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Rogue Traders lead vocalist in a bikini scene from Aussie soap Neighbours
20 Mar 2009
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The Dreidel Song of the episode of South Park episode "Mr Hankey Classics" and the animation with legends made by me.
1 Oct 2011
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ATTENTION: There is a Youtube Troll out there called "handsum36" or whatever his name is. He stole my own video from my channel and is claiming it is his video... He's a complete liar. Please go to his channel and flag his channel. He steals stuff from other editors like myself and claims it's his shit. All his videos are stolen and have this garbage at the end of all of them, which really makes no damn sense. I also uploaded this video in 2008 and so that's a fact, plus my video has over 400,000 views during that time, so that's another fact. It just sucks that there are people out there who steal other people's creations... and say they created it, which makes no sense, they basically have no life.
5 Nov 2011
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Hide and Secret Travel to 30 locations across the globe in your quest to rescue the Treasures of the Ages and defeat Jacques and his henchman Toadie!
31 Oct 2008
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*******www.1305Dental**** - Want to know the proper way to brush your teeth? This video will show you the proper techniques on how to care for your teeth! Looking for a dentist? Dont wait until your teeth hurt! Call us toady at 203-255-5999 or visit us online at *******www.1305Dental****
3 Sep 2009
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me on my toadie
6 Sep 2009
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Get your Forbes and read why other Wireless MLM's will fail...and Wow wont! Join WOW"s #1 Team USA toady...561-598-8029
8 Dec 2009
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Made by request. If anyone wants any other tutorials, just let me know. (Audio swapped because of retarded copyright issues. As if free publicity for the Toadies would cost them any money. Whatever.)
1 Apr 2010
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Glitch Description: You must have the +10 or +20 star item in your pause screen or it won't work. It works on any level that has a metamorphosis bubble, but it works best on level 5-5 (Goonie Rides!!), where I discovered it. In 5-5, reach the first middle ring, and then you will notice the metamorphosis helicopter bubble ahead. Don't touch it yet. Instead, walk to the edge of the cliff. You will see the white Goonies flying your way. Let one hit you and let baby Mario cry in the air. Now, before the timer runs out, run left until the helicopter bubble is at the right edge of the screen. Don't move from there. Baby Mario will float around the helicopter bubble. Let the timer reach zero. When the red Toadies come and begin carrying him away, lick baby Mario from them, and quickly touch the helicopter bubble while the timer is still 0. When you finish morphing, the Toadies will come back and try to take baby Mario with them, even though you're a helicopter (Don't touch the baby while they are trying to take him, or you will freeze the scroll of the screen!). Now, when all four Toadies are about to take off with baby Mario, immediately pause the game and activate a +10 or +20 stars item. The red Toadies will let go of baby Mario, but he will still be crying in his bubble (and you are a helicopter!). Now touch baby Mario as a helicopter. The bubble will pop and then baby Mario will be stuck in a tiny bubble that doesn't even close around him (If you dont touch him as a helicopter, theres a glitch when the helicopter runs out: youll get Mario back, but the timer wont countdown if you get hit, as long as you dont touch a helicopter bubble again). Now, you can do one of two things: a) Wait until the helicopter power runs out. If that happens, you will be transformed back into Yoshi. But notice anything strange? Baby Mario is still in that tiny bubble, and he is off your back! Now this is the cool thing though. You can lick baby Mario and he will go into Yoshi's mouth! If you swallow him, he will turn into an egg that can't damage Goonies! If you spit him back out, he will still be in the tiny bubble and slide around until he falls off the stage. You can't even lick him back into your mouth! b) Head to the Yoshi Block as a helicopter at the end of this part of the stage. Avoid the Goonies and Green Piranas, and hit the Yoshi Block. The baby will transport where you are, and you will transform back into Yoshi. But the funny thing is that once again, you have no Baby Mario on your back. And Mario's bubble will return to normal size, but he will start floating up infinitely! You will lose him unless you can lick him before he floats away. Now, you can swallow him again and turn him into an egg, but if you spit him out, he will float around in his bubble up and down and move horizontally (you'll see what I mean) and won't stop. If you happen to spit him at a winged cloud, he will activate it but Mario will explode in the process! You cannot lick Baby Mario back into your mouth if you spit him out either. These are fun glitches to try but remember that you must have the +10 or +20 star item and must have a metamorphosis bubble in the course. I have succeeded in other courses with many Yoshi shapes. But let me warn you that if you pull off this glich, you cannot leave the course or beat it without pressing start and select. Oh, and you will have baby Mario on your back again if you do leave the course. Have fun pulling this one off, gamers! Source: gamefaqs
21 Sep 2011
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The clip Oh Lord, Please Don't Burn Us from The Meaning of Life (1983) with John Cleese, Michael Palin "And spotteth twice they the camels before the third hour. "And so the Midianites went forth to Ram Gilead... "... in Kadesh Bilgemeth... "... by Shor Ethra Regalion... "... to the house of Gash-Bil-Bethuel-Bazda. "He who brought the butter dish to Balshazar... "... and the tent peg to the house of Rashomon. "And there, slew they the goats... "... yea, and placed they the bits in little pots. " Here endeth the lesson. Let us praise God. Oh, Lord. Oh, Lord. You are so big. You are so big. So absolutely huge. So absolutely huge. Gosh, we're all really impressed down here, I can tell you. Gosh, we're all really impressed down here, I can tell you. Forgive us, Lord, for this, our dreadful toadying. And barefaced flattery. But you're so strong, and, well, just so super. Fantastic. Amen, Reverend. Amen. Now two boys have been found... ...rubbing linseed oil into the school cormorant. Some of you may feel that the cormorant does not play... important part in the life of the school, but I would remind you... ...that it was presented to us by the corporation of the town of Sudbury... commemorate Empire Day, when we try to remember... ...the names of all those from the Sudbury area... ...who so gallantly gave their lives... keep China British.
