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In anticipation of Legendary's 2020 re-mix of the monster clash to end all monster clashes, here's a clip from the original 1963 version from Tokyo International.
5 May 2017
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*******www.ubuntutribe**** Ubuntu Tribe the movie is inspired in the Basque free software developers community, which actually has a lot of handicaps adapting the language to the fast changes of the new technologies. But the effort of this community has made the Basque language not to be threw away, so far, from the information technologies train. In fact, the develop and use of all kind of applications is proportionally much bigger than the real basque speaking population. The story of the film Ubuntu Tribe happens between Redmond (USA) and the Basque Country. An high position member of a powerful computer science corporation, Billy, fixes its eyes on a young Basque hacker, Izaro, after she discovered diverse serious vulnerabilities of an operating system called Wista. Privative Software. Captivated by the good doing of the virtuous developer, he will try to offer a contract at any price, moving to the old continent. Just arrived, he will begin prowling the young girl, who is totally reticent to enter the club of Redmond because of her convictions in favor of free software. The bussynesman will start bombing her with substantial economic supplies. Without trying it, he will begin to know the social environment where Izaro moves. A humble life, promoting free operating systems in schools and homes of pensioners. The active and practically altruistic militancy of Izaro will captive Billy, who quickly falls in love with her and starts to know how the Basque speakers world of free software moves. The stay of the person in charge of Wista is extended more of the awaited, and in the company of Redmond are worried. Ubuntu Tribe is a semi documentary cyberomantic comedy, to the time that claiming film, rolled under some of the Dogme95 rules. The short movie, still developing, will be distributed online under Creative Commons license. There will be an original version in euskara and two subtitled versions in English and Spanish. Like we have previously said, the project is still in phase of development. And you can be active part of it. If you have an idea to offer your point of view (a short movie or other artistic disciplines) let us know at the page qualified for such effect or sending a message to info(at)ubuntutribe(dot)com. The ideal is that the works turn around the idea of the Ubuntu philosophy. The received works will be distributed under the Creative Commons license specified by the author. *******www.ubuntutribe****
28 Apr 2007
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Original jungle tune "Code Red" by Tribe of Issachar. Video Production by: asciigrfx at rollin**** ASCII Grfx. Ragga Jungle at it's finest. For more Ragga Jungle Videos got to *******rollin****
29 Jul 2007
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9 Aug 2007
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Beyond Bizarre, A tribe in the Island of Samoa actually turns boys and men into women, Their called fafafini they don't consider them gay, they act like females and the fafafini are used to cook and clean just as women do. WTF?!?!?!?
12 Aug 2007
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Unified Tribe hits the streets to see what people think of our music, please check out our website at www.unifiedtribe****
5 Oct 2007
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I made this trailer for my crew in Chicago. Chicago Tribe is one of the nations top dance crews in Chicago. If you don't believe me, enjoy! www.breakdancehollywood****
9 Oct 2007
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This news report is covering the most influential christian harmonic band ever. The Jesus Tribe. Watch as we touch only the very surface of their legacy.
13 Nov 2007
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Did you know that women in this tribe must dress in white till they are married? At around 14! Watch this to find out more!
17 Nov 2007
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Second series of the Chicago Tribe revolution of dance. www.breakdancehollywood****
12 Dec 2007
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eons ago small tribes of 20 or so souls moved out from africa covering the world and in a future world small tribes move over a desolate world looking for sustenance
11 Mar 2008
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230 Bnei Menashe, members of a Lost Tribe of Is... (more) Added: January 18, 2008 230 Bnei Menashe, members of a Lost Tribe of Israel, recently returned home to Zion from India.
10 Feb 2008
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a vid I made. Tribe called quest. Pop culture included. Check out Channel ZERO
13 Feb 2008
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*******www.globalchange**** Clash of cultures, religious tribes, brands create tribes, every corporation is many tribes. Tribal inequality of wealth risks global instability, protest movements and new terrorist groups. Tribes give music, language, poetry, literature, teams, friends, neighbourhood, family, teams, communities and nations. Most businesses are tribes of tribes. Niche markets and tribalism. Tribal leadership – leading thousands of people, motivation, inspired workers, higher productivity, people movements. Clients and customer segmentation. Political tribes, campaigns and protest groups, activists. Conference keynote speaker and Futurist Dr Patrick Dixon
6 Mar 2008
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The Bird Tribes Network Abundance System is both an Ethical Business for Spiritual Entrepreneurs and a Co-operative Game of Planetary Awakening created especially for these times of transformation. You can generate income by promoting good things! You can get started and make money for virtually nothing! Practice the Law of Attraction on a global level for the whole Earth. Exercise you Abundance Manifesting powers for the future of the planet! We have the worlds most beautiful social networking site incorporating sacred geometry artworks and absolutely minimal advertising. We have a free to copy encyclopedic Cd Rom of inspirational and enlightening materials. There has never been a time like this before. There has never been an opportunity like this before. Join us in facilitating a harmonious transition to a sustainable and compassionate society. The BirdTribesNetwork is about Peace, Beauty, Wholeness, Gentleness, Truth, Awareness, Health, Spirit, Angels, Ecology, Sustainability, Leadership, Communication, Sanity, Connection, Non-violence, Multi-culturality, Unity, Science, Philosophy, Love, Happiness, Abundance, and more. To further these goals BirdTribes uses Art, Music, Poetry, Animations, Sacred Geometry, Information, Meditation, Personal Interaction, Ideas, Videos, Websites, Workshops, Software, Screensavers, Advertising, Theatre, Online Forums, Merchandising, and the BirdTribesNetworkAbundanceSystem. We are messengers of Hope. What is required is a new artform that is 'bigger than rock and roll', and draws its juice from something more nourishing than intoxication with synthetic psychoactive chemicals. We propose that this artform should be a multi-cultural audio-visual interactive phenomenon incorporating aspects of sacred geometry and archetypal symbology. It should be web friendly, and - (this is a key factor) it should not be distributed by the normal channels such as TV and printed media, but involve the internet and a network distribution system whereby active promotion of the new artform can be financially rewarded ! It is intended that the BirdTribes contribution to this new artform be available on CDrom, DVD, and broadband internet. It will include music, video, animated screensavers and desktop graphics, that will transform a users experience of their computer from that of an office block for mindless work into that of a temple for soulful worship.
5 Apr 2008
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Starsiege:Tribes Tribute, the best game ever made!
19 Apr 2008
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