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20 Feb 2011
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For the first time ever Network Ten joins Australia's elite Special Forces in combat. Chris Masters brings you this WORLD EXCLUSIVE documentary from the frontline in Afghanistan. WANT TO SEE MORE?? WATCH: TOUR OF DUTY: AUSTRALIA'S SECRET WAR: EXTENTED. SPECIAL 90 MINUTE EDITION. PREMIERES 9:30PM MONDAY 5th DECEMBER ON ONE. *******facebook****/TourOfDutyAustralia
30 Nov 2011
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Pictures from Nam. I served with the 173RD AHC ROBINHOODS as a crewchief & doorgunner on Huey 180
9 Nov 2008
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Sgt. Benjamin Brian Portell died while serving his second tour of duty in Iraq.
17 Jan 2008
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This video came about for one reason: I have a family member currently on a second tour of duty in Iraq. You will forgive me, but for me, that is the most personally relevant issue in this campaign. Iraq. Este video tiene una sola razón: tengo un miembro de mi familia por segunda vez in Iraq. Perdonome, pero, esto es lo más relevante para mi... "Sin embargo, la música es de una otra persona, el Señor Andrés Useche. SI SE PUEDE -- YES WE CAN By Andrés Useche For too long we have been sleeping, But we have been afraid to dream. Daunted by the cynics who tell us, There is nothing we can achieve. But Yes We Can. Yes We Can. Yes We Can. Yes We Can. Bombs fell on children Air Attack over Iraq. How many have died because of lies? Where was our morals? What was the cause of this war? Who profits from this injustice? Who voted for this tragedy? Who told us the truth? With him, yes we can. Yes we can change. Yes we can. Yes we can change. Let our votes count as well. Everyone together for peace. We must overcome the greed! We must say "No More" to Halliburton. Because Yes We Can. Yes We Can Change! What did FEMA do after Katrina? This inequality NO MORE! NO MORE Racism or Homophobia! We Can Be One People! Yes We Can. We Can Achieve It! Yes We Can! Yes We Can Change! A Bridge Falls in Minnesota. At Walter Reed (military hospital) they fail to heal. This war will cost Trillions of dollars! The Economy of Killing! Yes, I Want to Change! Do YOU Want to Change? Together We Can Heal the World! Yes, I Want to Change! Do YOU Want to Change? Together We Can Heal the World! Yes, I Want to Change! Do YOU Want to Change? Together We Can Heal the World! VOTAR OBAMA
23 Mar 2008
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After returning from two tours of duty in Iraq, Capt. Luis Montalvan is the highest ranking member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. Despite post-traumatic stress disorder, he is campaigning to expose the Iraq War's grim realities. He has been branded a coward and traitor, but this recipient of the Purple Heart is on a mission to expose what he calls "incompetent" leadership in the highest ranks of the military.
10 Jun 2008
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A video of some pics I took in Iraq and pics from others. I just came back from my second tour of duty over there, I support what we are doing and I know what we are doing is right. I love my fellow brothers and sisters in uniform and this includes all those other countries fighting along side with us. God Bless the USA.
28 May 2009
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Free copy of Halo Wars Visit *******www.freehalowars**** Ten minutes of amazing gameplay footage of Master Chief's strategic tour of duty.
30 Sep 2009
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The war story that needs to be told: a Washington Post reporter follows five courageous National Guard soldiers as they deploy to Iraq, survive combat, and come home to pick up the pieces The Iraq War radically transformed the typical “one weekend a month, two weeks a year” commitment of many National Guard soldiers around the country into lengthy, grueling tours of duty in Iraq. Little has been written about the tens of thousands of guardsmen and women sent to Iraq and the unique challenges these citizen-soldiers have faced in serving their country–and then coming home to the civilian world. Washington Post reporter Christian Davenport was embedded with the Virginia National Guard's 2-224th Aviation Regiment and witnessed the hardship and heroism of its members firsthand, from their sudden call-up, through their return from overseas, to new battles faced on the home front as they struggle to rebuild their lives after the war. He tells the story of five of these remarkable soldiers–a teacher, a 50-something Vietnam vet, a sorority-girl-turned-door-gunner, a born leader, and a young woman unable to find her place in the world. By continuing to follow these soldiers, and their families, for more than a year after their tour, Davenport chronicles the difficulties they face returning home: lost jobs, financial woes, and the inability to relate to a society that has never been so divorced from the war its country was fighting. Depicting these soldiers as heroes, not victims, As You Were reveals a hidden dimension of the war, and provides an intimate look at the patriotism and courage that inspire those who have fought in it–and the rest of us as well. Christian Davenport (Washington, DC) is a reporter for the Washington Post. He was embedded with the Virginia National Guard's 2-224th Regiment, and his work covering the military helped uncover some of the iconic photographs of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal.
