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I'm sexy, I'm cute! I'm popular to boot! I'm bitchin', great hair! The boys all love to stare! I'm wanted, I'm hot! I'm everything your not! I'm pretty, I'm cool! I dominate this school! Who am I? Just guess! Guys wanna touch my chest! I'm rockin'! I smile! And many think I'm vile. I'm flyin', I jump! You can look but don't you hump! Whoo! I'm major, I roar! I swear I'm not a whore! We cheer and we lead! We act like we're on speed! Don't hate ate us cause we're beautiful well we don't like u either! We're cheerleaders! We are cheerleaders! ROLL CALL! Call me Big Red! I'm Wh Wh Whitney C C C Courtney! Roar! Dude, it's Darcy! I'm Big Bad Carver! Yeah! Just call me Kasey! O! I'M STILL! BIG RED! I sizzle, I scourch! But now I pass the tourch! The ballots, are in! And one girl had to win! She's perky, she's fun! And now she's number 1! K kick it Torrance! T T T Torrance! I'm strong and I'm loud! I'm gonna make u proud! I'm T T Torrance! Your captain Torrance! Let's, go, Toros! We are the Toros! The mighty might Toros! We're so terrific! WE MUST BE TOROS! I do not own bring it on
1 Dec 2009
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A hindi song, classical and very poor video quality... well, I don't even watch the video... but the song, really touches my heart.
7 Jan 2010
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DUI Song - why it's not cool to drink and drive. Based on the true encounters of DUI-holders. www.nuthatch47**** www.myspace****/nuthatch47 Have you ever been drunk as s**t and got pulled over, Youd hear the sirens and you still wouldnt think your trip is over. The cop would have to force you to stop, And you would pray to God that he is not a real cop. Have you ever been drunk as s**t and got pulled over. Have you ever been drunk as s**t and got pulled over, Roll down your window and the cop can smell that youre not sober. Step out of the vehicle, sir. And watch your mouth moth*****r so you dont get hurt. Have you ever been drunk as s**t and got pulled over. Have you ever been drunk as s**t and got pulled over, Because you crossed the double line, then hit the gas, then hit somebodys Range Rover. Have you ever been drunk as s**t, That you forget at least a half of English alphabet. Have you ever been drunk as s**t and got pulled over. Have you ever been drunk as s**t and got pulled over, Hey, I dont get it what the Hell did I do to get pulled over?.. I only had a couple of drinks, So I can easily touch my nose with my fingertip. Have you ever been drunk as s**t and got pulled over.
2 Mar 2010
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Christmas is only 5 days away yet you may not have seen Apple's new commercial promoting their "12 Apps of Christmas" for the iPhone or iPod Touch. My most favorite of these apps is the last one, which allows you to control the Christmas tree lights from your iPhone! It's truly an amazing app and we have all the details in the show. As many of you know, this early afternoon, news broke on Twitter regarding Brittany Murphy's death. She was only 32 and many of her fans are absolutely shocked. That said, why did Twitter play such an important role? We show you why Twitter remains the #1 news breaking source as well as how Google's real-time search results helped spread the news of this sad tragedy. Speaking of Twitter, though, they were hacked on Friday night by the Iranian Cyber Army for 2 hours - we will tell you why they did it and how they did it. Last but not least, a 5th grader (Mackenzie) can kick most of our butts... in typing! This whiz kid is getting world wide fame because she's breaking records that have never been seen before when it comes to words per minute in typing. Check out this unbelievable little girl and just think what a great blogger and Tweeter she will become! If you own a PC, chances are you have a missing, outdated or corrupt driver which makes your PC not perform as it should. Thanks to our new sponsor, Driver Finder, you need not to worry. This awesome software works for Windows XP, Windows Vista and now Windows 7 and it takes the tedious task of finding all of your drivers and within minutes, refreshing your PC to the most updated drivers that your PC needs. Why do all the hard work when Driver Finder can do it for you in minutes? For more information and to download Driver Finder, please click here. Happy Holidays from the Moxie Mo Show! Don't forget to check out all of our promo codes to save lots of money from all of our sponsors!
