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This video shows why America Needs Torture in its Criminal Justice System to be more fair for the family of criminals.
18 Jul 2009
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Former Brit ambsdr Craig Murray says UK and USA sent prisoners to Uzbek to be tortured
30 Oct 2009
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Former Brit Ambassador Craig Murray says UK and USA sent prisoners to Uzbek to be tortured
5 Nov 2009
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This Bayonetta gameplay trailer shows off the game's Torture and Magic Bar features you can use after placing a series of combo-attacks.
10 Nov 2009
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A tribute to all Iranian women suffered from rape & torture by the regime in prisons
3 Jan 2010
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JTMP teams up once again with Op-Critical with a song about the effects torturing has on the torturer. If you want to help stop torture, help us disbar the Torture Lawyers that started it all. Please go to: *******www.disbartorturelawyers****
10 Dec 2009
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Watch as torture turns into something horrible
21 Dec 2009
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This is a phone call with the AP journalist Jan M. Olsen from Copenhagen, Denmark, and made in Denmark. From who was the decision to hide my case? From the editorial? From himself? From whom? Why the FBI is negating to investigate this case? Is this the kind of the freedom of information that USA citizens have in guarantee? Freedom of expression or Political Card? There is not such freedom of expression meanwhile USA government keep hidden Danish police TORTURE over an American citizen. This is hidden a crime of hate and racism. Obama, where is the so called CHANGE when you knew about my case and you silenced it???
6 Jan 2010
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Two RAF airmen from World War II, have the language and attitudes of stereotypical modern-day teenagers, albeit with upperclass accents. In this clip they are tortured by a Nazi investigator.
7 Feb 2010
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شكنجه, جنايت, مرگ براين ولايت, 22 بهمن 88- تهران 4، 11فوريه Torture, crime, death, Bryan province, Persian date 22 Bahman 88 - Tehran 4, 11 February - (translated by google)
11 Feb 2010
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شكنجه روانى بيماران اشرف توسط مزدوران اطلاعات آخوندى در ورودى اشرف، 2آذر 88،20فوريه 2010 Ashraf mental patients tortured by mercenaries in the input data Akhondi Ashraf, Persian date 2 Azar 88,20 February 2010 - (translated by google)
22 Feb 2010
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Alex Jones Infowars**** Prison Planet iPad Torture Iraq Afghanistan Apple Steve Jobs ipod psychological experiment psyop CIA MK Ultra mind control commercialism edward bernays consumer bobbles boubles obama ron paul hillary clinton
17 Apr 2010
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Devastated by the kidnap and murder of their young son, Elise (Christensen) and her husband Craig (Metcalfe) are further distressed when the man accused of the crime is set free prematurely. Deciding the criminal justice system has failed them by not adequately punishing the monster responsible for all their pain, they seize on a chance to wreak the ultimate revenge by kidnapping the killer and holding him hostage in the basement of a remote country house, where they intend to inflict the same pain and torture upon him as the believe he inflicted upon their son. Elise and Craig are firm in their belief that this ‘eye for an eye’ vengeance is not only justified, but will also heal their own mental wounds. But how far they are prepared to go before ‘justice is served’ remains to be seen. A shocking horror film that raises many questions regarding moral responsibility, the rights and wrongs of taking the law into one’s own hands and the human tendency for resorting to violence, The Tortured is a violently explicit movie that builds to a truly unexpected climax that will leave viewers breathless.
18 Oct 2010
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Torture never felt so good when watching the nerve-racking 2010 playoffs of the San Francisco Giants.
16 Mar 2011
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The Young Turks/MSNBC host Cenk Uygur debunks Republican Congressman Peter King's claims that torture provided information that led to Osama Bin Laden's discovery.
5 May 2011
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a scene from the movie The Da Vinci code, when "Silas" tortures himself.
23 Jul 2011
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