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My own impression video. Follow the list for the voices: 1. Mr. Mackey 2. Mr. Garrison 3. Jimbo 4. Ned 5. Chef 6. Kyle's Cousin Kyle 7. Butters 8. Jimmy 9. Timmy 10. Satan 11. Officer Barbrady 12. Mr. Derp 13. Mr. Slave 14. Trey Parker Voice 15. Towelie 16. Mr. Hankey 17. Cartman 18. Peter Griffin 19. Chris Griffin 20. Otto 21. Professor Frink 22. Barney 23. Borat 24. Chris Walken 25. Matt Foley 26. Samuel L. Jackson 27. Doc Brown 28. Beavis 29. Butt-head 30. Napoleon Dynamite 31. Kip 32. Anderson 33. Hank Hill 34. Rocko 35. Heffer 36. Filbert 37. Olmec 38. Kirk Fogg 39. Samuel L. Jackson 40. Owen Wilson 41. George W. Bush 42. Cartman
23 Jun 2010
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Weed Nation wishes South Park's Towelie a very stoney birthday
15 Aug 2009
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Just a speed collage of impersonations in 3 words or less. List as follows: 1. Otto 2. Skinner 3. Krusty 4. Comic Guy 5. Moe 6. Homer 7. Smithers 8. Burns 9. Willie 10. Apu 11. Dr Hibbert 12. Fat Tony 13. Quimby 14. Dr Nick 15. Barney 16. Grandpa 17. Lovejoy 18. Wiggum 19. Flanders 20. Newman 21. Frank Costanza 22. Estelle Costanza 23. Babu 24. Jackie Chiles 25. Kramer 26. Puddy 27. Jerry 28. Ray 29. Robert 30. Shaggy 31. Scooby 32. GW Bush 33. Beavis 34. Butthead 35. Clinton 36. Bush Sr 37. Reagan 38. Nixon 39. JFK 40. Giuliani 41. Schwarzenegger 42. Cheech 43. Chong 44. Pauly Shore 45. Regis Philbin 46. Brando 47. Gottfried 48. Connery 49. Cosby 50. Sandler 51. Carson 52. Dangerfield 53. Farnsworth 54. Kiff 55. Zapp 56. Hermes 57. Zoidberg 58. Ferguson 59. Walken 60. DeNiro 61. Danza 62. Dan Rather 63. Pacino 64. Randy 65. Paula 66. Simon 67. David Archuletta 68. Mickey 69. Goofy 70. Droopy 71. Snagglepuss 72. Marvin the Martian 73. Emperor 74. Yoda 75. Marty 76. Doc Brown 77. Biff 78. Pee-Wee 79. Austin 80. Borat 81. Woody Allen 82. Wilford Brimley 83. Billy Mays 84. Peter Griffin 85. Herbert 86. Swanson 87. Brian 88. Lois 89. Stewie 90. Quagmire 91. Cleveland 92. Mr. Mackey 93. Ned 94. Mr. Hankey 95. Kyle 96. Cartman 97. Towelie 98. Shrek 99. Donkey 100. Ren 101. Stimpy 102. Tay Zonday
5 Oct 2008
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Here's an impressions tape I made a while back. Some of them I cringe at as they've really come a long ways since this production. But it's a pretty fun video so I thought I'd post it. And yes, I spelled "Dylan" incorrectly. Below are the characters/people impersonated: Gilbert Gottfried. Seinfeld. Kramer. Marlon Brando. Al Pacino. Chewbacca. Chris Walken. Golem. Adam Sandler. Scooby. Shaggy. Peter Griffin. Brian Griffin. Apu. Rev Lovejoy. Comic Book Guy. Groundskeeper Willie. Dr. Nick. Dr Hibbert. Skinner. Lou. Chief Wiggum. Mayor Quimby. Robin Leech. Sylvester Stallone. Bergess Meredith. Donkey. Shrek. Pee-Wee Herman. Cartman. Kyle. Mr. Mackey. Towelie. Mr. Hanky. Ned Gerblansky. Quagmire - Family Guy. Chris Griffin. Stewie Griffin. Cleveland Brown. Old pervert. Lois Griffin. Stan Smith - American Dad. Roger. Klaus. Homer - The Simpsons. Marge. yeees man. Krusty. Otto Mann. Charles Montgomery Burns. Waylon Smithers. Barney. Moe Syszlak. Abraham Simpson. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Tony Danza. Bill Cosby. Alien in Edgar Suit - Vincent D'Onofrio - Men in Black. Agent J - Will Smith - MIB. Jerry Lundegaard - William H Macy - Fargo. Wade Gustafson - Harvey Presnell - Fargo. Shep Proudfoot - Steven Reevis - Fargo. Ernest - Jim Varney. Mister T. Randy 'Macho Man' Savage. Sean Connery. Smokey - Chris Tucker - Friday. Big Worm - Faizon Love. Mr. Jones - Dad - John Witherspoon. Don Pardo - SNL Announcer. Matt Foley. Church Lady. Caveman Lawyer. Ed Grimley. Trump. Coffee Talk. Wayne. Garth. Johnny Carson. Ed McMahon. David Puddy. Morty Seinfeld. Babu Bhatt. Jackie Chiles. Kenny Bania. J Peterman. Keanu Reeves. Stephen Hawking. Donatello. Krang. Shredder. Beebop. Rocksteady. Jack Nicholson. Glomer - It's Punky Brewster. Dezi Arnaz. Ray Barone - Ray Romano - Everybody Loves Raymond. Robert Barone - Brad Garrett - Everybody Loves Raymond. Wilfred