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Top ten fastest cars in the world 2008-2009
16 Feb 2009
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Becky Kuhn, M.D., answers the top ten questions about HIV tests: 1) How do HIV tests work? 2) What are the window period and false negatives? 3) How long after exposure to HIV does it take for a person to test HIV positive? 4) What's the risk of a false positive on the initial ELISA test? 5) What's the risk of a false positive diagnosis after a Western Blot test? 6) Can I be tested for free? 7) Can I be tested without revealing my name? 8) Do I have to be stuck with a needle? 9) If I test HIV positive, does that mean Im going to develop AIDS and die? 10) Why should I get tested? She also explains: anonymous testing; confidential, name-based testing; home-based testing for HIV-1; and use of the PCR Test for detection of HIV infection during the window period. There is a 98.5% chance that an "HIV positive" result on an initial ELISA test is correct (and a 1.5% chance that it was a false positive). There is a 99.9996% chance that an "HIV positive" result after an initial ELISA *and* a confirmatory Western Blot test is correct (and 1 chance in 250,000 that it was a false positive). HIV denialists (people who deny that HIV is the cause of AIDS) often exaggerate the frequency of false positives and ignore the fact that a person must get an "HIV positive" result on BOTH the initial ELISA *and* the confirmatory Western Blot test before the person is given a diagnosis of "HIV positive." If you have taken both an ELISA test and a Western Blot test and your doctor tells you you are HIV positive, believe them! Distributed by Tubemogul.
6 Mar 2009
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Doing exercise daily is one of the best ways to keep our body healthy. But some people ask reasons for doing exercise. They are several reasons for that. In those the top ten reasons to do exercise are for having a better look, good circulation of blood, to reduce heart diseases, to reduce blood pressure, to prevent diabetes, to prevent obesity, to avoid lower back pain, to increase confidence levels, to avoid bone loss with aging, to improve levels of relaxation and concentration. *******www.videofitness****
23 Mar 2009
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top ten fastest cars in the world ... nice watch
7 Apr 2009
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Cristiano Ronaldo top ten goals
11 Apr 2009
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Top Ten Super Bowl Ads 2008 - Commercials from Super Bowl 42
4 Feb 2010
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*******www.triponadeal**** This week Trip on a Deal chats with travel legend Arthur Frommer! What huge travel site does he call "Virtually Useless"? What sneaky scams are major hotel chains trying to pull on you? What travel search engine beats hotwire, orbitz, kayak and all the rest? Get the full list and links of "Arthur Frommer's Top Ten Bargain Travel Tips" at triponadeal****
21 Apr 2009
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8 May 2009
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Ralph Grizzle, a.k.a, The Avid Cruiser, outlines his top ten reasons to sail SeaDream Yacht Club, with two yachts that comprise one of the world's best travel experiences, according to Conde Nast Traveler. *******www.avidcruiser****
16 May 2009
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The Avid Cruiser's top ten reasons to choose Stockholm as the city to begin or end your Baltic Sea cruise.
26 May 2009
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Gathering Top-Tens is what this app is all about. I suppose that's why it's called Top-Tens... Ryan Ritchey from ******* gives his review.
6 Jun 2009
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At a conference in Quebec, Joanne Salzedo, director product development, shore excursions, land programs for NCL, discusses the company's top ten shore excursions worldwide.
12 Jul 2009
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From the Home Office in Wahoo, Nebraska... late show david letterman top ten dick cheney
15 Jul 2009
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*******www.quantumlinx****.au/ - This site will help your business increase its sales using search engine optimization sydney. The tremendous service they offer will surely make your site be part of the top ten ranking. As a result, a bigger number of potential customers will come.
27 Jul 2009
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TOP TEN DIET REVIEWS - TOP 10 DIET REVIEWS *******www.DietReviewsTop10**** 2009 Top Ten Diet Review Winners - Weight Loss - Fat Loss - Fitness! SEE - Video Proof! FREE GIFTS - DIETS & TIPS! *******www.DietReviewsTop10****
29 Jul 2009
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******* Learn the benefits of writing and publishing a top ten list of blogs in your niche and how you can easily do it
30 Aug 2009
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