22 Nov 2011
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Chicago Music Exchange is giving away over $17,000 in Vintage Gear! go to *******vintagegiveaway****/ to sign up! -------------- 100riffs**** Alex Chadwick plays 100 famous guitar riffs in one take giving you a chronological history of rock n' roll. See the full detailed list of all the artists, keys, and year of each song played in the 100 riffs: *******www.chicagomusicexchange****/100riffs -- PLUS see the pedalboard, guitar and amplifier too! Alex plays a 1958 Fender Strat: ******* 1 Mr. Sandman - Chet Atkins 2 Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash 3 Words of Love - Buddy Holly 4 Johnny B Goode - Chuck Berry 5 Rumble - Link Wray 6 Summertime Blues - Eddie Cochran 7 Pipeline - The Chantays 8 Miserlou - Dick Dale 9 Wipeout - Surfaris 10 Daytripper - The Beatles 11 Can't Explain - The Who 12 Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones 13 Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix 14 Black Magic Woman - Santana 15 Helter Skelter - The Beatles 16 Oh Well - Fleetwood Mac 17 Crossroads - Cream 18 Communication Breakdown - Led Zeppelin 19 Paranoid - Black Sabbath 20 Fortunate Sun - Creedence Clearwater Revival 21 Funk 49 - James Gang 22 Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin 23 Bitch - Rolling Stones 24 Layla - Derek and the Dominos 25 School's Out - Alice Cooper 26 Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple 27 Money - Pink Floyd 28 Jessica - Allman Brothers 29 La Grange - ZZ Top 30 20th Century Boy - T. Rex 31 Scarlet Begonias - Grateful Dead 32 Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd 33 Walk This Way - Aerosmith 34 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen 35 Stranglehold - Ted Nugent 36 Boys Are Back in Town - Thin Lizzy 37 Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult 38 Carry on My Wayward Son - Kansas 39 Blitzkreig Bop - The Ramones 40 Barracuda - Heart 41 Runnin' with the Devil - Van Halen 42 Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits 43 Message in a Bottle - The Police 44 Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) - Neil Young 45 Back in Black - AC/DC 46 Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne 47 Spirit of Radio - Rush 48 Pride and Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughan 49 Owner of a Lonely Heart - Yes 50 Holy Diver - Dio 51 Beat It - Michael Jackson 52 Hot For Teacher - Van Halen 53 What Difference Does It Make - The Smiths 54 Glory Days - Bruce Springsteen 55 Money For Nothing - Dire Straits 56 You Give Love a Bad Name - Bon Jovi 57 The One I Love - REM 58 Where the Streets Have No Name - U2 59 Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N' Roses 60 Sweet Child 'O Mine - Guns N' Roses 61 Girls, Girls, Girls - Motley Crue 62 Cult of Personality -Living Colour 63 Kickstart My Heart - Motley Crue 64 Running Down a Dream - Tom Petty 65 Pictures of Matchstick Men - Camper Van Beethoven 66 Thunderstruck - AC/DC 67 Twice as Hard - Black Crowes 68 Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson 69 Enter Sandman - Metallica 70 Man in the Box - Alice in Chains 71 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana 72 Give it Away - Red Hot Chili Peppers 73 Even Flow - Pearl Jam 74 Outshined - Soundgarden 75 Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine 76 Sex Type Thing - Stone Temple Pilots 77 Are You Gonna Go My Way - Lenny Kravitz 78 Welcome to Paradise - Green Day 79 Possum Kingdom - Toadies 80 Say it Ain't So - Weezer 81 Zero - Smashing Pumpkins 82 Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters 83 Sex and Candy - Marcy Playground 84 Smooth - Santana 85 Scar Tissue - Red Hot Chili Peppers 86 Short Skirt, Long Jacket - Cake 87 Turn a Square - The Shins 88 Seven Nation Army - White Stripes 89 Hysteria - Muse 90 I Believe in a Thing Called Love - The Darkness 91 Blood and Thunder - Mastadon 92 Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet 93 Reptilia - The Strokes 94 Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand 95 Float On - Modest Mouse 96 Blue Orchid - White Stripes 97 Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day 98 Steady As She Goes - The Raconteurs 99 I Got Mine - Black Keys 100 Cruel - St. Vincent We hope you enjoyed Alex's one hundred riffs film. *Shot on a Nikon
3 Jul 2012
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Opening statements are expected to begin toady in the trial of former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards. "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty reports on the case, that involves sex, politics and money.
