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Checking your tire pressure is really important for safety on the road -- so do it!
20 Aug 2008
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As you turn back your clocks this weekend, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers wants to remind drivers that it is also a good time to check your tire pressure. Fall's weather already makes for challenging driving, but when a car's tires are under-inflated, it can compromise the vehicle's safety and fuel efficiency. Temperature change is one external factor that can have an impact on a vehicle's tire pressure. Tire pressure is measured by pounds per square inch (PSI) and for every 10-degree change in temperature; a tire can lose about one PSI. To view Multimedia News Release, *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/autoalliance/35627/
1 Nov 2008
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*******www.accurateautoadvice**** - Video on how to check your tire pressure and find the correct tire pressure on your car.
25 Apr 2009
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Many people don't realize that their tires are below the recommended PSI. Learn how to check your tire pressure by watching this short video.
13 Jun 2009
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New Dashboard Icon Helps Drivers Know When Tires Are Low According to a report by the Department of Transportation, under-inflated tires increase the chances of several types of crashes. To help raise awareness and prevent these incidents, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems have been mandated in all vehicles built since the 2008 year model. The tire pressure monitoring system is an icon on the dashboard that alerts the driver when there's a tire running 25% below the recommended manufacturer level. And because the icon is new, automakers are making sure consumers know that the light is a warning, and in most cases a trip to the gas station to inflate the low tire or tires is all that's required. Properly inflated tires are crucial to driving safety as well as improving fuel economy, better handling and longer tire wear. Here are a few tips to keep your tires properly inflated: - Check tire pressure at least once a month and before going on long trips. - Fill your tires with the pressure recommended on the driver's door frame or owner's manual. - Since weather affects tire pressure, it is best to check tires when they are cold. For more information, go to www.CheckMyTires****. Produced for General Motors
9 Oct 2009
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Many people aren’t familiar with the Tire Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS, warning light, or what it the symbol means. For more tips and auto advice click on the “auto care” tab at *******www.BelleTire****
15 Dec 2009
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‪*******www.pawlikautomotive****‬ Bernie Pawlik of Pawlik Automotive explains why proper tire pressure is important for the safety and fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Proper tire inflation gives your vehicle optimal handling, reduces tire tread wear, and increases fuel economy. Many vehicles have improperly inflated tires resulting in more car accidents and roadside flats. 

A tire pressure monitoring system is an electronic system for monitoring your vehicle's tire pressure. Having a TPMS makes it easy to ensure your tires are properly inflated without any need to remember to check your tires.

Have your service provider install a TPMS on your vehicle: you'll save money by making your vehicle more fuel efficient and your tires will have a longer tread life. It will also improve safety by being certain that your tires are properly inflated.
15 Feb 2012
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The 2011 Toyota models alert you when your tires needs servicing. Please call us at 4106615700 if you have any questions.
12 May 2011
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Check your tire pressure monthly - National Tire Safety Week Educates U.S. Drivers on Safety and Cost Benefits of Proper Tire Care Under inflated tires increase driving risks, waste fuel and cause tires to wear out faster but few U.S. motorists pay adequate attention to their tires. A national survey by the tire industry showed 85 percent of American drivers do not properly check tire inflation pressure. The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA), which commissioned the survey, is sponsoring the seventh annual National Tire Safety Week April 20-26 to help raise awareness about the importance of tire care. With gas prices at record levels again this year, motorists can save time and money by taking five minutes every month to check tires. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/tiresmart/32326/
22 Jul 2010
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*******cesauto.blogspot****/2011/02/how-to-reset-low-tire-pressure-2002.html How To reset the Low Tire Pressure Light on a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero Sorry for the crapy video (cell phone camera and early evening) but you get the idea. For the step by step write up go to *******cesauto.blogspot****/2011/02/how-to-reset-low-tire-pressure-2002.html
22 Feb 2011
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Auto Talk 101: Signs of Low Tire Pressure - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. It is a good idea to check your tire pressure pretty regularly, at least every time you get an oil change. Sometimes you can tell by looking. They will look a little deflated or kind of rounded on the sides. If it is significantly low you will sometimes hear squealing on turns. But the best way to tell is to check it with a tire gauge, and that is a pretty simple and straight forward process. If you do not know how to do that, your regular mechanic should be happy to teach you how to do it.
11 Jul 2011
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*******platinumcarservice****.au/mobile-car-service-mechanics-sydney/ Check Your Tire Pressures Regularly Once A Week Is Ideal. Bad Tire Pressures Can Affect Fuel Economy Very Noticeably. It's Easy To Do And There Is No Excuse Not To.
23 Mar 2012
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