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Parleys Diesel Performance and Utah BioDiesel Supply team up cover the basics of what is needed in a Biodiesel Titration Kit. Biodiesel titrations are critical to biodiesel production. *******www.parleysdieselperformance****
27 Mar 2010
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Parleys Diesel Performance and Utah BioDiesel Supply team up to show you the proper measurements for bio diesel titration solution which is a must for any biodiesel titration kit. *******www.parleysdieselperformance****
3 Jul 2009
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Parleys Diesel Performance and Utah BioDiesel Supply lay out the chemistry of what is needed and what happens during a bio diesel titration. *******www.parleysdieselperformance**** Watch my how-to video, <a href="*******www.wonderhowto****/how-to-video-190002/">How to make a biodiesel titration kit</a> on WonderHowTo.
20 Jun 2008
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Parleys Diesel Performance and Utah BioDiesel Supply show you the step by step process of doing a biodiesel titration. What you will need for this and where to get it are covered in our other videos so be sure to take a look at those as well, for other questions regarding biodiesel production and making biodiesel. *******www.parleysdieselperformance****
7 Jul 2008
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Sehen Sie sich den Film an, um zu sehen, wie Sie Ihre Laborarbeit wesentlich effizienter gestalten können! Erleben Sie, wie diese „magische Box die Titration, pH-Messung und viele andere Dinge optimiert. Das exklusive und innovative System Titripac® von Merck ist die Lösung für Ihre Lösungen Ihre volumetrischen, Puffer- und anderen wässrigen Lösungen! Titripac® macht die Titration und pH-Messung bequemer und zuverlässiger, indem der vor Verunreinigung geschützte Lösungsbehälter in einer benutzerfreundlichen Box untergebracht wird. Dieses System ist in einer Größe mit vier und mit zehn Litern erhältlich. Jetzt können Sie einen kurzen Film ansehen, in dem gezeigt, was genau Titripac® für Ihr Labor tun kann. In diesem Video erhalten Sie alle Informationen, die Sie für die Entscheidung brauchen, ob volumetrische Lösungen in Titripac® die richtige Wahl für Sie sind. In nur wenigen Minuten werden Sie die wesentlichen Vorzüge verstehen. Wie wird Ihre Arbeit durch Titripac® verbessert? Hier werden einige Beispiele aufgeführt · Keine Verunreinigung: Verunreinigungen durch Luft, Kohlendioxid oder Mikroorganismen sind ausgeschlossen. Dank der hermetisch abgeschlossenen Lösungsbehälter von Titripac®. · Einfache Handhabung: Über einen integrierten Entnahmehahn gibt es eine direkte Verbindung mit dem Titrierapparat. Titripac® macht die Arbeit noch einfacher. · Kosten- und Zeiteinsparungen: Keine unnötigen Titerbestimmungen, keine verunreinigten Restmengen. Titripac® optimiert Ihren Arbeitsablauf. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, wenn Sie mehr darüber erfahren möchten. Wir freuen uns darauf, von Ihnen zu hören. *******
4 May 2010
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Part 1 of 2. For the HSC Chemistry syllabus dot-point: “Perform a first-hand investigation and solve problems using titrations including the preparation of standard solutions, and use available evidence to quantitatively and qualitatively describe the reaction between selected acids and bases”. This experiment is important because it is one of the most commonly chosen experiments for Prac Exams. Prac Exams could come any time throughout year 12 – but most of the time they occur as part of your trial HSC exams, and usually worth around 20% of total internal assessment. Therefore it is important to pay close attention to proper titration procedure and understand the underlying processes of neutralization reactions. For this titration, our unknown was a solution of NaOH (the analyte) and our standard solution was oxalic acid (crystals in dihydrate form) – the titrant. Glassware was rinsed properly with either deionised water or with the solution it was to contain (conical flask, volumetric flask – water / pipette, burette – solution). A total of 1 ‘rough titre’ and 3 accurate titres were done. The average of the 3 accurate titres were recorded and used to finally calculate the concentration of the unknown NaOH. Our indicator was phenolphthalein due to its slightly basic endpoint (the titration was between a strong base and a weak acid, therefore the equivalence point would be slightly basic). Tip: If required to make your own standard solution, make sure you design your standard solution so that it was enough moles for you to do 3 titres.
2 May 2011
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The instrument is designed and made as per the National Standard GB/T11143 “Test Methods for Water Content of Liquid Petroleum Products (Karl Fischer Methods)” and ASTM D 1744. It is suitable to determine water content in the liquid petroleum products by titration using Karl Fischer reagent. Adopt a microprocessor for control, so it has characteristics of rapid determination speed, high precision, LCD display, and automatic print. It also has function of self-diagnostics, menu selection. It is a multifunctional, convenient, and automatic analysis instrument.
