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BY RICHARD LAYCOCK ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching multisource U. S. news analysis from Newsy. In a bizarre case of assault a man is wanted in Arkansas for two instances of an invasive foot fetish. A Stir blogger explains... “A man is on the loose in Arkansas...who likes to compliment women on their feet, take their shoes off, and suck on their toes.” As details have wiggled out, it seems there have been two confirmed instances of this toey bandit, KATV has more. “It seems a man in Conway is lurking around fascinated with ladies feet. Last Friday a woman shopping at this T J Max was followed, then later approached by a man who admitted to having a foot fetish, complimenting her on her toes -- adding he wanted to suck on them.” KSPR explains-- the second incident is even weirder...and it involved an elderly woman. “Police in Conway Arkansas say the man quote: aggressively removed the shoe of an elderly woman sitting on her porch and began to suck her toes -- when she told him he was crazy. He fled as people approached.” Odd as this incident may be-- it’s happened before-- in the same town. The other podiatry miscreant struck about 20 years ago and was known as the “Toe-Sucking Fairy”-- according to Gawker. “... in 1991 he was arrested … after telling a convenience store clerk ‘that he wanted to cut off her feet and suck her while she bled to death’ … In 1999 he was arrested again after asking a woman at Walmart if she wanted him to amputate her feet and showing her ‘pictures of women with no feet.’" Police say they don’t know whether it is the ‘Toe-Sucking Fairy’ at it again or if it is a copycat. Transcript by Newsy
20 Sep 2011
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Sexy tired feet...maybe a massage, or a little toe sucking will help.
20 May 2009
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