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Miss Muir is back from her Direct Holiday and shes returned with a special present! Miss Muir has been on a hot, hot Direct Holiday and now shes back at school with her own life size souvenir a well tanned, well fit, six pack toting Spanish waiter. See what the kids think of Juan and the squirty cream! Miss Muirs in love (or lust) with the direct effect! Uploaded for Direct Holidays.
16 Jul 2009
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Heavier and thicker, can the new iPad take on the Ice Cream Sandwich-toting Note 10.1?
21 Mar 2012
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Niños pillados caskandosela
24 May 2009
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this is a hot song of the i cant feel my face mixtape with lil wayne and juelz santana. Lyrics Lil Wayne Yea,Ice Cream Hoodie, Bathing Ape Tennis Shoes/ No time for pictures, no time for interviews/ Im gon' get the money, snowstorm or sunny/ try me and i'm comin out my coat armor or somethin/ note on the table, pay me a daygo/ ya cant get the cash? then pay me in yayo/ save me the drama, dont go run and snitch/ if thats ya mama then i'll murk ya right in front of that bitch/ Ima Young Money, Cash Money, Universal solider/ watch out Ms. Syria, i'm kinda feelin ya/ ha, ima headache but they love the pain/ i ask a bitch her name and tell her go board the plane/ Im so sure, i know more, im so more Dwayne/ I know whores that know whores that's always with some more whores/ you ol' whores, i show whores , i go whores/ im always at the store cuz i go more, i go for it, thats so foward/ mami say she so bored wit ol' boy, oh oh/ i leave that pussy so sore, thats right no dough/ bitch get lost in the current, how the dough flows/ niggas call Maybachs LoLo's, niggas got the glock in the chokehold/ i wont fold, till the cops, till the PoPo's, ya hoes/ shout to my stomping ground, Hollygrove/ fuck wit them New Orleans niggas, funeral/ Uptown, Uptown's where i roll, yea/ welcome to the real outdoors, and of course/ that chopper that i tote will split em like a divorce/ and that spiritual force, take 'em way up north/ they say the end is coming, ima stay up for it/ ima chase that money, you could wait up for it/ ima kick to the snare, ima boom to the base/ what more can i say? i cant feel my face/ Juelz Santana Heal up, wheel up, bring it back, come rewind/ ima dealer, dealer, i bring it back all the time/ that coke, that hard, that crack, oh God/ you get caught, ya cant get back, no charge/ leak em out, slow leaking, air em out, no charge/ thats free no prob, thats G. Code yall/ so, no more slow leaking, now he just gotta flat/ flat line, laid on his back flat, half time/ im the crib playing EA Sports, they in the streets til they D.A see they corpse/ plus, the chickies know i stay fresh to my tippie toes/ hit the sneaker store say two words, gimmie those/ gimmie those, gimmie those, matter fact give me those whole 3 rows/ i hit Saks like gimmie that, gimmie that, gimmie that, matter fact, gimmie that rack/ ha, cash laid, tab paid, im out im off to the valle, wheres my car? thank you/ i do better, who better? you never,abuse cheddar, Playboy, Hugh Hefner/ you to nextta my dick, yessir/ i buy a car just because i like the smell of new leather/ im young, im fly, im black, im rich/ i let my nuts sag, i drag my dick, ya dig?/ the whores know i let my balls sag also/ off they drawers, so im all in they torso/ she cant take the dick, i tell her put a sock in it bitch, take the dick/ stroke the stroke, see if she could take the dick/ now see if she could take the brick, you on the team now/ meanwhile im in the kitchen, doing my daily routine/ scale a few things, cook a few O's, let my bitch bag 'em/ give it to my workers, let the strip have 'em/ fiends go bizerk for the work im cheffin/ fiends go to work after the work you sell 'em/ they know they gotta buy more, they head hurt, they eyes sore/ you sellin that cheap rock, sheet rock, dry wall/ they dont want that, they come back for more/ but they come back to me, they dont come back to yall/ i be chef, the chef, you never have to rechef what i chef, comprende?/ rewind, reset, replay, action, i be chef, the chef, you never have to rechef what i chef, comprende?/ A!!!/ *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv
24 May 2009
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Meet Yusuf Amir, another gun-toting loud mouth character of Liberty City in GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony.
24 Sep 2009
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31 Aug 2008
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When "The Man" murders his brother, pumps heroin into local orphanages, and floods the ghetto with adulterated malt liquor, BLACK DYNAMITE is the one hero willing to fight all the way from the blood-soaked city streets to the hallowed halls of the Honky House. Michael Jai White stars as BLACK DYNAMITE, a gun-toting, nunchuck-wielding, ladies man and soul brother.
13 Aug 2010
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Rob and Sara demonstrate sewing a cool tote bag with a dupioni silk lining. See more sewing and quilting how-to videos at nowSewing.
