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Get ready to say Bonjour to some of the hottest stars around. We've got the style scoop straight from the Cannes Film Festival red carpet. The Gatsby premiere was everything you would expect--A-list stars and haute couture fashion. Isla Fisher, Freida Pinto, Carey Mulligan, Cara Delevigne and Lana Del Ray stunned in their gowns, not to mention the Gatsby guys, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. Emma Watson debuted her new movie in an age-appropriate black and white dress, while Nicole Kidman opted for a floral strapless dress for the opening ceremony. Tres chic everyone!
20 May 2013
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16 Dec 2012
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FashionMojo WatchMojo**** recreates the elegant and classical look of Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffanys.
13 May 2011
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FashionMojo Kim Kardashian is known for her smokey cat eye makeup and nude, pouty lips. In this video, WatchMojo**** makeup artist Lisa Sim recreates the Kim Kardashian makeup look.
11 Nov 2011
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yes, click click click went to photoshop. silent silent silent she was on the phone. enjoy my most retarded video clip yet as seen by my very tres chic photoshopping techniques ahaha enjoy be. the wedding singer, teh weeding singer, adam sandler, adam sandeler, adam sandlar, drew barrymore, dru barry more, dru barrymore, i wanna grow old with you, i want to grow old with you, i wana grow old wit you, i want to grow old with u, i wanna grow old with u
8 Aug 2010
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The clip My favorite Astrophysicist from Wet Hot American Summer (2001) with Janeane Garofalo, David Hyde Pierce Hi, guys. Hey, Beth. Like the new look. Tres chic. Thank you, Henry. Please, call me Henry. Okay, Henry it is. I see you decided to come teach the campers, Henry. Yeah. I'm sorry I snapped at you before. I'm a little shy around children. But it's been great! I've got them making miniature black holes with paper clips and soot. What you do is so fascinating! You really like astrophysics? I love it! It's my biggest hobby. I love it. Really? Okay. Who's your favorite astrophysicist? My fav... I totally know this one. Okay, any... What time is it? Um... 9:00, 9:30. I'm so late. I have to go meet Jim... Stansel. You know Jim? He's that guy. Uh-huh. So I'll talk to you later. Okay? Okay. Okay. Okay. Later, then.
16 Nov 2011
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8 YouTubers compete for dance glory and $50,000! Vote Now! ******* Watch all Final Performances: ******* Subscribe to DanceOn: ******* It's the final countdown! The 6 finalists of Dance Showdown Season 3 step up their game for their FINAL dance routine to the theme of 'Cities of America'. Lindsey Stirling and Anze Skrube own the stage with their haute final performance on Dance Showdown! But will the judges think their dance down the runway is tres chic, or give it a pass? Watch to see Laurieann Gibson (Celebrity Choreographer), Joey Fatone (*NSYNC), and YouTube comedian, Kassem G's reaction! We've heard the judges, now we want to hear from you! Leave a comment below with your thoughts on the performance! On Dance Showdown, 8 YouTube stars pair up with professional dancers to compete for your vote, and the vote of 3 celebrity judges, for a grand prize of $50,000. Come back every Monday for new episodes and VOTE for your favorite couple every week at *******www.danceon**** Follow us on social! Twitter: *******www.twitter****/danceonnetwork Use DanceOnNetwork #DanceShowdown and we'll RT you! Facebook: *******www.facebook****/danceonnetwork Instagram: *******www.instagram****/danceonnetwork Blog: *******www.danceon.tumblr**** Pinterest: *******www.pinterest****/danceonnetwork Google Plus: ***********/+DanceOnNetwork Vine: DanceOn Join the DanceOn Network: ******* Featuring: Dominic 'D-trix' Sandoval ***********/thedominicshow Host Commentator: Prank vs. Prank Judges: Joey Fatone Laurieann Gibson Kassem G Contestants: Egoraptor GlamLifeGuru Lindsey Stirling Macbby11 Meghan Camarena MysteryGuitarMan Sam Pepper & Lancifer Steve Kardynal Professional Dancers/Co-Choreographers: Anisha Gibbs Maxine Hupy Anthony Lee David Moore Brinn Nicole Emily Sasson Anze Skrube Matt Steffanina Performance song 'Got The Style' provided by APM Music www.apmmusic**** Music Provided by APM Music Supervising Choreographer: Ambrose Respicio Assistant Choreographer: Genise Ruidiaz Executive Producer: Amanda Taylor Executive Producer, Dance Showdown: David Pinsky VP, Production and Operations: Kate Moon EVP, DanceOn Network & Business Affairs: Stephanie Cohen Executive Producer: Dominic "D-trix" Sandoval Music Supervisor: Jason Cienkus Special Thanks: Allen Debevoise, Adam Lilling, Tanya Bershadsky, Byron Gamarro, and Coca-Cola For Collins Avenue Executive Producers: Jeff Collins, Michael Hammond, Mike Aho Co-Executive Producer: John Bradley Co-Executive Producer: Astral Finnie Director: Sheldon Candis Supervising Producers: Lindsay Schwartz, Kamico Drakes Associate Producer: Andrew Tapia Field Producer: Sean Penberthy Production Manager: Demetrius Anderson Production Coordinator: Desiree Stone First Assistant Director: Jimmy Chriss Camera Department A-Camera Operator: Kevin Walters B-Camera Operator: Edward Wright C-Camera Operator: Darren Hao, Per Larson, Ian Wilhelm Asst ENG Operator: Gordon Brown A/C Media Manager: Alex Brunelle, Sarah Keally AC: Ian Wilheim ENG AC: Jeff Gabert Jr Operator: Michael Solomon Jib Operator: Scott Acosta EIC/Video: Bob Tubb Video Engineer: David Paugar Still Photographer: Christopher Suttle Electric Department Lighting Director: Earl Woody Gaffer: Ryan Tanker Automated Lighting Programmer: Steve Hagerman Electrics: Eddie Gonzalez, Jesse Silvestri, Richard Galvan, Anthony Palmer Art Department Production Designer: Mercedes Younger Art Directors: Chris Groffman, Darrin Littleford Carpenters: John "Boy" Rodriguez, Matthew Roha Art PA's: Mike Thomas, Matt Gardner, Chris McKee Post Production Post Coordinator: George Yohanna Assistant Editors: Armin Frayjo, Erin Salinas, David Johnson, Joe Carreras Post PA: Malia Jurick Video/Sound/Script Department Sound Mixer / ENG Mixer: John Anderson Sound Mixer / A2: John Boney Audio Supervisor / A1:Oscar R Cordova A2: Bryan Diaz Makeup/Wardrobe Make Up / Hair: Diana Kazandjian, Daisy Dennis, Krysta Hannon, Teresa Buffington Wardrobe: Melanie Leftick MISC PA's: Loranzso Holmes, John McGill. William Lamar, Danny Hammond, Izzy Cowell Medic: Randi Davis Craft Service: Mark Iverson For DanceOn: Kristin Campbell-Taylor Peter Lin Tiffany Lum Jenny Neymark Sunny Peabody Allyssa Smith Brian Thompson Martha Tian Lauren Tiomico Maggie Valiunas Lace Varn
28 Apr 2014
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