10 Mar 2010
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Young Gummy "Pop Rocks" Ima eat some pop rocks Ima eat some pop rocks, girl Ima eat some pop rocks Ima eat some pop rocks I got that Good Bar She's Butterfinger bad I'm attracted to her For her Sour Patch And now we crazy nuts Talkin' Nutragious I take her Nestle And she still Crunch And I love to see her rest But I hate to see her late So I keep her running back and forth Like Fast Break Cold as a Junior Mint Soft as Raisinettes We lovin' that Whatchamacallit You see the bubble growin' I don't need a Pay Day I take Stride Gum Over a Milkey Way And I got case, with all kinds of tastes Got Big League Chew, N-N Bubble Tape From Double Bubble To Hubba Bubba I don't eat chocolate, no Nutter Butter But I bet you wonder, How big I go Cause I got the best, Bazzoka Joe oOo baby we can share a Charleston chew baby, Maybe have a kit cat too baby, My room is the sweet spot, Call me Mr. Wonka. Ima Eat some pop rocks. Ok I get it let me think you want my candy, Dont understand whats in your hand you cant have any, You say Im mad, well you straight as a fiddle, And you should know that I said no, so why you eating my skittles, Ha ha ha, You think its funny like, Eat chocolate bunnies like, Yous just a big jerk, So wheres my Mike and Ikes, You Say Jared calm down you the bestest, While you moving to the top of my death list. I love her Reese's Cups Hotter than Tamales Richer than dark chocolate Go and tell somebody I'm in the candy aisle Stocking up on Good and Plenty Girl I gotta wattch my Pez Make sure they're never empty They flash the Swedish Fish' Just to get beside her I let her see the king size and let the rest surprise her She got that sweet tooth Pockets deeep just to supply her But she touch my stash? I might have to fight her I like that candy stand, Full of 100 Grand, I know the candy man, And all his candy fans, But when he caged in, I think my Conscience says, I need to watch this man, Gonna end up just like him, Cause when I am tasting, Never wasting, My pacing, To a tasteful, Sensation. With a simple creation. Just add a little sugar dont ya Leave it til its ova wont ya Share it if you got et I store chocolate in my pocket You can have some, If you wanna, But I Warn you, You aint gonna, Because its melted, And its all sick, Why Id do this, It makes no sense, I dont like it, When its like this, Just take it, Sure try it. Yell it from a stand Through a megaphone I'm in love with this Chocolate Toblerone The nougat MMMM And the Chocolate Well, that's what it is I can't see how you'd ever fault it Yeah Put it in your mouth MMMM I love that taste L-Let it melt baby Savor every trace and I don't eat it fast I make it last a while After one bite, it'll make you smile oOo baby I think I just lost a tooth maybe, From all of the baby ruths baby, The dentist is my next stop, Call me mr. wonka, Ate too many pop rocks.
12 Apr 2010
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Take the crucifix and stick it up yo ass that gold'll reach the end of that sphincta LAST mothafucka I got MASS Chorus and Priests and shit And when they touch My Dick -- That's the LEAST OF IT
27 Mar 2010
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(Hey, what up girl?) Put my glasses on, I'm out the door I'm gonna hit this city (Lets go) Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack Cause when I leave for the night, I ain't coming back I'm talking - pedicure on our toes, toes Trying on all our clothes, clothes Boys blowing up our phones, phones Drop-topping, playing our favorite cds Pulling up to the parties Trying to get a little bit tipsy Don't stop, make it pop DJ, blow my speakers up Tonight, Imma fight Till we see the sunlight Tick tock, on the clock But the party don't stop,no Woah-oh oh oh Woah-oh oh oh (x2) Ain't got a care in world, but got plenty of beer Ain't got no money in my pocket, but I'm already here And now the dudes are lining up cause they hear we got swagger But we kick em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger I'm talking about - everybody getting crunk, crunk Boys trying to touch my junk, junk Gonna smack him if he getting too drunk, drunk Now, now - we goin till they kick us out, out Or the police shut us down, down Police shut us down, down Po-po shut us - Don't stop, make it pop DJ, blow my speakers up Tonight, Imma fight Till we see the sunlight Tick tock, on the clock But the party don't stop,no Woah-oh oh oh Woah-oh oh oh (x2) DJ, you build me up You break me down My heart, it pounds Yeah, you got me With my hands up You got me now You got that sound Yea, you got me DJ, you build me up You break me down My heart, it pounds Yeah, you got me With my hands up Put your hands up Put your hands up No, the party don't start until I walk in Don't stop, make it pop DJ, blow my speakers up Tonight, Imma fight Till we see the sunlight Tick tock, on the clock But the party don't stop,no Woah-oh oh oh Woah-oh oh oh (x2)
