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Fabulous new crossdresser clothing Photo shoot and Fashion Show footage of couture crossdress clothing styles shot on location during the hot new photo shoot. Styles shown for this feature are a fabulous sexy Glamour Girl Dress, and a New Hot Pink Satin suit ( made for the transvestite), Satin and lace Blouses, Sheer mesh playwear lingerie skirts and Suddenly Fem reveals their all new season of Glittering Blouses and Dresses! - all are manufactured by Suddenly Fem™ to fit the crossdresser, transvestite or transexual perfectly. All fashions were worn with our fabulous crossdressing hiding gaff panties for men and silicone breast forms fitted in our sheer mesh pocket bras. Enjoy the presentation! For more information please visit: *******www.CROSSDRESSER****
6 Jun 2010
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No copyright infingement intended, I don't own any of these clips and I do not own the song. This video is for fan purposes only. Please rate, fave and subscribe! I admire Patricia Arquette so I thought that I would make a video from one of the movies that she has starred in; "The Badge". The clips don't really tell much of the story, but they are most of the clips that Patricia Arquette appears in. Quick Bio of the film: Sheriff Darl Hardwick (Billy Bob Thornton) has to investigate a murder of a young woman, but when she is in the autopsy room they later discover that she is a transexual. A young girl; Scarlett (Patricia Arquette) comes to the sheriff to ask if anyone has seen her husband 'Mona'. When she finds out that Mona is dead she wants Darl to find out who murdered her. Although Darl is homophobic, his investigation causes him to be rejected by others, forcing him to seek help from the people he once despised. In the film you can see Darl and Scarlett's relationship grow stronger and they finally find out who killed Mona. IMDB: ***********/title/tt0286493/ Patricia Arquette at IMDB: ***********/name/nm0000099/ All comments have to be approved first, so if I come across a negative comment about the film, actors, me, the video in general, it won't be posted, so please don't waste your time. If you have any questions please ask, I will try and get back to you, if I don't please don't be offended, simply ask again later on. Thanks for watching!
15 Jul 2010
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Nong poy is cute beauty newhalf. Name : Treechada Marnyaporn ( ตรีชฏา มาลยาภรณ์ ) Nickname : Poy ( ปอย ) Height : 171 cm Weight : 48 kg Measurement: 33 -- 24 -- 36 Awards : Miss Tiffany 2004 Miss International Queen 2004 性転換 性転換手術 手術 形成クリニック クリニック katoey ladyboy kathoey she-male transgender sex reasigment surgery gender identity disorder newhalf transsexual transexual transvestite shemale sex change ニューハーフ 变性美女 变性 去勢 crossdresser 性転換 变性手术 オカマ おかま 女装 性同一性障害 整形美人
6 Aug 2010
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tranny Drag Queen transexual tgirl crossdresser shemale ladyboy t-girl crossdressing Transvestite
10 Dec 2010
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I DO NOT OWN THE SONG OR PICTURE!! Rocky Horror Picture Show - Sweet Transvestite LYRICS: How d'you do, I see you've met my faithful handyman He's just a little brought down because when you knocked He thought you were the candyman. Don't get strung out by the way that I look, Don't judge a book by its cover I'm not much of a man by the light of day, But by night I'm one hell of a lover I'm just a Sweet Transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania. So let me show you around, maybe play you a sound You look like you're both pretty groovy Or if you want something visual that's not too abysmal We could take in an old Steve Reeves movie. I'm glad we caught you at home, could we use your phone? We're both in a bit of a hurry. We'll just say where we are, then go back to the car We don't want to be any worry. So you got caught with a flat, well, how about that? Well babies, don't you panic. By the light of the night , it'll seem alright I'll get you a satanic mechanic. I'm just a Sweet Transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania. So why don't you stay for the night? Or maybe a bite? I could show you my favourite obsession. I've been making a man with blond hair and a tan And he's good for relieving my tension I'm just a Sweet Transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania. So come up to the lab. And see what's on the slab. I see you shiver with antici... pation! But maybe the rain isn't really to blame So I'll remove the cause, but not the symptom.
11 Jan 2011
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Pela primeira vez em 11 anos do BBB, a primeira integrante Travesti // Transexual do programa de maior audiência da Tv aberta! Vejamos o quanto ela conseguirá esconder a verdade dos demais! Neste video, ela é praticamente uma "mulher" ... já sem a "geba" de XXcm -- tão discutida internet afora! Video editado, para evitar a censura intolerante do Youtube! E aí... você pegaria essa mulher com traços de homem? Música: Eu Sou Travesti Intérprete: Michelly Summer (Edit 18/01/2010) O sonho acabou para a Ariadna Thalia no dia 18/01/2011 ao ser eliminada do programa com 49% de rejeição!