Brimley. George Bailey - Jimmy Stewart - It's a Wonderful Life. ALF. Martin Short. Woody Allen. Jon Lovitz. Pat Robertson. Columbo - Peter Falk. Jacques Clouseau - Peter Sellers - The Pink Panther. Steve Irwin - Croc Hunter. John Coffey - Michael Dunkin - The Green Mile. David Wooderson - Matthew McConaughey - Dazed and Confused. Neil Armstrong. Peter Lorre. Elvis Presley. Tone Loc. Michael Jackson. Prince. Louis Armstrong. Macy Gray. Humpdy. Eminem. Snoop Dogg. Bob Dylan. Johnny Cash. Simon Cowell. Austin Powers - Mike Meyers. Dr Evil - Mike Meyers. Chong. Cheech. Borat. Bender. Professor Farnsworth - Futurama. Hermes. Zoidberg. Zapp Brannigan. Kiff - Futurama. Stuart Larkin - Michael McDonald - MAD TV. Droopy Dog. Snagglepuss. Marvin Martian. Mickey Mouse. Goofy. Booboo Bear. Yogi Bear. Kool-aid Man. Dracula & Creepy assistant. Popeye. Principal McVicker. Butthead - Beavis & Butthead. Beavis. Coach Buzzcut. Tom Anderson. Cornholio. Mr. VanDriessen. Muhammed Ali. Mike Tyson. Kermit. Ms. Piggy. Bullwinkle. Tigger. Eeyore. Stitch. Dr. Jumba Jookiba. Beaker. Mario. Wario. Roger Rabbit. Ren. Stimpy. Lucky Charms. Bobbie. Charlie in the Box. Sunny the cuckoo bird. Yoda. JarJar. Boss Nass. Palpatine. R2D2. Carl - Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Frylock. Meatwad. Paul Rodriguez. Napoleon Dynamite. Pedro. Marty - Michael J. Fox - Back to the Future. Doc Emmet Brown - Christopher Lloyd - Back to the Future. Boomhauer - King of the Hill. Hank Hill. Dale. Gnome - World of Warcraft. Elf - WOW. Al Bundy. Aliens from Star Wars. Lieberman. President George W Bush. President Bill Clinton. President George Bush Sr. President Ronald Reagan. President Richard Nixon. President John F Kennedy - JFK. Regis Philbin
3 Jan 2008
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South Park Kenny ******* Futurama Zoidberg ******* Futurama Bender ******* Designed by ***********/steveschwindt Twitter: *******www.twitter****/codemblemtuts Facebook: *******www.facebook****/codemblemtutorials Music provided by *******www.fixtstore**** Atlas Plug - "The Ace, The Only" Atlas Plug - "Rule the World" *******www.fixtstore****/product/1340/Atlas-Plug---2-Days-Or-Die-%28MP3-Album%29 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - black ops 2 emblem tutorial south park towelie "towelie emblem tutorial" "towelie emblem" "black ops 2 towelie emblem" bo2 emblems best "black ops 2 emblems" "black ops 2 emblem tutorial" "best black ops 2 emblems" "black ops emblems" codemblemtutorials editor creator "black ops 2 emblem editor" "black ops 2 emblem creator" South Park Towelie - Black Ops 2 Emblem Tutorial South Park Towelie - Black Ops 2 Emblem Tutorial South Park Towelie - Black Ops 2 Emblem Tutorial
16 Dec 2013
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For the complete list scroll below! Here's me doing 105 impressions/voices of cartoon characters, celebrities, and other recognizable personalities from TV, film, the internet, and video games. Please excuse my wild use of eyebrows. Visit my website quintonkappel**** to check out my other stuff or to contact me. 105 Impressions: 1. Gollum 2. Smeagol 3. Stewie Griffin 4. Krusty The Clown 5. Squidward 6. Green Goblin 7. Ian Mckellen 8. Gandalf 9. Pee Wee Herman 10. Peter Griffin 11. Daniel Plainview 12. Professor Farnsworth 13. Jack Nicholson 14. Christopher Walken 15. Atlas 16. Donkey 17. Miss Piggy 18. Kermit 19. Joker 20. Shrek 21. Mickey Mouse 22. Patrick Star 23. Stitch 24. Sean Connery 25. Ugluk 26. Grishnakh 27. Adam Sandler 28. James Hook 29. Stimpy 30. Ren 31. Rocko 32. Ace Ventura 33. Dr. Zoidberg 34. Jim Parsons 35. Strongbad 36. Coach Z 37. Lt. Aldo Raine 38. Yoda 39. Austin Powers 40. Glenn Quagmire 41. Ser Jorah 42. Roger the Alien 43. Gaston 44. Dr. Evil 45. Louis Armstrong 46. Bruce 47. Mr. Krabs 48. Goofy 49. Jimmy Stewart 50. Beavis 51. Butthead 52. Batman 53. Bane 54. Gingerbread Man 55. Ask a Ninja 56. Homestar 57. Al Pacino 58. Jigglypuff 59. Artie 60. Lord Verys 61. Spongebob 62. The Beast 63. Mr. Burns 64. Chewbacca 65. Herbert the Pervert 66. Templeton 67. Meatwad 68. Mr. Mackey 69. Tiny Tim 70. Plankton 71. John Lennon 72. Daffy Duck 73. Scooter 74. Bill Butcher 75. Sonny the Cuckoo 76. Maester Pycelle 77. James 78. Meowth 79. Filburt 80. Goddard 81. Dr. Cox 82. Jack McBrayer 83. Bruce the Shark 84. Eric Cartman 85. Marvin the Martian 86. Cowardly lion 87. Gru 88. Arnold Schwarzenegger 89. Strongsad 90. Solid Snake 91. Towelie 92. Dr Nefario 93. Kyle Broflovski 94. Eyegore 95. Puss in Boots 96. Snagglepuss 97. Mojo Jojo 98. Davy Jones 99. Crush 100. Ludo 101. Psyduck 102. Three Little Pigs 103. Fat Bastard 104. The Grinch 105. Sgt. Floyd Pepper If you enjoyed these please "like" and comment below!