22 Apr 2009
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Catch this new episode of Tattoo Highway, June 10th at 10PM ET/PT only on A&E. The bus rolls into Albuquerque and picks up Lava, a Tahitian dancer who wants to cover up the Thai words for "faith" on her back. Thomas and Tommy convince Lava to get a giant Koi fish that covers two thirds of her back. While in Albuquerque, Monica's hot rod breaks down. In order to fix the hotrod, Thomas makes a "bro deal" and swaps tattoo work for engine parts and labor. For the last leg of this trip, Thomas travels back to Long Beach and tattoos a pair of U.S. Marines. One served two tours of duty in Iraq while the other just graduated from boot camp. Become a Facebook fan of Tattoo Highway *******facebook****/tattoohighway. For more information visit *******aetv****/tattoohighway.
6 Jun 2009
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In this episode of Tattoo Highway, Thomas travels to Long Beach to tattoo a pair of U.S. Marines. One served two tours of duty in Iraq while the other just graduated from boot camp. Don't miss Tattoo Highway, Wednesdays at 10PM ET/PT on A&E. Become a Facebook fan of Tattoo Highway *******facebook****/tattoohighway. Get virtually “inked” at *******lookwhatigotmom****.
10 Jun 2009
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more at *******www.theuptake****President Obama announced that on Tuesday (June 30, 2009) US Troops turned over all of Iraq's towns and cities to the Iraqi government and security forces. Transcript: I want to say a few words about an important milestone that we've reached in Iraq. Today, American troops have transferred control of all Iraqi cities and towns to Iraq's government and security forces. (Applause.) This transition was agreed to last year as part of our Status of Forces Agreement with the sovereign Iraqi government. It's a part of our strategy to responsibly end the war by removing all American combat brigades from Iraq by next September, and all of our troops from Iraq by the end of 2011. So the Iraqi people are rightly treating this day as a cause for celebration. This is an important step forward, as a sovereign and united Iraq continues to take control of its own destiny. And with this progress comes responsibility. Iraq's future is in the hands of its own people. And Iraq's leaders must now make some hard choices necessary to resolve key political questions, to advance opportunity, and to provide security for their towns and their cities. In this effort, America will be a strong partner to the Iraqi people on behalf of their security and prosperity. Make no mistake: There will be difficult days ahead. We know that the violence in Iraq will continue -- we see that already in the senseless bombing in Kirkuk earlier today. And there are those who will test Iraq's security forces, and the resolve of the Iraqi people, through more sectarian bombings and the murder of innocent civilians. But I'm confident that those forces will fail. The future belongs to those who build, not those who destroy. And today's transition is further proof that those who have tried to pull Iraq into the abyss of disunion and civil war are on the wrong side of history. Finally, the very fact that Iraqis are celebrating this day is a testament to the courage, the capability, and commitment of every single American who has served in Iraq. (Applause.) That's worth applause. Through tour after tour of duty, our troops have overcome every obstacle to extend this precious opportunity to the Iraqi people. These women and men are not always in the headlines, but they're in our hearts and prayers, and we will forever honor their selfless service and sacrifice, as well as the service and sacrifice of their families. There is more work to be done, but we've made important progress in supporting a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq. And everyone who has served there, both in uniform as well as our civilians, deserves our thanks.
1 Jul 2009
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