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Before you die, it's important to clarify what you were and weren't joking about. From NYC sketch comedy group Elephant Larry. DP: Brian McElhaney Sound: Kurt Seery Hair & Makeup: Marni J. Zalben Featuring Monica Hill & Marni J. Zalben
8 Jun 2009
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The afterlife no longer means being out of touch.
23 Jul 2009
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heavy metal song
10 Aug 2009
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VFX Secrets infomercial featuring "Billy Craze". He's back from the dead and he's ready to sell the latest and greatest thing since the ShamWOW! Snuggie hybrid, though this product isn't nearly as warm and absorbent!
1 Oct 2009
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Die Stadt von Wyatt earp, Doc Holliday und der Schießerei am O.K. Corral
13 Mar 2010
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20 Dec 2011
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The devil seems to have put evil on the back burner and focused on contracts.
5 Mar 2013
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*******stdavidrvcamping****/index.php/special-offers Tucson RV Parks ~ Call: 520-720-4140 St David RV Resort offers a great RV camping experience in Historic Arizona near Tucson. The Old West comes alive here with plenty to see and do in the surrounding area. Our warm and dry climate makes for perfect RV camping. We welcome all campers and we can accomodate all RV's, trailers, truck campers and we have plenty of room for tent camping. Enjoy all the amenities we have to offer including our outdoor swimming pool, Spanish styled clubhouse, two fishing ponds and much, much more.
5 Dec 2013
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*******www.crypticmedia**** Two men freak out when they see what is to believed by ghost girl sitting by a tombstone.
5 Sep 2007
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Music By: ***********/claylavl Opening Graphic Produced By: *******www.DiegoDCvids Actress ***********/ristudentfilms *******www.zazzle****/jaylichtenberger* *******www.strangene****/cemeteries/vampire.htm *******www.ghostvillage****/legends/2003/legends20_06142003.shtml *******www.theshadowlands****/places/rhodeisland.htm *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Mercy_Brown_Vampire_Incident In Rhode Island the thought of vampires still cause locals to quiver and shake. For deep in the belly of this small state, Behind the Chestnut Hill Baptist Church in the town of Exeter, lies the grave of New England’s most famous vampire, Mercy Brown. No longer is this fear summoned by the belief in souls rising from the grave though. The telling Mercy’s story has become a long-lived RI tradition. A tradition that combines true local history told in the customary fireside style with a late October night visit to the site where this unusual story took place. Some who have braved these moonlit adventures have returned with tales of strange and frightening experiences. So stoke the fire, turn off the lights and curl up in the easy chair as we roll back the clock to the late 1800’s. George T. Brown was a well respected farmer in Exeter RI. In December 1883 he lost his wife Mary Eliza to consumption. He was given little time to recover from this horrible tragedy when the same disease took his 20-year-old daughter Mary Olive 6 months later. Several years passed and George’s streak of misfortune had seemed to come to an end. His only son Edwin and several daughters all were healthy and strong. Edwin was living in Wickford RI and working as a store clerk when he suddenly became to show signs of consumption. Worried George immediately took Edwin to a doctor. If he too had contracted consumption it would sure lead to death. Edwin traveled to west to Colorado Springs hoping to find a cure in the mineral waters. While Edwin was away George’s daughter Mercy Lena had also contracted the "galloping" variety of consumption. She quickly passed away in January of 1892. Her body was stored in the stone crypt awaiting burial after the spring thaw. Several months later Edwin returned to his family. He had been diagnosed with consumption and his health had made a turn for the worse. At this point, family and friends concluded that the deaths were the result of a vampire and this daemon was living in one of the Brown graves. George decided to turn to an old folk remedy. With the help of Harold Metcalf, a doctor from Wickford, they exhumed the bodies of Mary Eliza, Mary Olive and Mercy Lena to find if any of them were vampires. Mary Eliza and Mary Olive’s bodies had already returned to the earth. Only the skeleton remained. However, Mercy Lena who had only been buried a few months earlier seemed in excellent condition. When they examined her heart, they found what they interrupted as fresh blood. Though Dr. Metcalf assured them that this unexceptional, they felt they had found the daemon. They proceeded to remove her heart and burn it to