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One of the funniest moments from the movie Dumb & Dumber Toilet Fart Scene See more REALLY funny scenes from movies on *******www.masalatime**** !
5 Aug 2008
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*******www.bidetsPLUS**** - Scene 1 - All parts required to install your bidet will be included with your shipment. The first thing to do is remove your existing seat. Then you’ll notice two holes here and this is where the bidet’s mounting bracket goes. Place the mounting bracket on top of these two holes, and then place the metal guide rails in the mounting bracket like so. Then insert the bolts that came with the bracket in the guide rails… and thru the holes. Secure the bottom by fastening the nuts. - Scene 2 - Once the bracket is securely mounted, the bidet slides on… and attaches to the toilet. - Scene 3 - To show how to connect the water supply, we placed the water tank here on the ground. This is just for demonstration though, as you shouldn’t actually remove the tank during installation. Behind your toilet you’ll find a valve similar to the one we’re holding, with a hose connecting to the bottom of the water tank. First, turn off the water intake by closing the valve. This stops the water, preventing it from passing on thru to the hose. Then unscrew the hose. Again, make sure you’ve closed the valve first or else you’re gonna get wet! Now, find the T-connection which comes included, and fasten it to the valve. It’s called a T-connection because it’s shaped like the letter “T” and allows the water to run two different ways – one way will be back to your water tank, and the other way will be to the bidet. Reconnect the hose to your water tank by securing it to the top end of the T-connection. Secure a second hose to the other opening. And attach the other end of this hose to the bidet. As mentioned, all parts required for installation will be included with your shipment including hoses, the T-connection, the mounting bracket, nuts and bolts. Use a wrench to tighten all connections. Turn the water supply back on. And check for leaks.
13 May 2010
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