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Pashto Song Allah touba touba(HD)
23 May 2010
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wakhi Serigne Touba video part 2
28 Oct 2010
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10 Nov 2010
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10 Nov 2010
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Touba Touba Kara - Saima Khan Mujra , for More desi Videos visit ******* Pakistani, Punjabi, Hot Videos. Pakistani Stage Shows, Pakistani Mujra, Watch & Share
24 May 2009
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Magal TOUBA 2006,visite aux différents cheikhs de Serigne Bamba
24 Apr 2009
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Touba - Speech by Haji Abdul Habib Attari Download videos *******www.videos.Faizaneraza**** Largest Islamic Portal *******www.Faizaneraza****
29 Nov 2009
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ahloubadar***.cc Serigne Bi Reck, Tambali ci Serigne Bi Yam ci Serigne Bi, ñoo leen di diktal nataal yi ahloubad'art defar ci jumaay tuubaa, 0:*******ahloubadar***.cc 1:*******majalis**** 2:******* magal de touba en direct 3:*******www.almouridiya**** 4:*******khassida**** 5:*******ahloubadar.110mb**** 6:*******toubalyon**** 7:*******touba-internet**** 8:*******www.toubamouridisme**** 9:*******www.toubamouride**** 10:*******mosqueetouba**** 11:*******www.mouride**** 12:******* 13:*******www.daarayweb**** 14:*******www.toubausa**** 15:*******www.modoutouba**** 16:*******iiermtouba**** 17:*******www.khassida**** 18:******* 19:*******www.toubamaoulhayat**** 20:*******www.santati**** 21:*******www.kanzu****/ 22:*******www.xamsadine****/ 23:*******www.touba28****/ 24:*******www.acrim****/ 25:*******www.istikhama**** 26:*******www.wikimouridiya**** 27:*******www.serignesam****/ 28:*******www.toubamica****/ 29:******* 30:*******www.touba-tokyo****/ 31:*******toubabordeaux****/ 32:*******www.toubamaroc****/ 33:*******www.toubamichigan****/ 34:*******www.miftahounnasri**** 35:*******www.khoudoss****/ 36:*******www.bayefallkhitma****/ 37:*******www.toubatelecharger****/ 38:*******mboussobe.110mb**** 39:*******www.saamfall****/ 40:*******www.noreyniucad****/ 41:*******www.acabpontevico****/ en iltalien 42:*******www.nourouinfo****/ jaajëf xeewël
14 Dec 2009
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Mehfil-e-Naat in G-7/1, Islamabad. Very emotional Dua
7 Nov 2009
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Magida El-Roumi (Arabic: ماجدة الرومي‎, also transliterated as Majida Al Roumi) was born in Kfarshima, Lebanon, on December 13, 1956. She is a Lebanese singer and a soprano, who started her musical career in the early 1970s when she participated in the talent show, Studio El Fan on Télé Liban and won the gold medal for best female singer. Since her appearance on television at the age of 16, she has become one of the most successful singers of the Arab world as well as a UN Goodwill Ambassador. Magida El Roumi Baradhy (Arabic: ماجدة الرومي برادعي), born to musician Halim El Roumi (born Hanna El Roumi Baradhy) and wife Marie Loutfi who were a Melkite Greek Catholic couple from Tyre, a city in South Lebanon. They got married and lived in Kfarshima, they had three girls Maha, Mona, and Magida, and a boy Awad. Halim el Roumi became a musician and continued to live in Kfarshima, which was home to many Lebanese singers, musicians, poets and writers, among them Philemon Wehbi, Melhem Barakat and Issam Rajji. The residence of Halim el Roumi in Kfarshima was a meeting place for many cultural figures. Growing up in an artistic environment, Magida listened to the works of Fairuz, Umm Kulthoum, Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Wadi AlSafi, and Asmahan. Her vocal abilities attracted the attention of her family and neighbors. One of the early songs she sang was "Your Birth" or Miladak in reference to the birth of Jesus Christ. Raymond Safadi, Magida's cousin, thought that she should pursue singing as a profession. The big obstacle was her father who did not want her to participate in Télé Liban's Studio el fan. Nevertheless, Magida entered the talent show, singing songs for Asmahan and Leila Mourad, like Ya Toyour, Ana Albi Dalili, and Layali El Ouns Fi Vienna. She won the gold medal. Halim El Roumi gave Magida his blessings to pursue singing as a profession as long as she continued her higher education. Magida obtained her BA in Arabic Literature from the Lebanese University. In 1977, Magida married a businessman from Byblos, Lebanon, Antoine Dfouni who was also her manager. They had two daughters: Hala and Nour.
