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The clip eats peyote Part 2 from Hell Ride (2008) Portable Pistolero! Your asshole behaviour looks good all written down. It's extential, but sexy. It's sexistential! And it's not just the Peyote talking. Lets get the fireworks started. I got to be moving on. It's done. Finito. Do whatever you want with it when I'm dead. It's your annuity. I want you to drop those pants. Sit back and relax. And watch my tongue fight fire with fire. Can we have a little fire-side chat after you're done tongueing me? How's about we have a little fire-side chat while I'm tongueing you? We'll kill two birds with one tongue? Are you 86'ing me? You're not a pussy-eater. You never ate my pussy. Not once. Why, all of a sudden? Nobody dumps me. I'm the one that does the 86'ing! You fucking need to get that Cherokee Kisum out of your gut. Once and for all! Oh! Jesus! Puta Madre! Bury me near St. Louie. At the cactus flower. Safekeep the treasure. For the boy.
2 Dec 2011
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