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Family Filter: is a company that was established in October 2010 when the first store opened in Doha, Qatar. Mosafer means ‘traveler’ in Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, Hebrew and several Indian and Pakistani languages. It was the perfect name for a business that’s focused on travelers, their comfort, and their convenience. If you are interested in travel luxury bags, travel luxury luggage, and mosafer related travel accessories simply visit our online store or our offline department store.
Travel Vermont: New England Travel, Grafton, VT- Travel Video PostCard Travel New England is Vermont Travel. Travel in Vermont is perfect Family Travel where small, intimate B and Bs in Vermont beckon from authentic towns or the beautiful Green Mountains. Grafton, Vermont, is one of Vermonts most charming towns. Grafton, Vermont, is quintessential New England, and Grafton, Vermont, is pure Vermont Travel, a picturesque village with taverns, inns, antique shops and Golden Ponds. Grafton, Vermont, in southern Vermont is famous for Grafton artisan cheese still made by hand from small herds of cows. And Vermonts white, steepled churches still chime the time in Grafton. Skiers and cross-country skiers seeking to ski in New England appreciate the quiet cross-country ski trails of Grafton, Vermont. This is the place to travel with children in New England. Because there are old barns made into workshops for real blacksmiths who still hammer out horseshoes and make art on anvils. The fall foliage in Grafton, Vermont, is spectacular and no New England Travel, no Vermont travel is complete without a stay in Grafton, Vermont. It feels like an America of the 40s or 50s. Bellows Falls, Vermont, is about ten miles from Grafton, with the first covered bridge in Vermont. Bellows Falls and Grafton have many historic sites and crafts of Vermont.
6 Mar 2007
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Our Cayman Island Travel Video PostCard takes us to the Cayman Island Jazz festival in Grand Cayman, one of the Caribbean Islands best Jazz Festivals. The Travel Video Postcard of the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean get us up close and personal to the groups playing reggae and calypso, and strong jazz pieces. Our Travel Video PostCard to Grand Cayman also introduces viewers to the beauty of this Caribbean island like the Blue Iguana, the only place in the world where this near extinct reptile lives. And only on our Travel Video do the wonderful blue water of the islands beaches come alive. Cayman Islands in the Caribbean are perfect Caribbean destinations for Family Travel, lovers, music lovers and jazz lovers. Let our Travel Video of Grand Cayman and Caribbean travel take you to the elegant Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. Our Travel Video takes us the other sights and sounds of the island, so you can hear the music and sample the life of the Cayman Islands after you watch and listen. We can answer questions about the Cayman Island Jazz Festival and the Cayman Islands, in the meantime, enjoy this Travel Video of one of the Caribbeans best islands, Grand Cayman Island.
11 Mar 2007
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Upstate New Yorks famous Finger Lakes district is the home of 11 Lakes and more than 1000 waterfalls and numerous gorges. The world-famous Niagara Falls is a short drive. Travel to the Finger Lakes and Niagara Falls and experience one of upstate New Yorks most popular Family Travel destinations. The Finger Lakes of upstate New York are perfect for Adventure Travel. Honeymoons, weddings and romantic getaways are very popular here in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. The Finger Lakes region of upstate New York offer fun summer adventure activities including canoeing, kayak, sailing, boating, wind surfing, fishing, horse riding. Travelers to the Finger Lakes region enjoy hiking around the twenty five State Parks and visiting the many waterfalls to take in the Natural beauty of the area. Go swimming in the lakes or at the local swimming pool, ten pin bowling or even take a cruise on Seneca or Cayuga Lake. Niagara Falls is only a short 1 or so hour drive away.
11 Mar 2007
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Concierge**** asset, video. Concierge**** travel writer, Mark Schatzker, treks around the world in 80 days. Follow his intrepid journey on his blog as he attempts to circumnavigate the globe “the old-fashioned way.” Certain treats are acceptable, however, as he enjoys a fine ribeye steak at David Burke’s in Denver and indulges in a mud bath in Napa Valley. Find out more at *******www***ncierge****/cntraveler/blogs/80days. From Wiredset Digital Agency.
18 Mar 2007
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Handicapped travel, travel for the disabled or travel for the physically challenged. However you call it, people with disabilities are hitting the road, the ski slopes, mountain trails and climbing cliffs. Todays disabled travelers see travel as a necessity, a right, and not a luxury. From the blind teenager dreaming of snowboarding to the young woman who lost a limb, these gutsy handicapped or physically challenged travelers are seeing the world like the rest of us and are not letting their limits limit them as they travel the world and take part in all kinds of sports. Travel Video Postcards salutes these intrepid travelers and wishes the best to all the physically challenged or impaired who want to travel and do so.
19 Mar 2007
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Concierge**** travel writer, Mark Schatzker, treks around the world in 80 days. Follow his intrepid journey on his blog as he attempts to circumnavigate the globe “the old-fashioned way.” In this video he gives you a closer view of his current life and his brand new haircut. Find out more at *******www***ncierge****/cntraveler/blogs/80days. From Wiredset Digital Agency.
28 Mar 2007
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Cloud Traveler
29 Mar 2007
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ufo pops up over a mountain and then travels across a open area. When it spins and detects the infared signal from the camera it engages its invisibility cloak and it's gone baby! Check it out.
1 Apr 2007
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2 Apr 2007
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A Quick Tour of Teen Travel Summer Camp
3 Apr 2007
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Canada travel has to mean travel to Ottawa, Ottawa, Canadas capital. Ottawa may be may be one of Canadas best kept Canada travel secrets. Ottawa is a winter and summer Canada travel destination, but we like it in the winter especially. Ottawas magnificent neo-Gothic parliament building is one of the most impressive in Canada and in North America. The changing of the Guard at Ottawas parliament building is a colorful, dramatic spectacle making Canadians proud and delighting Family Travelers. Ottawas five mile Rideau Canal, may be the longest, happiest ice skating rink in North America. Kids, grandparents, couples in love fill the skate the canal with a hot chocolate in hand or cup of coffee. Ottawas heart is the ByWard Market and no Travel Canada or Canada Travel holiday is complete without a visit to the market. ByWard is similar to Bostons Quincy Market and the waterfront of Baltimore. Moroccan, Turkish, German restaurants are side by side and Ottawa is alive here with antiques, Chinese art galleries and shops selling books and furniture and hot sauce. Visit Ottawas National Gallery, one of Canadas best. It looks out at the Basilica of Notre Dame and Parliament Hill. Visit Ottawas Museum of Civilization. Exhibits honor Canadas many First Nation peoples. If Quebec City is very French, Ottawa is very British making Canada Travel very rewarding.
10 Apr 2007
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I have never thought that time travel was actually possible but the man in this video says that it is and that he can prove it.
6 Apr 2007
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