20 Apr 2010
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'Fall In Love With America - Again' - (created by Evie Evangelou, Amber Roniger and Dennis Gelbaum) is an innovative, timely and important new documentary style web and mobile based multimedia series highlighting stories from across America - stories from big cities, small towns, communities, neighborhoods, streets, homes, rooms… It's all about what we think America is, who American's are, how we see ourselves, and how we welcome the world to our home. The 'Fall In Love With America - Again' project is an expression of freedom, of creativity, inspiration and love of country. It is a declaration of the best of America by the people and for the people. I am certain that this campaign and project with its positive message and novel point of view, will create a halo effect around everyone involved." Evie Evangelou, Co-Executive Producer. The 'Fall In Love With America - Again' project will start September 11th, 2010 with the launch of interactive websites, social networks, video and audio channels and the project will continue through the kick off of the national, interactive and multimedia touring exhibit on September 11th, 2011. The 'Fall In Love With America - Again' project includes live webcam updates, producing a feature length documentary film, broadcast series and special, live events, touring exhibit, multimedia content produced by the project's A/V production team and submitted by folks all across America. The project will also include a series of contests and unique promotions - looking for the next great American song, video, photograph, illustration, short story, poem, chef, fashion designer, teacher, business leader, volunteer, local heroes and more. "The 'Fall In Love With America - Again' project is about connecting and re-connecting, using all media to tell stories that will have everyone fall in love with America, again! Dennis Gelbaum, Executive Producer adds. Natasha James Falls In Love With America Again "It is not often you get asked to participate in a project that immediately strikes you as exciting, valuable, timely and interesting. In short, one that has all the elements that can bring wide interest and reception, the elements that ring that doorbell called, SUCCESS. In addition, it is even more rare, to be able to contribute and participate in all the very areas that are the most exciting to you. In my capacity as Judge, and writer, and performer, among other areas I am involved in with this project, I look forward to being able to uncover some gems of songs and work with the songwriters to be able to bring them to the spotlight. Dennis Gelbaum, the show's Co-Executive Producer, has brought such a project to me: 'FALL IN LOVE WITH AMERICA - AGAIN!' This is the story of all of us, for all of us, by all of us." Natasha James, 2010 Nominee L.A. Music Awards: Country Artist of the Year, 2010 Nominee L.A. Music Awards: Female Singer/Songwriter of the Year, 2009 Winner L.A. Music Awards: Country Album of the Year. American Veterans Radio Falls In Love With America Again “From the time I was a child in the foothills of Missouri, I knew that America was a special place. I was raised in a home where a Korean War Veteran happened to reside and I was privileged enough to call him my father. I went on to serve in the U.S. Army as well as my son who is currently serving as a Combat Medic. I know personally the sacrifices that have been paid to ensure that this beautiful land of ours remains free. The 'Fall In Love With America – Again!' project has touched my heart in a way I cannot explain; let it touch yours. I am extremely proud to be associated with this project and let us never forget that our freedom is not free: Won’t You Fall in Love With America – Again? Jim Lederle, American Veterans Radio Laura Kennedy, host of the '2010 Veteran's Day Virtual Telethon' Falls In Love With America Again! “Joining forces with the 'Fall in Love With America – Again!' project was an easy decision since both of our campaigns are about remembering why we love our country, our flag, and our freedom. As a 21 year Navy Veteran and 9/11 survivor, there is nothing that makes me prouder than seeing our friends and neighbors showing their love and respect for this country by flying our country’s flag and sharing their stories about why they love America!" Laura Kennedy, USN-Ret As a consultant, Laura Kennedy works one-on-one with both employers and employees to increase their productivity, work place attitudes, and teamwork, as well as their all-important bottom lines! Laura’s real passion revolves around helping others. Laura spends countless hours volunteering with the homeless & mentoring with Veterans.
