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i don't know what happened to my dad but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22 Feb 2007
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i edited my dads companies website. i got a cow to do its businus on the front page HAHAHAHA its the funniest thing ever. got in alot of trouble though!!!!
5 Feb 2007
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Footprints in the sand is a poem that always reminds me of my dad.
23 Nov 2007
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This video is of my hero, and father, who died on august 15, 2002, The video was made for me when I was at work by my wife, and best friend Jason, The song in the video is Things My Father Said- By Black Stone Cherry
12 Aug 2009
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Born Feb 2 1949 Left us Feb 12 2010. Former Marine, Army, Air force. Member of the Masons and Knights of Columbus. Wonderful Father.
8 Jul 2010
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Here is a video I shot this morning while driving to my dad's house. It is ful of bad angles, shakey camera work and a 12 minute condenced version of my life story...well, just most of the bad shit.
21 May 2007
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Here is a video I shot this morning while driving to my dad's house. It is ful of bad angles, shakey camera work and a 12 minute condenced version of my life story...well, just most of the bad shit.
21 May 2007
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Found this while doing a christmas Video to my Dad
6 Dec 2007
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HORSE RACING SYSTEM system developed in 1923 You now have the unique opportunity to take advantage of a horse racing system my family has been using at race tracks around the country for 85 years. My grandfather developed this system in 1923 at Hawthorne Race Course in Cicero, Illinois. He passed it on to my dad who has passed it on to me. It is a very simple system that can be used at any thoroughbred track around the world. You do not have to be a mathematics genius. As a matter of fact, you do not even have to know how to read “The Daily Racing Form”. All one needs is patience and the ability to watch for certain conditions at any given racetrack throughout the day. INCLUDED IN THIS PRICE IS "UNLIMITED 24 HR SYSTEM SUPPORT" TO HELP YOU WIN... AND 5 DAYS A WEEK WE WILL E-MAIL YOU "THE SYSTEM RACES FOR THE DAY" TO HELP YOU CHOOSE THE BEST RACES TO WAGER ON !!! Let me suggest you try it on paper only until you are familiar with how it works. Then, once you have tracked it for a while and you are convinced it really works………………….place your wagers with the real $$$$$$$$$ Please trust me, this system works....check out our results for the year: YEAR (JAN 1ST - APR 27TH) WON 66 LOST 12 MONTH (APR 1ST - APR 27TH) WON 19 LOST 3 WEEK (APR 21ST - APR 27TH) WON 9 LOST 0 I WOULD NOT RISK MY EXCELLENT e-BAY FEEDBACK RATING ON A SCAM !!!!!! ***********/baseballdaddy14
1 May 2008
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This one of the most bizarre moments in horse racing history. Nate Hubbard was still a rookie February 3, 1989 and got too close to my dads horse which caused him to stumble. After that it is pretty self-explandatory. Enjoy and please check out my film on the same subject. Here is the link to HORSE RACING ACCIDENT FILM : *******www.metacafe****/watch/908950/horse_racing_accident_film/
9 Jul 2008
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not everyday do you see bunnies goofing off ,but here ya go :O) lol i dedicated this video to my dad just cuz tee-hee ENJOY!! :o)
20 Aug 2008
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I ate. I talked to my dad. I finished setting up Bobby (my robotic lawnmower). I edited and uploaded video. I took a bath. The end! *******www.LaneVids**** *******www.viddler****/explore/l4anyrat *******www.twitter****/LaneVids *******www.myspace****/L4anyrat
23 Sep 2008
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A tribute to my dad, CW5 Alexander Barresi and the men and women serving the United States armed forces. Hooah! Semper Fi!
1 Nov 2008
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According to my dad, Santa had a different timetable.
3 Dec 2008
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This is for entertainment pourposes ONLY. i meant no disrespect to my dad. THis is a story about my dads crazy driving. subscribe and hope you like it.
7 Dec 2008
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I would be hurt,emotionally,and physicly.I would feel the blood fall down my face.I would always wish this would be one of those dreams,the night- mares that everyone has.But it's realitly. She throws another punch as me,hitting me in the stomach.I collapse to the floor.She watches as the blood streams down my face.She's drunk. I looked in the corner of my eye to see the bloodshoot eyes my father has.But,he doesn't do anything about it. She looked at me with those eyes, the eyes that i love.That reminded me of the time when she pushed me down the staries,then strock my hair afterwards,in my room,as i watched her brush my hair and look into the mirror with a reflection of pink,puffy eyes i get from crying.We would always talk about how we were gonn live in the white house,and what we were gonna do.I enjoyed that,and i knew that that gonna last forever.Her.With me. "Aww,baby.are you okay? I'm so so sorry." I can feel the tears that she's letting out as she pulls me into a warm,and embraceful hug. I wiped my tears away.I didn't say anything.I looked over to my dad who just watched.A little away from him,were suitcases.I looked over to my mom.She let go and walked towards the suitcases,out the door. Me and my dad walked with her. "You just can't leave like this.There's your daughter! and i love you.You have to stay." My dad walked over to my mom,trying to give her a kiss but she refused.I wanted to beg her to stay.I didn't want her to leave,even though she hurts me,i still love her.I didn't even think when i pulled my body down to the floor,hugging her leg,begging her to stay. "Please mom! Please don't leave! I love you,and and-" I was hipervantilating, and ballling my eyes out.I couldn't controls myself. She bent down,about to say something to me,when the taxi arrived. She kissed me quickly on the forehead as i loosned my grip,and she walked away.I watched.As she went in the taxi,and didn't look back.I watched as my own mother...left me. ____________________________________________________ Okaii.Sooo the titlee fits in with the storyline,but i got the idea frm Audri. (: Here's her link to her channel ; ***********/user/breathlessheartx , go subscribee kaay? Kaay. (; Hopee youu enjoyed it. ;)
21 Jul 2010
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