10 Sep 2012
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Over in the meadow, In the sand in the sun Lived an old mother toadie And her little toadie one "Wink!" said the mother; "I wink!" said the one, So they winked and they blinked In the sand in the sun Over in the meadow, Where the stream runs blue Lived an old mother fish And her little fishes two "Swim!" said the mother; "We swim!" said the two, So they swam and they leaped Where the stream runs blue Over in the meadow, In a hole in a tree Lived an old mother bluebird And her little birdies three "Sing!" said the mother; "We sing!" said the three So they sang and were glad In a hole in the tree Over in the meadow, In the reeds on the shore Lived an old mother muskrat And her little ratties four "Dive!" said the mother; "We dive!" said the four So they dived and they burrowed In the reeds on the shore Over in the meadow, In a snug beehive Lived a mother honey bee And her little bees five "Buzz!" said the mother; "We buzz!" said the five So they buzzed and they hummed In the snug beehive Over in the meadow, In a nest built of sticks Lived a black mother crow And her little crows six "Caw!" said the mother; "We caw!" said the six So they cawed and they called In their nest built of sticks Over in the meadow, Where the grass is so even Lived a gay mother cricket And her little crickets seven "Chirp!" said the mother; "We chirp!" said the seven So they chirped cheery notes In the grass soft and even Over in the meadow, By the old mossy gate Lived a brown mother lizard And her little lizards eight "Bask!" said the mother; "We bask!" said the eight So they basked in the sun On the old mossy gate Over in the meadow, Where the quiet pools shine Lived a green mother frog And her little froggies nine "Croak!" said the mother; "We croak!" said the nine So they croaked and they splashed Where the quiet pools shine Over in the meadow, In a sly little den Lived a gray mother spider And her little spiders ten "Spin!" said the mother; "We spin!" said the ten So they spun lacy webs In their sly little den
9 Jan 2013
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The clip maxs-car-explodes from Mad Max 2 (1981) with Vernon Wells, Mel Gibson. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. Toadie, the gas. Hurry up. Don't waste him. If he's alive... ...I want him. The tanks are full, O, mighty Wez, and it's all yours!
16 May 2013
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Hey Guys Toady I Show You How to Get unlited Access To all Thing in Kick the Boss2. Bevor You Try To make This on Your Android Phone, Please Note That You Require ROOT Access. This also works With Diamonds/Or Levels... Just Type Your Value of Diamonds or Current Level in Gamekiller; change your Value , Type new Value - Do this so long as long as there are 2 Numbers than change these and so you have got Unlimited Diamonds-Money-Or Levels ;) The Hack App: *******www.mediafire****/?j8azvx4x4m6l2u4 The Screenrecorder: ************/store/apps/details? Kick the Boss 2: ************/store/apps/details?id=com.gamehivecorp.kicktheboss2&feature=search_result#?t=W10.If you are Using Jailbreaked Apple Devices Just look for Gameplayer on Cydia... If You had Any Questions or Wishes Wich Game to Hack Next; ask in the comments ;) Extra Note: I Doing it Just for fun and Dont Cry Like a baby That I am Hacking... ENJOY :)
15 Jun 2013
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Toady marks the 25th anniversary of Comedy King Brahmanandam's first film, Aha Na Pellanta! Watch his hilarious scenes with Tollywood's top stars. The comedian is hailed as the funniest ever to have graced the Telugu Film Industry. He holds the Guinness World Record for acting in the most number of films in a single language. Brahmanandam - Yevadu, Naayak, Autonagar Surya, Rebel, Jaffa, Vennela 1 1/2, Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu, Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, Sudigadu, Gabbar Singh, Damarukam, Dookudu, Khaleja, Namo Venkatesa, Kick, Adhurs, King, Chintakayala Ravi, Ready, Dhee, Vikramarkudu, Pokiri, Venky, Ahana Pellanta, Money, etc.
28 Oct 2013
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