2 Aug 2010
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“My Soul Angel” I remember like it was yesterday, the day I first saw you. I keep in mind your smile, your beauty and your grace. And since I got to know you, things are getting brighter. Your personality and traits, which touched my life so much. Hold my hand and feel my embraced, That only moon, star and the sky will be our witnesses. Have my caress, which I have you now and you have me. Neither for all the days nor for the rest of time we will be together. Carry on; let your tears drop and sorrows gone. Have my shoulder to cry on, while cuddling you with love. In each pain hurts you, hurts me more… And that’s why I always wanted to keep you by my side. Memories remain for both of us, yet those days are now long past. So sweet and slow the time has gone, however same point fast. I cannot explain how it grew. I’ve never felt this way. But one thing that for sure…Is that, You are my love, my hope and my dream. By: Pare ko (=
11 Aug 2010
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U Can't Touch This / iPhone Ver. MC HAMMER Thief can't touch my iPhone P.s By using Aegis iphone application....
28 Aug 2010
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Bethany Joy Galeotti's song entitled The Sweetest Thing included in Everly's album Mission Bell. This song is only available on hard copies of Mission Bell. This song will not be found circulating through music outlets like iTunes or Amazon. SUPPORT AND PURCHASE MISSION BELL at CDbaby**** and at the iTunes Store! EVERLY'S OFFICIAL MYSPACE *******www.myspace****/everlysong Everly is birthed of a friendship and a sisterhood that's been many years in the making, and we are proud to present this short collection of music as a "teaser" for what is to come. Thank you for buying our first "record." We hope we will find a fond place in your heart and that you will join us as we embark on a new musical journey. Bless You All! -- Amber Sweeney & Bethany Joy Galeotti __________________________ Lyrics: Baby when you kiss me Like I made you miss me Even though I'm dancing In your arms Baby when we go slow Like the radio so Tender when they call And love is on the line I'm so glad youre mine And when I close my eyes All I can see Is your smiling face Loving me And I don't know if I told you You can't go 'til I've told you That I think you are The sweetest thing I love it when you whisper I can hardly help it Want to tell you things I should never confess Baby when you touch me Sends a shiver through me To you I surrender For all my life I feel so amazed When you're not near Cause baby I would wait forever Just to see your face And I don't know if I told you (I don't know if I told you) You can't go 'til I've told you (You can't go 'til I've told you) That I think you are You touch my hand Oh here I'll show you Well do it again It's like I told you That I think you are The sweetest thing I don't know if I told you (I don't know if I told you) You can't go 'til I've told you (You can't go 'til I've told you) That I think you are I don't know if I told you (I don't know if I told you) You can't go 'til I've told you (You can't go 'til I've told you) That I think you are The sweetest thing Oh I think you are The sweetest thing _______________________ Mission Bell Bethany Joy Galeotti (c) 2008 Hilasterion Records
1 Sep 2010
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One of the only Taylor Swift songs That have ever touched my heart in that way.
6 Nov 2010
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The other day I got an e-mail from a friend letting me know why I hadn't heard from him for a couple of months. One of the reasons is his daughter gave birth to a baby girl in June. Then in September, her baby passed away from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Needless to say, this was a tragedy beyond belief for their whole family. He asked me to compose a piano piece in memory of Aryiana. Before I could start typing "yes, of course I will" I started to hear the tune in my head. This video is me playing Aryiana's Song. I probably never would have met or known Aryiana, but now I feel like she's touched my life. I'm going to post the video I made of me playing her song on my various pages youtube, facebook etc. So now even though none of us met or knew her, she will have touched all of our lives in some way.
