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Cool Cat On Cat Nip Sticks Tongue Out And Plays Catch
30 Sep 2007
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I Blow Bubbles Off My Tongue.
20 Oct 2007
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See the reaction of a taste tester who tries to tell the difference between an over the counter cough medicine and pig tongue scrapings.
6 Nov 2007
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Dr. Gertes performed an illusion where he stabbed his tongue with a pencil, cut it with a scissor and magically restored it back.
13 Nov 2007
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An old guy does weird stuff with his tongue.
11 Dec 2007
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amazing tongue trick perform by a cute girl
11 Dec 2007
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For more vidoes Penchant Lama helps Grandma buy Christmas presents. Hilarious Tongue Licking lick
28 Dec 2007
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I'm tongue tied.
29 Dec 2007
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Comersial Tongue Cleaningses
13 Jan 2008
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Some people claim to hear God talking to them. Some claim God is speaking through them, as in some people might speak in tongues. It is because of their own personal weaknesses of needing attention do people speak in tongues. God does not speak. Only humans speak. Also, one may have a weak mind and possibly psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. Remember, you cannot touch, see, hear, smell, or eat God. You can only realize it. Anyone that claims they can is not right in their mind.
10 Jan 2008
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My friend Berto freezes his tongue to an intercom while waiting for me to get back from work. Jakob recorded the whole thing. This was shot at Minnesota State University Moorhead, MSUM, when the temperature was probably below zero. If you look close enough, you can see that the pop was frozen immediately when it touched the intercom! Also, if anyone from Coca-Cola is watching, we could make this an advertisement! (Volt, it can save your life!) I don't know what I'm more amazed about, that Berto froze his tongue on an intercom, or that he stuck it on a dirty intercom that is never washed... Please visit my new website at Anyways, the font for is called vtks untitled, and it was created by Douglas Vitkauskas, who has a website where he sells these and gives them away, which is Have fun!
10 Jan 2008
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girl with crazy tongue very funny
25 Jan 2008
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frozen tongue
25 Jan 2008
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Blue Tongue Lizard close up
6 Aug 2008
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My son has started exploring his mouth and tongue since a few months ago. He can intelligently create some funny and weird sounds by 'manipulating' his tongue. Only until recently, did I manage to record such moments. This video made my wife and I smiled. But what really made me laugh was the voice of my wife in the background. It sounded really funny (to me at least, I mean she was a bit embarassed upon hearing it). What you guys think? P/S: As of today, 14 February 2008, my son is 10 and a half months. He was born on 01 April 2007.
24 Nov 2009
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In my opinion, the bonding between children and their mothers is much easier to form than between children and fathers. I mean such a bond can occur naturally and quickly with their mothers. After all, they have been in their mothers' tummy for at least 8 months right? But with fathers, I think they have to work a little extra harder to create that closed knit relationship with their children. That is why, I enjoy the fact that I'm charge in sending my baby to and from his sitter's house. In this video, we had just arrived home and at our parking lot. My son is always such a good boy whenever he's in his car seat. With the music Tongue Tied by Faber Drive coming from the radio in the background, I tried to make him communicate with me by calling out his name a few times. This may look nothing special to some of you viewers, but this video, just like any videos with my son in it, have been played by me a countless number of times.
14 Feb 2008
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