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In our everyday lives, there are certain items that we tend to use daily. Sometimes, we use them without really having to think about it. For the most part, these routine are accomplished with pretty standard everyday items. They make our lives easier without being even the slightest bit remarkable. You can buy them at any grocery store or pharmacy. You can even buy them at the corner store if you are especially desperate. What if there was more though? What about the rich and famous? Sure, they all need to use these products as well, but do they all use the same ones as us average Joes? In this video, we will take a look at ten ridiculously expensive versions of everyday items. Now, usually when we think of the upper crust, we think about fancy cars, expensive yachts, extravagant jewelry, and luxurious homes. We are not often thinking about their dental hygiene products or whether or not they use two ply toilet paper. However, they are human, too, and need these same, basic products. Of course, theirs may be ordinary or they could be extraordinary. Imagine, toothpaste with gold flecks, diamond encrusted earbuds, and rose gold plated cell phones. What about golden toilet paper? Too much? Is that going too far? Obviously somebody thought it was a necessity, because it exists. After all, when you have money to burn, you can have pretty much anything you want.
5 May 2017
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We got toilet papered real bad and of course Boyd found a way to make us laugh about it.
12 Nov 2006
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Two brave kittens fight to the death over a most precious resource! Toilet Paper!
7 Dec 2006
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We were so bored we decided to wrap my freind in toilet paper
18 Dec 2006
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The best way to use a piece of toilet paper
8 Jan 2007
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Guy letting toilet paper run out of the car window.
16 Jan 2007
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Using a simple trick, you can power a flashlight with just using a pear, toilet paper and some rubbing.
28 Mar 2007
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toilet paper HOW IT'S MADE
17 Apr 2007
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Finally a Toilet Paper Dispenser Deluxe Makeover! It's hygienic, economical, convenient, ADA/Elderly-friendly and state of the art. This gadget pre-folds and cuts metered (adjustable) lengths of toilet paper with a wave of a hand on the unit. (Update: this same prototype has been successfully tested with an infrared sensor for a touch-free operation) Say goodbye to all the nuisance of the TP dispenser of today. No more fumbling to replace a tissue roll, no more premature tissue break-off, no more unsightly tissue hanging off the roll onto the floor, no more messy floors from scraps of tissues and no more clog-ups due to excessive toilet paper use. It would bring a breath of fresh air (no pun intended) to folks who suffer from the effects of a stroke, arthritis, MS, Parkinson's disease, paralysis or amputees who must have challenges preparing their own toilet paper. Then of course it maybe something the average person would wish for as well whether due to the practical reasons cited above or for the simple notion that owning something as cool would set them apart from the rest. This patent-pending innovation is available for licensing or other business proposals. Comments/feedbacks are highly appreciated. Thank you very much.
16 May 2007
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How Toilet Paper is Made
4 Sep 2007
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This cat has some serious issues with the toilet paper.
30 Oct 2007
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14 Dec 2007
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The toilet paper gets put on backwars.
5 Feb 2008
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How to make a toilet paper blower that quiky blows tp all over
8 Apr 2008
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cute dobermann puppy destroys a roll of toilet paper tyra2007
14 Feb 2008
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funny comercial with toilet paper :)
12 Mar 2008
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