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Hey Guys!    The ending of the TITANIC has bothered me for years. Jack was a survivor, he should have died 20 times that night & then he goes and dies freezing to death on the side of a huge raft? I think Rose was being a little selfish.   1. Do you agree with me? 2. What other movies ended all wrong?  ALSO I shot a video for THE GAME STATION with Total Halibut- you have to go watch! ***********/thegamestation WATCH NOW! ***********/watch?v=3A2S0DNzK4M Rose Played by: Ceciley Jenkins ***********/ceciley Written by: Ben Donovan ***********/thebdonski  Edited by: Geoff Yano  ***********/oogafilms Director: Layne Pavoggi ***********/popum42  MUSIC by: The Warp Zone ***********/thewarpzone Watch The Behind The Scenes: ***********/watch?v=XuaX6ahW2Fw ***Just heard that Gloria Stewart has passed. So sad to hear, she was a beautiful actress and will be missed :(
24 Jun 2011
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