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The clip tony calls Serrano from Midnight Run (1988) with Dennis Farina, Richard Foronjy Tony Darvo, line one. Yeah? Sorry. It didn't happen. It didn't happen? Say that again. It didn't happen. There were cops all over the place. A million fuckin' Feds. It was a mess. It was a real mess. Get off the line. If they've got a tap... Sidney, shut your fuckin' mouth! Now listen to me, dummy. Do they have Mardukas in custody or not? I don't know. The cops are swarming all over the place. We couldn't see anything. Let me tell you something. I don't wanna get another phone call like this, because if I do... I'm gonna get on a fuckin' plane, and blow torch the both of you. Understand? Are you gonna stop? I'm on the phone! What are you doin'? I should've killed Walsh in Chicago a long time ago. Don't say a fuckin' word to me, Sidney. I'll bury this telephone in your head.
27 Nov 2011
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