10 Sep 2007
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CLICK *******tinyurl****/ygbsfwd THE LINK TO ORDER NOW !!! ONLY FEW LEFT !!! The best-selling video game system in the world has a new cool new color scheme. Like a black T-shirt with a splash of color, the new Cobalt/Black version of the portable Nintendo DS grabs your attention. It looks good whether its toted in your school backpack, pulled from your purse or riding with you on a family trip. Cobalt/Black marks the seventh color in the Nintendo DS Lite palette. It joins Polar White, Coral Pink, Onyx, Crimson/Black and the limited-edition Gold and Metallic Rose. Now theres a Nintendo DS color to complement any outfit. Nintendo DS Lite revolutionizes the way games are played with ultra-bright dual screens and touch-screen technology. Connect wirelessly to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and put your skills to the test against players across the room or across the world. With impressive 3D rendered graphics and ultra-bright screens, Nintendo DS Lite delivers cutting-edge portable games for fans of any genre. With the Nintendo DS Headset, you can talk and chat over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or voice command games. Features View larger. View larger. System With Nintendo DS Lite, dual screens and touch-screen technology allow you to interact with games like never before. Wireless communication allows you to experience real-time multiplayer gameplay, and the free Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service allows you to compete against players from around the globe. Dual Screens: Two incredibly bright LCD screens offer one of the most groundbreaking gameplay advances ever developed. Each 3-inch screen can reproduce a true 3D view, with impressive 3D renderings that can surpass images displayed on the Nintendo 64. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection: Ready to take on the world? Now, with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you can connect wirelessly, chat and play with Nintendo DS owners across the globe. All you need to play is a Nintendo DS and a Wi-Fi-ready game. There are no subscription fees -- the service is free! Touch Screen Technology: The lower screen offers something never before provided by any dedicated game device: touch-screen capabilities. You no longer have to rely on just buttons to move your character or shift perspectives. Navigate menus or access inventory items simply by touching the screen with a stylus or fingertip. The possibilities are limited only by developers' imaginations. The touch screen features a tougher film cover for durability, and the included stylus is stored in the back of the unit. Microphone Port: A built-in microphone port means that with Nintendo DS, you only need to tell your games what to do. The Nintendo DS microphone gives you even more ways to interact with your favorite games. Wireless Network: With Nintendo DS Lite, you can connect with a local wireless network of up to 16 players. The wireless range can be an incredible 30 to 100 feet and for some games, multiplayer requires just one Nintendo DS game card. Note: Nintendo DS Lite wireless communication, including PictoChat, is not private and is not monitored by Nintendo. We recommend that you never reveal any personal information or arrange to meet a stranger. Rich Stereo Sound: Nintendo DS Lite sound capabilities allow for greatly expanded use of voices and music, and a richer, more immersive game experience. Stereo speakers allow for virtual surround sound and a plug for headphones transmits stereo sound. Backward Compatibility: Nintendo DS Lite features a separate media port for Game Boy Advance cartridges, allowing you to play all your favorite Game Boy Advance games in single-player mode. "Nintendo DS Lite" "Nintendo DS" "Pink Nintendo DS" "Blue Nintendo DS" "White Nintendo DS" "Christmas Gift for girls" "Christmas Gift for boys" "Nintendo DS Lite Price" "Nintendo DS price" "Nintendo DS store" "Nintendo DS for girls" CLICK *******tinyurl****/ygbsfwd THE LINK TO ORDER NOW !!! ONLY FEW LEFT !!!
5 Dec 2009
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19 Aug 2008
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Learn how Bayonetta got to be such a sultry gun-toting walker of the streets!...I mean night, walker of the night.
5 Jan 2010
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For more, read The Playbook: *******www.politico****/playbook Mitt Romney says he's a true blue Mormon, Barack Obama's fundraiser asked fugitive fundraiser Norman Hsu for help, and Italian Americans are helping Rudy Giuliani. Happy Columbus Day!
8 Oct 2007
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Segunda entrega del video "Evolucion" de Fingerskate. Conocimos el fingerskate hace unos meses tras un grave accidente practicando skateboard, somos una panda de skaters retirados por lesiones no por gusto... ni nos dedicamos a esto ni solemos practicarlo pero si se cruza la ocasión y hay una camara de por medio pues nos grabamos haciendo el indio y lo montamos. No pretendemos nada asi que si no te gusta no lo veas, es ke no está hecho para tí. Musica de Tote King, Danko Jones, Gnarl Barkley y Wolfmother
16 May 2007
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3 Mar 2011
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Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor unveil Lonely Planet Magazine with Sameera Reddy and Arshad Warsi at Tote, Mumbai.
4 Feb 2010
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Anne ist zehn Jahre alt und ein echtes Energiebündel. Stets tut sie das Gegenteil von dem, was man von ihr erwartet. Da kommt es schon mal vor, dass sie ihrem älteren Bruder die Hosen klaut, weil die viel cooler aussehen als ihre eigenen oder sie sich Abends heimlich aus dem Haus schleicht, um ihre beste Freundin noch kurz zu besuchen. Ihre beste Freundin heißt Beate, wohnt bei ihrer strengen Oma und kann nie stillstehen, weil sie glaubt, dann sterben zu müssen. In der Schule ist Beate gut, schreibt viele Einser. Und sie ist in Einar verliebt. Anne ist in niemanden verliebt. Liebe, das ist was für Erwachsene. Das Leben ist doch auch ohne Jungs schön: schwimmen, tanzen, herumtoben, schnell laufen, selbstgebratene Fischstäbchen essen... Da taucht eines Tages Philipp in der Stadt auf. Er zieht in das Haus am Ende der Straße, wo eine Frau herumgeistern soll, eine Tote, die man nie gefunden hat. Philipp scheint das ohnehin nicht zu stören, er ist einfach ein toller Kerl. Mit ihm möchte Anne befreundet sein. Denn, wenn sie ihn ansieht, kribbelt es ihr im Bauch. So geht es vielen Mädchen aus der 5b. Auch der hübschen Ellen mit ihrer Stupsnase, den langen blonden Haaren und dem Pferdeschwanz – sie ist so schön, dass sie schon als Shampoomodel beim Fernsehen gearbeitet hat. Anne ist zum ersten Mal über beide Ohren verliebt. Darüber zerstreitet sie sich sogar mit Beate. Und für Ellen, die partout nicht von Philipp lassen will, denkt sie sich etwas besonders Gemeines aus. Eine Schere spielt da eine entscheidende Rolle...
12 Jan 2012
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