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19 Jun 2018
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The Officer has pulled over a car for a traffic stop when another car plows right into the back of the pulled over car.
17 Apr 2006
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Y-men uses a snowscooter with a Yamaha R1 engine to beat traffic.
27 Sep 2006
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Yes, I admit, I've always wanted my traffic rapped to me by a young hot white girl. Yeah, baby!
13 Jun 2006
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Its playtime as traffic builds on the freeway
18 Oct 2006
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The Kawa ZX12 driving over 300km in traffic on a busy day,he eats ghost rider for joking
17 Oct 2006
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26 Dec 2006
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This guy is hanging from a traffic light and falls right off!
3 Dec 2006
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This video shows a traffic sign you can find in Lisbon's downtown. See more: *******pwp****
18 Dec 2006
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cause of traffic at munoz edsa
27 Dec 2006
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Amazing tank cam footage of the Black Prince riding the paris ring road, hitting speed's of 155 mph in morning traffic
14 Jan 2007
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Nepal has some crazy traffic with cars and bikes all over the road with hardly any order.
16 Jan 2007
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