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Photographers are very particular about their equipment and the merits of each individual make and model. We put a Nikon D800 up against a Canon 5D Mk III to see what were the differences and advantages.
28 Apr 2012
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Google joins the cloud storage game, the Samsung Android devices that will update to Ice Cream Sandwich, and a tour through Trey Ratcliff's photo album!
26 Apr 2012
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Come hang with some of Austin's best photogs as they case out the Capitol for great photos. And later that night some of these same members of the Austin Photography Meetup group joined Trey Ratcliff and Lotus Carroll for a photowalk at the 37th Street Christmas lights area.
12 Dec 2011
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A dozen or so Austin photographers in the Austin Photography Meetup group did a photowalk around and inside the Texas State Capitol on Saturday, December 10, 2011 just before the Google+ Austin Photowalk with Trey Ratcliff and Lotus Carroll later that evening. Many of the same photogs attended both events.
12 Dec 2011
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This is part deux of the Austin photo walk, don't miss part 1 with Trey Ratcliff showing how he sets up an high def, saturated color photo shot. See his viewfinder! Meet Lotus Carroll, co-organizer and major presence on Google+ About 100+ Google+ photography Circlers met right in the middle of the famous 37th Street Christmas Display on Saturday evening, December 10, 2011. All levels were welcome - beginners and beyond... they brought their kids, family, and this sort of thing... it was a very friendly event where socializing was on a par with techness. You can find more videos like this one by search for "springnet" everywhere video is served (iTunes, youtube,, and on your set top box like Roku, Boxee, or TiVo)
12 Dec 2011
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Peppers designed to be perfect as poppers, Microsoft brings OneNote to the iPhone, 100 photo filters from Trey Ratcliff, Nintendo tells us when we can start playing their new #DS system, and wall sockets are growing USB ports!
20 Jan 2011
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CES 2010 coverage continues with even MORE moxie gadget news from this past week's CES. Wow, what a week this has been, a dream come true. I shot this episode in's studio while also livestreaming about the end of CES with Cali Lewis. Neal and Cali are dear friends of mine who produce and host the most watched tech podcast in the world. In episode 120, I talked about the 4 major moxie announcements from CES 2010 and in this episode, we show you even more tech goodness. For you car lovers, we have the coolest news in the world and I have to give Ford a huge high five. MyFord Touch is going to revolutionize cars for the next few years to come and Ford MyTouch is literally merging the PC, the smart phone, the ultimate media player, GPS and HD Radio in their cars! Looking for a beautiful, easy to carry and mobile HD TV with a beautiful LCD screen? Look no further - Vizio launches their first US mobile TV (Vizio Razor LEDs) -  beautiful specs and a really cool feature that makes these gadgets a MUST HAVE in my opinion. It's the perfect HDTV that you can carry in your pocket or purse! During my other livestream with Cali Lewis this past Wednesday, we talked about Skype's big announcement at CES 2010 and how it has reached the stratosphere in news. Skyping from your own HDTV will bring livestreaming to your living room or anywhere you have an HDTV. We show you how you can Skype from your own HDTV or buy a new HDTV that already has Skype embedded. Last but not least, in non-CES news, Apple has reportedly ordered hundreds of thousands of LED flashes that most experts believe will be used in the next gen iPhones and iPod Touches. We all know one of the iPhone's biggest drawbacks is the inability to take great photos in low light or dark situations, so this should be a good addition to the new iPhone! I want to say THANK YOU again to both Cali Lewis and Neal Campbell for being such gracious hosts to me this week. I had a blast livestreaming with them and I'll be forever grateful for allowing me to tape this episode in their beautiful and very professional studio. We had a blast. As always, you can help support the Moxie Mo Show by using my promo codes with our wonderful sponsors. Both Dollar and Thrifty rental cars will give you a discount any time you rent a car when you use my promo code MOX10 at checkout.   Our beautiful HDR background in this episode is brought to you by Trey Ratcliff from www.stuckincustoms****. He's so gracious to allow me to use his photos - I'm a huge fan of Trey so check out his beautiful HDR photography! Make sure you follow the Moxie Mo on Twitter as well and have a great week!
10 Mar 2010
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This episode is brought to you by Zazzle****. Zazzle has the coolest gifts that YOU can create yourself and they'll make it and ship it to you. They also have holiday greeting cards, wedding invites, baby arrivals, stationary, cups/mugs, t-shirts and everything you can think of to put your own creativity into a product and have them make it and ship it to you. Zazzle is SO fun and such a moxie online on-demand store - use my promo codes (MOXIMOSHOW10, MOXIMOSHOW12) at check-out to save a big discount when you check out. The iPhone 3G and 2G finally has a legit iPhone app in the App Store that allows you to record video! It's not as good (quality) as the 3GS video, but if you've been wanting a video recorder in your current non 3GS iPhone, this is the app you need. So glad the App Store finally approved it - check out my homemade vids I made with this new app. Also, Microsoft's very popular search engine, Bing****, has branched out and created their very own iPhone Bing App. It has voice activated commands for BROWSING the internet, voice commands for interactive maps and several other features (image search, etc) that Google's iPhone App does not have. It's a free download in the App Store. In other tech news, McDonald's announces they will no longer charge for WiFi access in their restaurants so that the "Starbucks coffee crowd" will go to McD's and surf the web while sipping on McCafe's rather than spend more money at Starbucks. Do you think this move will help McD's or will it still just be a fast food restaurant with free WiFi? Last but not least, the coolest, moxiest iPhone/iPod speaker dock - look at this beautiful and fairly inexpensive gadget - it has beautiful sound, moxie design and allows you to horizontally place your iPhone/iPod so you can watch videos while getting awesome sound. Check this out! Thanks for supporting the Moxie Mo Show by subscribing, by following me on Twitter AND by using Zazzle**** to order some very moxie gifts with our promo codes. Happy Holidays my moxies! Also, the beautiful HDR photos in the background of this episode were photographed and made by Trey Ratcliff from stuckincustoms**** - you HAVE to check out his HDR photos - they're truly magical and moxtastic.
21 Dec 2009
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Casio's Exilim cameras shoot high speed video. There are three, ranging from $299 to $999. They're the EX-F1, the EX-FH20 and the EX-FS10. The reason these are so cool is what you can do with them. Take a look at Trey Ratcliff's Stuck in Motion technique. Trey is the guy who shoots the pictures we use as backgrounds. If your dad loves Battlestar Galactica, consider getting him the Battlestar Galactica LED Toaster. There are only 2,000 of them and it has a Cylon on one side with "Frak Off" on the other. It's $63. If you think your father might want some distraction from every day life, or a really good challenge, the Bucky Balls are a great stocking stuffer. I have the Neo Cubes. Oregon Scientific has a wireless talking thermometer that will tell you when the meat's done on the grill. An HD TiVo is a great gift. Having all his TV and web shows together will be a great thing! Brief 662 was brought to you by Angieslist****/geek. Members can use the list to find a physician, a plumber, a painter or just about any other kind of service provider you can imagine. My promo code GEEK will save you 25% when you join the list.
25 Nov 2009
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