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The clip Destry understands what happened to Keogh from Destry Rides Again (1939) with Tom Fadden We ain't givin' up what we worked ten years to get! Ma'am, I'd sooner hang that crowd out there to the nearest tree!!! Than let 'em have this ranch, but that paper your husband signed!!! Gives 'em a legal right to it! Don't it, Wash? Sure, it does! The way we're operatin' now! But I told you what that woman did to me! The game was as crooked as a hog's tail! I don't doubt that, but it's your word against theirs! That don't hold up in court! Why, they'd swear themselves blue in the face agin' ya! Afraid you folks are over a barrel! Fine goin's on, when the law takes the side of cheats! Yeah! Well, I'm sorry, ma'am, but that's about all we can do for you right now! You folks stick around town! We'll get this ranch back for ya! Yeah! That's just what Keogh said, but we're still a-losin'it. Keogh? Uh, he couldn't do nothin' about it! Everybody knows that he left town sudden! Yeah, I'll bet he did! I'll bet he did! There! Here's a present for ya! Wash, you, uh, stay around here!!! And see that these folks get their stuff together! What are you aimin' to do? Get better acquainted with the enemy! Just don't stick your nose into a keg of dynamite! 'Tain't dynamite! It's poker and coffee!!! That's preyin' on my mind right now! Ohh! Well, what about it? No trouble at all, Kent!
22 Dec 2011
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From the movie It's a Wonderful Life - Clarence (Henry Travers) reveals to George (James Stewart) that he is his guardian angel.
2 Dec 2011
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