10 Oct 2013
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Please sign the petition: ******* Written and Performed by Steve Berke, featuring Sexy Sax Man, Towelie, and David King Cain with special guest Playboy Playmate Amanda Cerny Free download at facebook****/steveberkecomedy Directed by Brian Hunting, Devin Hunting, Steve Berke Starring: Sexy Sax Man Sergio Flores, Amanda Cerny, Kristen Mia, Ashley Bedell, Olivia Matthies, Jana Kruse and Nina Taylor Special Thanks to Chris Sullivan who helped shoot and DP several scenes, Destinee Handly for her amazing nail art, and Michael Malone and Marko Gojanovic, who let me shoot at their house and kick their asses in FIFA! Lyrics: Im gonna smoke some weed, only got 20 dollas in my pocket Imma huntin, looking for a pot shop, this is fucking awesome! Walk into my house like what up, i got some good pot I'm just pumped up got some herb from the pot shop Ice in my fridge it used to be frosty My friends like "Damn, that's a stoned ass donkey!" Rollin' in hella high, looking like it's fifa time Dominating all my friends, as I eat some chili fries Draped in a snuggie with my girl sitting next to me Probably shouldn't have had a big gulp full of ice tea PISS! But shit it was 99 cents! I be blazin and smokin it Bout to go and get some munchie snacks, passing up on those cracker jacks Reeces Pieces are where it's at, Gotta get me some soda pop Cotton mouth has been creeping up But can't remember where I put my keys, Yeah, that's what's up. Imma take your grandpa's ride, Imma take your grandpa's ride No for real, ask your grandpa, Can I take his 65? Deville Cruisin to my local Publix Nothing better than rolling with 2 super fly chicks! They had frozen burritos, I bought frozen burritos I bought some Ben and Jerry's, then I bought some Cheetos Hello, Hello, my main man Obama A couple states have just reformed their laws on marijuana Whatcha gonna do, send the feds there? Hell no! The DEA's would be like "Ah, they got Volcano" What you know about the science of marijuana? What you know about people suffering from glaucoma? They need it, they need it, it helps them with their condition If don't believe me, then just ask some eye physicians Thank your granddad for voting for that guy Richard Nixon is the President who made the plant illegal But science is now showing that its medicine for people And the private sector's fighting to keep all of that illegal Alcohol and Tobacco, Pharmaceutical, Prisons I'll take those four major lobby groups and fight those motherfuckers They making money day and night, all those motherfuckers And bribing congress out of sight, all those motherfuckers They be like, "Oh, it's immoral and unhealthy" I'm like how many people are you making wealthy Anti-marijuana lobbies are making all kinds of profits And they don't want you to stop it cause of all the special interests I call that getting swindled and pimped, shit I call that getting tricked by the government, that law's hella old So its time to update it, regulate it, and then get it under state control Peep Game, look into my political telescope Think it's going to stay like this forever, nah, it hella won't, nah, it hella won't. Let's end the war on drugs, It's time to pull the plug These special interest groups are nothing more than corporate thugs Let's end the war on weed, the people have agreed. These special interest groups have kept these laws with bribery Imma smoke some weed, only got 20 dollas in my pocket Imma huntin, looking for a pot shop, this is fucking awesome!