22 Nov 2010
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My Girlfriend is A Nine Tailed Fox Ost ........... No Min Woo ..... 덫 ( Trap ) Translation ( credit to galbilover ) Surprisingly, love that spreads as I erase it Like fate, eyes watch only one place You touched my heart that used to be ice in front of the world Sleeping deep inside of my heart you let me breathe Coming deep inside of my memories you let my pain and sigh change to tears Don't leave me, I can't let you go Because of mixed fate, I lost your hand I call your name in sadness everyday Don't love anyone else, I'm here I go back to the day I met you several thousand times Draw the day when I embrace you Like fate, I meet you again on this day The words I could not say and was clogged like dust Sleeping deep inside of my heart you let me breathe Coming deep inside of my memories you let my pain and sigh change to tears Don't leave me, I can't let you go Because of mixed fate, I lost your hand I call your name in sadness everyday Don't love anyone else, I'm here I go back to the day I met you several thousand times
27 Dec 2010
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BY ALYSSA CARTEE You're watching multisource US video news analysis from Newsy. Video posted of a six year old girl getting a pat down at a New Orleans airport has parents outraged. KTTV in Los Angeles wonders why the girl was chosen. “Can the mother say ‘no, we don’t want...’ “The mother wanted her to scanned and they said ‘No, procedure requires that we pat her down.’” “Oh. Why? Because they don't do this to everybody. Why did they single her out?” “They said something suspicious in her bag” “Baby bottle? Dora the Explorer? I’m not quite sure.” No details from the TSA on that yet - but according to NBC, it does not want to exempt an entire set of passengers because then terrorists could take advantage of the exemption. However, KOMO reports TSA is considering policy changes. “The TSA says it's screeners followed proper procedure, but the agency adds. It's looking into changing it's policy of a one-size fits all full-body pat-down. They're looking how they might want to change things, when it comes to kids.” The girl’s parents explained to ABC’s Good Morning America how the search presented them with a major parenting problem. “Then afterward, she broke down with crying because she really didn’t understand what she’d done wrong. And so we were really struggling with how do we explain this because we really stress to her you know it’s not okay to be touched here in these certain places. And now, she’s been pat down in a public setting.” A writer for parent blog The Stir believes touching a child should never be a must. “There is no time EVER when I, as the parent, should feel like I have to let someone touch my child even when I don't want them to. I don't care what the situation is. Even in a doctor's office, I have the option to walk out.” But not all parents feel that way. WNWO in Toledo spoke with one mother who believes the searches are a necessary part of traveling. “‘I think we spend a lot more time getting ourselves inflamed about things that aren't really necessary. That took all of, what? 20 seconds to get done? So, suck it up. It's part of travel right now...” Currently - TSA policy says children under the age of 12 should receive a ‘modified’ pat down. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos for more US video news. Get more multisource US video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
16 Apr 2011
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BY ALISON SCHUTZ ANCHOR ALISON ARCHER You're watching multisource U.S. news analysis from Newsy. “...I completely feel violated. This woman touched my vagina four times because she went up my leg, up both legs from behind and then turned around and did it from the front.” (NBC) The pat-down heard ‘round the country...Former Miss USA Susie Castillo’s video reaction to a TSA pat-down at the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport has gone viral. She talks to NBC’s Today about the touchy situation. “Why I chose to speak out on this issue is because it does violate our rights. I feel it's a slippery slope. You know, you hear of drug dealers and bombers, terrorists who are putting paraphernalia in their rectums. What’s next? How far are we going to let this go? Are rectal exams in our future?” Castillo says she opted out of the choice for a body scan for fear of radiation. She claims there are better ways for TSA to perform security checks. But, a blogger for PhillyBurbs**** offers Castillo a new option for travel, headlining “Hey princess, take the train.” “There are persons afoot that wish to harm us. In light of this we have to make some tough choices. You could say that in a perfect world everyone would simply get along and your on board meal would always be catered by Ruth’s Chris. In my perfect world, Jennifer Love Hewitt is the TSA Agent.” TSA officials released a statement saying the pat-downs are necessary for safety and the agent followed official guidelines. But Castillo also tells HLN’s Dr. Drew this pat-down was much more invasive then those she’s had before. CASTILLO: “If the screenings are different from TSA agent to TSA agent, I ask myself the question well how effective are these screenings? Are they actually protecting us? DR. DREW: “Susie you bring up a really, I think this is actually a bigger conversation about how much we want government crawling into our private spaces in many aspects of our life.” One state is already having that conversation - talking legislation that would make Castillo’s molestation claim a felony. The Texas bill against invasive pat-downs is gaining attention and Gather writer gives the bill a thumbs up. “Kudos to Texas for addressing this knee-jerk reaction to tougher airline security. As Simpson says, ‘The searches are removing people's dignity,’ not to mention traumatizing children too young to understand why it's okay in this case to let a stranger touch them. Profiling may be a dirty word in this country, but so is molestation.” The former pageant queen is now collecting signatures for TSA to change its procedures. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy
7 May 2011
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