23 Jun 2011
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Other pics. Cute from Thailand. Treechada Marnyaporn ( ตรีชฏา มาลยาภรณ์ ) Nick Poy ( ปอย ) Height : 171 cm Weight : 48 kg Measurement: 33 -- 24 -- 36 Awards : Miss Tiffany 2004 Miss International Queen 2004 性転換 性転換手術 手術 形成クリニック クリニック katoey ladyboy kathoey she-male transgender sex reasigment surgery gender identity disorder newhalf transsexual transexual transvestite shemale sex change ニューハーフ 变性美女 变性 去勢 crossdresser 性転換 变性手术 オカマ おかま 女装 性同一性障害 整形美人
28 Jun 2011
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La Policia de Alicante detiene a este hombre que iba saltándose todos los semáforos que encontraba, y una vez en el suelo el detenido empieza a dar sus razones..Soy profesor... Por favor, no me hagan nada que estoy embarazado... Soy vigilante de seguridad.. Soy abogado... Soy secreta... Estoy nervioso, estoy separao y estoy divorciao... No hago daño a nadie... Soy testigo de Jehová y del Opus Dei... No me peguen por favor... No me peguen que estoy embarazada... Soy mujer, soy transexual, soy travesti, y no acepto la transexualidad... Llamen a mi psiquiatra pero no me peguen - "A ver si vas a tener aquí al chiquillo" - Por dios, que soy culturista!! ---- este tio es de todo menos imprudente xd
10 Jul 2011
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From the movie Dressed to Kill - Liz (Nancy Allen) gets the money while Dr. Elliott (Michael Caine) indulges in an episode of Donahue covering transexuals.
6 Aug 2011
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aqui un transexual levantandose la mini falda sin bragas y enseñando su ''organo sexual'' xd
12 Dec 2011
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Are you willing to explain that? Can awkward open tampons be used to pick up girls instead of pick up lines? Find out in this week's awkward item-filled episode of Get Her Number! GET BLOOPERS & EXTRAS HERE: *******simplepickup****/TrueFans Watch full, un-edited clips here: *******GO.simplepickup**** Tweet this video: ******* Share this video on Facebook: ******* Music by Mike Diva: ***********/MikeDiva -- List of all awkward items: 1. Closed tampons 2. Open tampons 3. Used tampons 4. Bra & panties 5. Transexual porn magazine 6. Anal beads 7. Vibrating dildo 8. Vagisil 9. Condom filled with jizz SUBSCRIBE! ******* TROLL! *******simplepickup**** LIKE! *******facebook****/simplepickup FOLLOW! *******twitter****/simplepickup
31 Jul 2012
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Thailandesa de 27 años demuestra su gran voz en un concurso de talentos (Thailand's got Talent) y sorprende al jurado cuando cambia la voz a un tono mas grave durante la canción, te preguntas si es hombre o mujer? pues se trata de Bell Nuntita, una mujer transexual, el gran fenómeno de internet que logró conquistar al público. LAS CANCIONES Q INTERPRETA SON: 1era Canción: Yak Roo Tae Mai Yak (por calories blah blah) 2da canción: Unloveable (por Mild) .
23 Dec 2012
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These aren't all of his scenes. YouTube deleted the other video. Disabled comments because I get emails everyday about how Him traumatized someone, or something about gay people / transexuals.
24 Feb 2013
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Pues un viejito calenturiento tiene sexo salvajemente con un joven guapo y sexi (gael garcía) mientras él lo graba. El joven (gael garcía) es hermano de un transexual que los descubre con las manos en la masa. es una escena de la pelicula la mala educación, está increíble!. El Deseo SLU Todos los derechos reservados 2004 sígueme *******www.twitter****/oferenlinea te espero he!
15 Jun 2013
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Thai Movie Transexual story
19 Jun 2013
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This is an old Holiday Inn ad with a transexual going to a class reunion. I just found this artical with a little google search. No Room at the Holiday Inn? 1997 - No Room at the Holiday Inn? *******www.glaad****/publications/archive_detail.php?id=2185 January 31, 1997 A Super Bowl Sunday Holiday Inn television ad featuring a transsexual has drawn mixed reactions from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender viewers and was pulled from the air on January 28. In the ad, a tall, blond female model walks through a class reunion, drawing ogling glances and gaping mouths from onlookers as a narrator recounts how much she paid for her new nose, lips and bust. She runs into a classmate who says that he never forgets a face. After realizing that she is a transsexual, and was Bob Johnson during their school years together, his face turns from friendly to stunned and finally horrified as he says, "Bob? Bob, is that you?" Throughout his exaggerated reaction, however, the transsexual woman looks confident. The narrator says, "It's amazing the changes you can make for a few thousand dollars," alluding to Holiday Inn's billion-plus renovation campaign. It is encouraging that Holiday Inn and its advertising agency, Fallon McElligott, saw the realization of a transsexual's physical gender transformation as positive and worthy of comparison to the betterment of the Holiday Inn hotel chain. Additionally, the confidence the transsexual woman exhibits is noteworthy. Even the very recognition that transsexuals are part of the mosaic of society is positive in the visibility it lends to transgender issues. Even so, the reaction of the man is appalling, insensitive and mean-spirited. It is as if nothing could have been more horrifying to the man than "Bob" being a woman. After receiving complaints both by transphobic people and members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, Holiday Inn quickly pulled the ad. Here is another article on the video. *******adage****/article/news/holiday-inn-boots-bob-johnson-lead-ad-makeover-campaign-pulled-bowl-lead-spot-10-mil-publicity/69284/
9 Sep 2013
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