13 Jan 2013
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Tenorman uses this red-headed robot to block your progress in this clip from South Park: Tenorman's Revenge.
21 Aug 2012
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Use Stan to climb walls and get past force-fields in this clip from South Park: Tenorman's Revenge.
21 Aug 2012
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Take Cartmen through Towelie's Towel Factory in this clip from South Park: Tenorman's Revenge.
21 Aug 2012
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Hey! Do you love towelie?! We sure do!! Always by ur side..until he gets high & he just wanders off! At least he knows how to play Funkytown on the keypad.....
27 Jun 2012
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This video was shaping up to be funny, but then a Redditor ruined everything. And by that, I mean his own server. Are you interesting in gaming? Visit our website, post on the forums! *******www.teamavolition****/
2 Mar 2012
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Collection of Towelie quotes.
11 Mar 2011
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Towelie's best moments and funny stuff
20 Jan 2010
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South Park Mister Hankey the Christmas Poo FUNNY TOY Review of a toy found in Spencers Gifts. Christmas Pooh, by Mike Michael Mozart Your Toy and Product Guru from JeepersMedia Jeepers Media. Oh, Back to South Park. This is a Fair Use Product A Real Comedy Parody Funniest Product Review Video. Review of a Commercially available South Park Talking Action Figure of Mr. Hankey The Christmas Pooh. I'll be reviewing many other Cool South Park Toys including Cartman, Kenny, Eric, Chef, Kyle and the rest of the South Park Gang. South-Park "South Park" -South-Park- Park South, Soth Park Cartoon Animated Series Comedy Central South Park Funniest Hilarious Best of Compilation Bits Parody Funny South Park Video Clips Cartman Kyle's Mom is a Bitch South Park The Movie Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Trey Parker Matt Stone Towelie Jimmy "South Park" SouthPark Banned Dumbass Worst Best Stupid Dumb Lame Owned Ownage Wendy Kenny BeBe Mr. Mister Garrison Mr. Hat South/Park SouthPark Sowth Park South-Park "South Park" Cartman Kyles Mom is a Bitch Mister Hankey the Christmas Pooh Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo Spencers Gifts Hot Topic Hot Topix Emo Goth Funny Hilarious Stupid Toy OMG WTF Owned Mister Hankey The Christmas Pooh Toy
17 Oct 2009
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Over 500,000 views! Thank you everybody for watching and commenting! I never expected this video to be this successful. Thanks again! *READ THIS* Put on video annotations to read the episode title. Here are my 25 favorite south park episodes, ranging from 25 to 1. 25. Cartmanland (Season 5) 24. Lil' Crime Stoppers (Season 7) 23. Tsst (Season 10) 22. Krazy Kripples (Season 7) 21. With Apologies to Jesse Jackson (Season 11) 20. Asspen (Season 6) 19. Trapped in the Closet (Season 9) 18. Canada on Strike (Season 12) 17. More Crap (Season 11) 16. The Return of Chef (Season 10) 15. Chickenlover (Season 2) 14. The Death Camp of Tolerance (Season 6) 13. Fat Butt and Pancake Head (Season 7) 12. Le Petit Tourette (Season 11) 11. Imaganationland (all parts) (Season 11) 10. Cartoon Wars (all parts) (Season 10) 9. Ginger Kids (Season 9) 8. Chinpokomon (Season 3) 7. Guitar Queer-O (Season 11) 6. Up the Down Steroid (Season 8) 5. Make Love, Not Warcraft (Season 10) 4. The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers (Season 6) 3. The Jefferson (Season 8) 2. Towelie (Season 5) 1. Scott Tenorman Must Die (Season 5) R.I.P. Isaac Hayes
1 Sep 2009
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