ashes on a rock nearby. The ashes were mixed in water and consumed by Edwin’s as a medicine for his illness. Unfortunately this didn’t prevent Edwin from passing away 2 months later. To this day people have reported experiencing a variety of strange phenomena within’ the walls of this cemetery. Many witnesses who were interview claimed to have seen the ghost of Mercy strolling through the graveyard on a moonlit night. Others report having heard the crying of a young woman or seeing a bright blue light near Mercy Brown's tombstone. Most people who have visited Mercy’s grave tell of sensing a presence nearby. Feeling as if they are being watched. Whether these experiences were due to heightened emotions or restless spirits, no one can be sure. One thing I can say is that no matter what your beliefs are, an evening visit to Mercy’s grave will send shivers up your spine and scare up some fond memories for you and your friends. Historic Cemetery #22 is off of Victory Highway (RT#102) in Exeter RI. The church and graveyard look like a scene out of the past. Walking down the dirt road into the cemetery, you’ll see the tombstone of William C. Johnson to your right. Cut through the stone, just above what looks like a book, you’ll see a square. From this square you can spy Mercy’s grave left of the road and to the right of a pine tree. Some locals have said that if you hide behind this grave on a moon lit night in October and watch her grave through this square; with silence and patient, you maybe lucky and witness Mercy taking a ghostly stroll through the graveyard. For the more adventurous, some version of the tale say that you have to knock 3 times on her grave and say “Mercy L. Brown are you a vampire?” and Mercy will speak or appear to you. I haven’t heard any stories from those who have tried this method yet. I’m sure there are some interesting tales yet to be uncovered. The park is open to the public year round, dawn to dusk. If you do decide to visit Mercy’s grave, please keep these thing in mind. Don’t go alone. Always have a good flashlight and a second set of batteries. Keep your car keys easily available. Most of all though, please respect the property and the dead so others can continue to enjoy this bizarre bit of Rhode Island History. ~Strange N.E.
25 Oct 2007
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Trick rider and Hollywood western icon Ken Maynard stars in Tombstone Canyon, a mysterious and intriguing Wild West tale. Filmed in the beautiful Red Rock Canyon State Park, the picture features a Maynard riding through gorgeous countryside in pursuit of his father’s murderer. When Maynard arrives in Tombstone Canyon, as spooky looking as its name suggests, Maynard learns about The Black Phantom that’s killing off Cowboys. Maynard believes this could be his father’s killer, but the rest of the town accuses Maynard of being the masked murderer! Thrilling, chilling, and compelling, Tombstone Canyon lets one of the greatest movie star cowboys shine.
14 Nov 2007
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Brova E "Pillar of Self" produced by Big Chopp for NX2/filmed by Tombston for Black Buried Jamz LiveLovepark '07
3 Apr 2008
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OH NO's... I got tagged... Tagged by Questions 1. What is your favorite movie? Say Anything Romance What is one place in the world you would like to visit that you have not visited yet? Somewhere on another continent... Lived my whole life on North America and I would like to see another continent; hopefully all of them... 3. What is the last thing you ate and how good was it? Hamburger and an energy drink... Not good... but I didn't have to cook (Bouns) 4. What is your earliest memory? My first kiss from the girl I had a crush on who lived up the block; even though it was before I was in kindergarden 5. Recommend one book to read and one film to see Book - Rebel without a crew - Robert Rodriguez - Too hard for me to pick just one Comedy - Clerks (1994) - Dead Poets Society (1989) - Desperado (1995) Movie - The Princess Bride (1987) - The Fifth Element (1997) - Tombstone (1993) Mention - Brazil (1985) tagged the following.... tag, tagged, selfo, questions, movie, place, food, book, memory, vlog, cruiked, crow, ugoarimo phlyofilms mick tag, tagged, selfo, questions, movie, place, food, book, memory, vlog, cruiked, crow,
16 Jun 2008
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"The talk of the town" by Dammie Savis What more can i say! shot by Gunner Gs for B.B.C.produc, a close friend of TOMBSTON/PHILACZAR of Black Buried Jamz Distributed by Tubemogul.
4 Jul 2008
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*******www.nokiaconnectors****/ This cadaverous couple doesn't want flowers and balloons and all that jazz. They want crumbling tombstones, the rotting stench of death, and...each other. Only the personal navigators can re-unite them now...
31 Jul 2008
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3 Aug 2008
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