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L'histoire de Munio Weinraub Gitai, jeune étudiant du Bauhaus qui, chassé par les nazis en raison de sa confession juive, se réfugie en Suisse. C'est là qu'il est accueilli et protégé par ce qui était alors le plus grand bureau d'architecture moderne suisse.
16 Jan 2013
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5 Dec 2009
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My Fathers Hands To My Fathers Hands
14 Jun 2012
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Composition and recording produced at home using VST produced by MAKEMUSIC
22 Mar 2018
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To My Father, Pet Shop Boys, It's a Sin
11 Nov 2009
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dont say anything to my father!!!!
11 Mar 2007
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This is dedicated to my father and all the fathers of the world. Their love has lighted the way for us in our darkest hours. Thanks to all for their wonderful comments. I will be making another clip dedicated to mothers soon. Unfortunately this clip couldn't be submitted for Producer Rewards because it isn't a video, but as long as it touched everyone's hearts it's enough for me.
23 Mar 2007
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*******garciatv**** I speak about my experience with elderly driving by telling the story of what I did to my father. Fact: According to the CDC( Older drivers who are injured in motor vehicle crashes are more likely than younger drivers to die from their injuries (IIHS 2006). Music created by Garcia(me) Images acquired from *******creativecommons****
3 Sep 2007
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MADE FOR THE WORLDWIDE THEMATIC ART PROJECT Dedicated to my Father....I Forgive You.
11 Dec 2008
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The question on my mind today is, would I be happier now if I had listened to my father years ago? When he told me to forget this comedy thing and go own a McDonald's franchise? I'm sure I would have hated every minute of the last thirty years, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I would be much happier now, at this point in my life. What about you Boomers? Should you have listened to your parents, or are you happier having followed your dreams? Let me know, and remember, you can view all episodes of The Boomer File in high quality at
17 Jul 2008
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Far from mayas' prophecies, the end of times was announced by the Blessed Virgin and Michael the Archangel during the 1960's. Dedicated to my father.
24 Aug 2010
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10- PART 2 - Auto-hemotherapy Dosage: The initial techniques still empirical began in France with Professor Ravaut, in 1912. He used it in increasing doses of 1 (one) cc, 2 (two), 3 (three), 4 (four), 5 (five), up to 10 (ten). Later on Professor Jesse Teixeira no longer did it that way, he applied it straight away just one dose to avoid post-operative infections. So, he used 10 (ten) ml straight away and, 5 (five) days later another 10 (ten) ml, which was how I began applying it, according to my father's direction when he was operating on his patients. I reached the conclusion that the dosage varies with the seriousness of the problem. Let us say, 5 (five) ml for a not very serious disease. I use 10 (ten) ml for lupus, serious miastenias and rheumatoid arthritis. For instance, in the case of an allergy, an allergic reaction, asthma, I normally use 5 (five) ml. In rhinitis, 5 (five) ml, there is no need for bigger doses. In a desperate case, such as the case of scleroderma, the first case I treated in 1976, I used 20 (twenty) ml to start with. Because I needed a drastic reaction for the patient to be able to leave the situation, the terminal phase, there was nothing more that could be done, so anything was worth trying. Auto-hemotherapy can be done over a period of 10, 15 or 20 years. I for instance have been taking it for many years, over 20 years. There are no contraindications. We do it, I do it, I keep doing it because my aim is to avoid diseases that could become incorporated into my daily life, because as I grew older, I have passed beyond the age of vascular accidents. So I had it to avoid a vascular accident, both cerebral and cardiac. Now I have it because it also protects me against cancer, I keep my Immune System activated. I always have macrophages ready to devour cells, because as you grow old - or even when you are young - once in a while cancerous cells appear. It is just like a factory, without a quality control there are always products that don't come up correctly and there must be a quality control - and it is our Immune System that performs a quality control on our cells. So this is really necessary. There is no limit to its use or time. It can be used over the entire lifetime. I tell my patients to have a series of 10 applications, then a rest for a month. Let's say it is to be used on a permanent basis. The intervals will depend on the purpose for which the auto-hemotherapy is being applied. If it is only for prevention, it can be done with bigger intervals: another series after a gap of 2 (two) or 3 (three) months. If the purpose is a problem or a disease that has already occurred and must be kept under control, then it is done with smaller intervals, 10 (ten) applications with a 30 (thirty) day interval. On many patients I begin with 10 (ten) ml in the acute phase of the disease, afterwards I reduce it to 5 (five) ml per week. And there are patients - now I will give you an example of the case of my neighbour in Visconde de Maua - she had a disease that was going to make her blind, she had toxoplasmosis and already had only 20% (twenty percent) of her eyesight. A friend of hers told me the story and I prescribed auto-hemotherapy for her. When she realised that she was getting better, she herself decided to increase from 10 (ten) ml to 20 (twenty) ml, she took 10 (ten) ml in each buttock, she recovered 80% of her eyesight. This happened over 10 years ago, much more than 10 years ago, and until today she still does it. The gap between applications is 7 (seven) days. In rare cases I do it every 5 (five) days, when I want to keep the level of macrophages at its maximum, above 20% (twenty percent). When this is not necessary, when the infection is under control, then I do it every 7 (seven) days, because it is possible to reactivate on the 7th (seventh) day and return again to 20% (twenty percent). I have not explained yet that from the moment the auto-hemotherapy is applied it takes 8 hours for the macrophage rate to reach 22% (twenty-two percent). The technique Professor Teixeira used to prove the action of the auto-hemotherapy was very simple. Why was it simple? Because the difficult part is the discovery. He discovered that by applying a caustic substance - cantharis to the thigh, a blister was formed. Then, what did he do? He decided to draw liquid from the blister and count the macrophages. He found that there were 5% (five percent) of macrophages.
12 Jan 2010
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