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E3 2011 attendees try Star Wars: The Old Republic for themselves and share their thoughts.
14 Jul 2011
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American Debt Enders and strategic partner Tri Star Consulting Group, LLC along with United Credit Education Services provides credit and debt solutions for consumers suffering from the burden on poor credit and to much debt.
14 Feb 2008
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Tri-Star Consulting Group offers Mortgage Acceleration, Personal Debt Elimination and Credit Restoration Programs.
20 Sep 2007
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A spoof on the Tri Star horse.
31 Aug 2006
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Here's the opening to Muppets From Space (1999 Release) 1) Columbia Tri-Star Home Video logo (1993) 2) Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You Logo 3) Stuart Little Trailer 4) Coming Soon To Home Video logo 5) The Nuttiest Nutcracker preview 6) Now Available on Home Video Logo 7) The Muppets Take Manhattan Preview 8) The Muppet Movie preview 9) The Great Muppet Caper preview 10) Muppets From Space Soundtrack Promo 11) Muppetworld**** promo 12) Stay Tuned logo 13) FBI warning 14) Surround Sound Logo (1990s) 15) Format Screen 16) Columbia Pictures Logo (1993-) 17) Jim Henson Pictures logo (customized for the film) DISCLAIMER: I own nothing.
23 Aug 2014
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Recopilación de algunas de las más importantes cabeceras de compañías cinematográficas: - Walt Disney Pictures - Universal - Columbia - Paramount - Studio Ghibli - Filmax - Lauren Films - Hollywood Pictures Home Video - Warner Bros. Pictures - Aurum - Touchtone Pictures - 20th Century Fox - Miramax International - New Line Cinema - Vértigo - Metro Goldwyn Mayer - United Artists - Manga Entertainment - Tri Star Pictures - Araba Films - LucasFilm LTD - THX - Dolby Digital Surround - Carolco - DreamWorks - CBS Fox Video - BBC - Media Asia Group - Gaumont - RKO Radio Picture - Pathè - Aardman - Walt Disney Pictures (versión Pixar) - Pixar Animation Studios
27 Dec 2012
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AÑO 1994. DURACIÓN 99 min. Sugerir trailer/vídeo PAÍS: EE.UU. DIRECTOR: Norman Jewison. GUIÓN: Diane Drake. MÚSICA: Rachel Portman. FOTOGRAFÍA: Sven Nykvist. REPARTO: Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr., Bonnie Hunt, Joaquim de Almeida, Fisher Stevens, Billy Zane, Adam LeFevre, John Benjamin Hickey, Siobhan Fallon. PRODUCTORA: Tri-Star Pictures GÉNERO: Comedia romántica SINOPSIS: Faith Corvatch siempre fue una chica romántica. A los once años, durante una sesión de espiritismo, le fue revelado el nombre del que estaba destinado a ser el amor de su vida: Damon Bradley, alguien de quien ella no había oido hablar nunca. Han pasado los años, Faith es ahora una atractiva mujer, tiene novio, trabajo fijo, un bonito piso... pero no ha olvidado aquel nombre. Diez días antes de que se celebre su conveniente y práctica boda, Faith recibe la llamada de un antiguo compañero de colegio de su novio, que llama desde el aeropuerto para dar excusar su ausencia y dar la enhorabuena a los futuros esposos, antes de coger un avión hacia Italia. El nombre de este viejo amigo es Damon Bradley.
8 Sep 2012
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5 Jul 2010
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The Tri star logo parody.
1 Jan 2010
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This wind turbine is based on the Lenz II design which measures 4 ft tall X 3 ft in diameter. The parts can be purchased at *******www.WindGenKits**** It has a 12 magnet, dual rotor alternater with 9 coils. Each coil is 70 turns. The wing construction is a steel frame made of laser cut ribs with tubular spars and a trailing edge. The ribs fit into notches on the spars and was welded together. The skin is .030" aluminum that has been fastened with rivets. The rotating assembly spins on a fixed shaft. Bearings and wing spokes are bolted to the center tri-star carrier plates. The wings can be quickly removed and swapped. Currently this turbine feeds a small bank of 2 GC-110 wet cell batteries wired in series for a 12V system. AC output is provided by a 1500W inverter.
8 Nov 2009
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THE OLYMPICS WAS NEVER LIKE THIS... IT'S "KILLER" WRESTLING! An amateur movie director, ALFONSE, his crew and beautiful cast are driving to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to shoot a low budget film. They get lost and happen upon a hidden ghost town called "La Sangre de Dios". The town is known for it's spine-tingling legend about an insane Mexican wrestler EL MASCARADO (The Masked Man) who was built by the President of Mexico for the 1984 Olympics. ALFONSE likes the town's gritty appearance and decides it's the perfect location for his film. The crew positions the camera, snaps on the lights and ALFONSE yells "Action!", arousing the famous Luchador. EL MASCARADO begins a horrifying game of his own and one by one the cast and crew are stalked, beaten and maimed in a series of horrifying death matches. Now the few left alive must figure out how to beat the wrestler at his own game.......... or die trying!!!!! STARRING REY MISTERIO, IRWIN KEYES,LEYLA MILANI, ADAM HUSS, JEREMY RADIN, MARGARET SCARBOROUGH & ZACK BENNETT
2 Feb 2009
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