave Basic Knots Half Hitch Knot Overhand Knot Some of the projects in this book are: A Renaissance Cameo Necklace with two versions. One is embellished simply and elegantly hanging from metal braided cording and clasped with beaded pearl buttons. Version two is my favorite one and dangles from a strand of natural pearls, closed with a vermeil S-hook. The Pearl version is the one I would try. Either way you prefer, this necklace is one of the “timeless and classical” pieces of bead jewelry that just never goes out of style. Techniques used to create the above necklace are: Braiding Peyote Stitch Even Count Peyote Stitch Odd Count Technique, Step Up, Step Down Peyote Stitch Tubular, even count with decreasing Stitch in the Ditch There are very detailed, step by step instructions for all the techniques and for the making of each of these versions of the Cameo Necklace. The layouts in this book are fantastic complete with beautiful color photos of the finished pieces and many diagrams. If you are a person who likes to sew, I think these projects would be ideal as you use beading needles and tapestry needles. Other materials include: A contemporary or antique cameo read on at: ********carmilitashandmadejewelry.wordpress****/2016/10/01/jewelry-designs-unaffected-by-the-passage-of-time/ Purchase handmade bead jewelry at ********www.etsy****/shop/carmilitaearrings
2 Oct 2016
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AVAILABLE ON DVD AND VOD: December 9, 2014 DIRECTOR: Johnny Tabor WRITER: Garry Charles CAST: Danny Glover, William McNamara, Nimi, Andrea Monier SYNOPSIS: Welcome to Egypt, land of the Pharaohs. A place steeped in history and legend; Gods and spiritual guides; untold wealth – and the bone-cracking, blood-spilling guardians of its riches. Jack Wells has arrived in Egypt in search of the famous diamond known as The Codix Stone. His journey leads him to the tomb of the cursed King Neferu, cursed not by name but by nature. With his centuries-old slumber disturbed by timeless human greed, the King rises from the dead with a blood-lust that cannot be staunched and a raging fury that will shred flesh from bone, bringing terrible and tormented death to all who dare witness the Day of the Mummy.
5 Sep 2014
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What happens when man violates the laws of God and science? For Captain Walton (Donald Sutherland) and the crew of a weather-beaten ship stranded in the icy sea, the answer follows their rescue of a scientist close to death, frozen in fear, and insane with dire warnings. Viktor Frankenstein (Alec Newman) has a story to tell—a story as chillingly real as the tortured howls emanating from the Arctic fog and as timeless as the need to be loved.
7 Jan 2014
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Use your imagination in this unique world of make-believe that has delighted generations of visitors.Established in l929 Bekonscot Model Village captures a delightful and timeless image of a lost age, depicting rural England in the l930s. An unforgettable day out for everyone. *******www.hamptons******/toletoffice/beaconsfield/1612/
17 Dec 2013
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As the crazy holiday countdown begins, we're sharing a few tips and traditions from your favorite celebs, like Melissa McCarthy's savvy Christmas tree night lights, Angie Harmon's homemade decorations and First Lady Michelle Obama's holiday playlist with some modern hits and timeless classics. Now the most wonderful time of the year doesn't have to become the most stressful. Plus, for all you hard-working, get-it-done moms who have even more on your to-do list than usual, we'll share another tip from our friends at Armour Breakfast Makers.
6 Dec 2013
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Today we launch the Gramovox™ Bluetooth Gramophone on Kickstarter. Its bold design and vintage sound are inspired by the 1920s Magnavox R3 horn speaker. The Gramovox's form and function are a marriage of vintage and modern aesthetics– producing a timeless piece that allows you to stream nostalgia.
26 Nov 2013
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Marilyn'€™s timeless beauty and charismatic persona are the inspiration behind Marilyn Monroe Cafe in Oakville.
15 Nov 2013
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