10 Oct 2016
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In-Home Study In most cases a patient can opt for an insurance-paid in-home sleep study. While not able to diagnose as many rare, sleep-related conditions as an in-lab study, a home study does usually provide a more accurate representation of a patients actual sleep patterns. The MySleepTest**** in-home sleep study is covered by most insurance plans and has a low deductible and allows the patient to sleep in their own bed. No technician is required to be in their home for set-up and studies can be scheduled within days not weeks of being ordered. The system provides patients easy step-by-step instructions and voice prompted commands and a single start/stop button functionality. The patient receives the full benefits of a sleep study in the convenience and safety of their own home. The home study unit is shipped directly to the patient and the PSG is conducted over three nights. When completed, the patient simply returns the unit in the provided postage paid package. The results are then interpreted by a board certified sleep physician who also recommends a treatment program which is made available to the patient by their doctor. In-Lab Study For an in-lab study a patient travels to a hospital or sleep lab facility where they are met by a technician who prepares the patient for the PSG. The patient is then connected to the polysomnography equipment by as many as 16 electrodes, a pressure transducer, and/or a thermocouple which are used to monitor various body, brain and respiratory functions. The patient then is asked to relax and fall asleep as usual while the technician oversees the study and ensures that the electrodes remain connected throughout the night. The technician is located in a nearby observation room and is available to assist the patient if needed. Split Study If sleep apnea is suspected, many insurers will require the patient to complete a split study. The split study is just that, during the first part of the night a patient receives a PSG, immediately followed by a second study, called a titration study. To minimize the patient's inconvenience and time away from home, the titration study is undertaken by hooking the patient up to a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine. Then the sleep technician can regulate the proper airway pressure to find the optimal setting to maximize the patient's comfort and therapeutic effect. The sleep study results and titration is then interpreted by a sleep physician and made available to you by a doctor.
4 Aug 2009
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Vea la película, y... ¡observe el renacer de su laboratorio! Vea como esta "caja mágica" optimiza la titulación, la medida del pH y más. El exclusivo e innovador sistema Titripac® de Merck es la solución a sus soluciones... sus soluciones volumétricas,tampón y otras soluciones acuosas. Titripac® hace de la titulación y las mediciones pH más cómodas y fiables al alojar el contenedor de la solución de prueba de contaminación en una manejable caja. Está disponible en tamaños de 4 y 10 litros. Vea ahora en un breve vídeo todo lo que Titripac® puede hacer por su laboratorio. El vídeo le proporciona toda la información que necesita para decidir si las soluciones volumétricas en Titripac® son las adecuadas para Usted. En sólo unos minutos entenderá cuáles son los beneficios importantes. ¿Cómo puede Titripac® estimular su trabajo? Le mostramos algunas formas · Sin contaminación: la contaminación causada por el aire, el dióxido de carbón o los microorganismos queda descartada, gracias a los contenedores herméticos de solución Titripac®. · Manejo sencillo: envasada con una llave de toma integrada, hay una conexión directa con el titrator. Titripac® hace su trabajo aún más fácil. · Ahorro de tiempo y dinero: Sin determinaciones innecesarias del título, sin cantidades de residuos contaminados. Titripac® optimiza su proceso de trabajo. Para más información póngase en contacto con nosotros. Estaremos encantados de atenderle. *******;sid=7dXwKmIYW_7wKinBuTTifcrYPtZ1NaoMKvrODc3ZyOUd23IE7gwNEksfzCHpbhIFUYvR3ntcPtZ1NbEbaMoNEksf?back=true
4 May 2010
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Regardez le film...puis considérez le travail dans votre laboratoire ! Découvrez comment cette « magic box » optimise le titrage, la mesure du pH et bien plus encore. Le système exclusif et innovant de Merck, Titripac®, est la solution pour vos solutions volumétriques, tampon et autres solutions aqueuses ! Titripac® facilite le titrage et la mesure du pH et augmente la fiabilité de ces opérations en abritant le conteneur de la solution protégée de toute contamination dans un boîtier simple à utiliser. Ce boîtier est disponible avec une contenance de 4 litres ou de 10 litres. Vous pouvez maintenant regarder une courte vidéo qui vous montre ce que Titripac® peut faire pour votre laboratoire. La vidéo vous fournit toutes les informations nécessaires pour décider si les solutions volumétriques dans Titripac® sont le bon choix pour vous. Quelques minutes suffiront pour vous faire découvrir les avantages clés. Alors, comment Titripac® peut-il « booster » votre travail ? Voici quelques éléments de réponse · Absence de contamination : les contaminations dues à l'air, au dioxyde de carbone ou aux micro-organismes sont supprimées. Grâce aux conteneurs de solution hermétiques Titripac®. · Manipulation aisée : robinet de prélèvement intégré et contact direct avec le titrateur. Titripac® facilite même le travail. · Economie de coûts et d'argent : aucun titrage inutile, pas de résidus contaminés. Titripac® optimise vos procédés de travail. Pour en savoir plus, merci de nous contacter. Nous espérons avoir de vos nouvelles bientôt. *******
4 May 2010
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Trans-esterification is a biodiesel process by which using Jatropha oil, methanol & dry potassium hydroxide, Jatropha biodiesel is produced. The process involves filtering, heating & titrating the oil & then mixing with potassium methoxide. After purification & quality checking, its ready to use.
29 Jul 2011
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*******www.parleysdieselperformance****/ and Graydon Blair of *******www.utahbiodieselsupply****/ cover the basics of what is needed in a Biodiesel Titration Kit. Biodiesel titrations are critical to biodiesel production.
6 Jul 2008
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SUNY-ESF Professor Neal Abrams demostrates lab proceedure for Titrations.
17 Nov 2008
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A demonstration of one of chemistry's fascinating processes- titration.
25 Jun 2009
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Techniques on proper titration
15 Dec 2009
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How to do a titration of NaOH with HCl.
31 Jan 2010
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