1 Nov 2012
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7 Nov 2012
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1 Feb 2013
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Abdel Halim Hafez - Violin Mix - Arabian Music ***********/entaomri21 ***********/idazzle21 *******www.facebook****/nice.day007
4 Feb 2013
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While it is possible that one religion can be true and the others can be false, it is not possible that all of them can be true at the same time if they are each proposing different and/or contradictory claims about reality. Faith is often claimed by many as a final resort of why a particular religious belief is true. However, since faith is used by many religious views that offer different (often opposing) claims, it cannot be a reliable method to getting at the truth. How could faith ever be something of value? When does the use of faith ever help distinguish the truth or falsity of a claim? Faith is not a helpful component of human progress; it does not help us distinguish between the real and the unreal. If a person is going to play the faith card, they sure as purgatory better allow every other religious faith to use it too. But that doesn't get us anywhere, now does it? Because, once you examine the religions, you realize that contradictions between them--of the very important doctrines they possess-- are plentiful. So you start to realize that the application of faith doesn't move you a step closer to which one (if any) is actually true. I'm going with this wild notion that two logical propositions that contradict each other cannot be equally true at the same time. Do miracle stories and testimonies help us increase our understanding of what is true and they help us discern which religion (if any) is true? When I was living in Senegal, I heard plenty of miracles that Allah provided for the people there. I even traveled to the Great Mosque in Touba and learned about more miraculous stories and answered prayers told by the people there. Some were convincing. The Mosque was incredible! Not long ago I had a friend who was a JW and she had so many miraculous stories and answered prayers. Does this mean that the miracles she experienced were objectively real and thus lend validity to her particular faith? If you believe in miracles, --that they are evidence of the supernatural--you would have to accept the miracles claimed by other religious faiths, right?--can't argue with a personal testimony or an experience, can you? You don't believe these experiences? These Muslims are being misled? How do you know? What if you're being misled by your particular faith? How would you be able to tell the "true miracles" from the "false miracles"? The term "special pleading" comes to mind. You would have to arbitrarily determine that the miracles of your particular faith were true, while excluding all the claimed miracles cited by those of other faiths. Now, if you start to say that the miracles of other faiths are also real, what about the doctrines of those faiths? Why would the miracles of other faiths be real, true experiences but not the doctrines? Miracles and testimonies cannot help us distinguish between religious faiths or whether any of them are true because the actual doctrines of those religious faiths contradict the doctrines of other religious faiths. Personal visions, dreams and hallucinations might make us feel good or give us insight, but they are not enough to be considered objectively real. Is it really that intriguing that people of all religious beliefs have feelings/dreams/visions that correspond to the current religion they happen to embrace or grew up with everyday of their life? I wonder how many Protestants have visions of the virgin Mary and her involvement in the current world or how many of them accept the personal testimonies of the Medjugorje visionaries? Or, how many Catholics have dreams about the bread (Eucharist) at communion being PURELY SYMBOLIC....or that scripture is, in fact, the final authority in matters of faith and salvation (sola scriptura)--not the Pope? How many Hindus have dreams confirming the truth of Islam or Muslim's have visions that The Book of Mormon--not the Koran--is the correct word of God? Not very likely. When we have dreams and visions, we tend to have one's that correspond to what our brain has been exposed to the most. ---Renee
1 Jun 2013
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FATIHA 0:00:00 BAKARA 0:00:48 OMRAN 1:58:24 NISSA 3:04:01 MAIDA 4:17:10 ANAAM 5:07:29 AARAF 6:03:05 ANFAL 7:07:21 TOUBA 7:29:57 YOUNESS 8:18:52 HOUD 8:54:14 YOUCEF 9:30:13 RAAD 10:02:31 IBRAHIM 10:17:30 HIDJR 10:35:25 NAHL 10:49:11 ISRAA 11:23:35 KAHF 11:52:37 MERIEM 12:21:55 TAHA 12:39:33 ANBIAA 13:02:16 HADJ 13:27:29 MOMINOURN 13:52:25 NOUR 14:14:26 FORKAN 14:40:56 CHOARA 14:57:36 NAML 15:24:17 KISAS 15:44:56 ANKABOUT 16:09:41 ROUM 16:29:41 LOKMAN 16:44:31 SAJDA 16:54:00 AHZEB 17:01:10 SABAA 17:26:48 FATER 17:43:47 YASIN 17:58:11 SAFET 18:11:22 SAD 18:29:12 ZOMOR 18:43:55 GHAFER 19:07:30 FOSILAT 19:29:47 CHOURA 19:45:10 ZOKHROF 20:00:38 DOKHAN 20:17:21 JATIA 20:24:16 AHKAF 20:33:18 MOHAMED 20:45:16 FATH 20:55:09 HOJORAT 21:05:32 KAF 21:12:03 DARIAT 21:19:22 TOUR 21:26:19 NAJM 21:32:24 KAMAR 21:39:36 RAHMAN 21:46:15 WAKIA 21:54:48 HADID 22:03:13 MOJADLA 22:14:30 HACHR 22:23:20 MOMTAHANA 22:31:44 SAF 22:38:44 JOMOA 22:42:56 MONAFIKON 22:46:08 TAGHABON 22:49:26 TALAK 22:51:01 TAHRIM 22:59:24 molk 23:04:17 kalam 23:10:43 haka 23:16:42 Marij 23:22:14 nouh 23:26:55 djin 23:31:19 mozamil 23:36:25 modatir 23:40:21 kiama 23:45:22 insan 23:48:24 morsalat 23:53:12 JozAma 23:57:16
21 Jan 2015
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