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Tree Preservation Inc. - Bel Air Tree Service & Landscape Installations: (310) 853-1805, tree trimming, tree care, tree service, tree removal, tree planting, tree installations, organic fertilization, tree consultations, support systems, landscape installations and design, certified arborist, tree disease dianosis & prevention ARE YOUR TREES COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR PLANTS? LEARN THE DIFFERING WATER NEEDS OF YOUR PLANTS AND TREES. I’m not talking about leaf color, flowering patterns, or other attributes, but about the need for water. One of THE MOST important issues for Southern Californians and their gardens, from a cost and environmental standpoint, is the watering needs of their garden. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen so many trees in Southern California die from too much water, because the irrigation was geared to grow the grass and small plants. Guess what? The plants and grass were located in the root zone of the large mature trees! Large mature trees do not like this! Do you know that in our dry Mediterranean climate I’ve seen more trees die from over-watering than drought stress? Very hard to believe, but we are so well-intentioned to take care of our trees, since lack of water is always the problem, that we over-water to keep our trees healthy! This is not the answer or solution, but the cause of death! Over-watering of mature trees especially, is the kiss of death. Armillaria mellea, better known as “Oak root rot or fungus” loves very moist or overly moist soil conditions to thrive in. In addition, other fungi, such as Phytophthora, is a lover of wet conditions, and will decimate trees as well! In general, grass and small plants (non-natives) need frequent and small amounts of irrigation on a regular basis. Mature trees on the other hand, need deep and infrequent watering. When both are in the same root zone as one another, one will thrive and the other will not. Either the small plants and thirsty grass get what they need while the tree roots get too much water, or the trees get what they need, but the plants and/or grass die due to drought stress. Unfortunately, I don’t often see Arborists, gardeners, designers, or Landscape Architects address this issue. Some ideas for solving this problem are as follows: 1.Research the watering needs of your small plants and grass with that of mature trees. Make sure that incompatible vegetation are not adjacent to one another. 2.Separate (if possible) the layout of the land, with drought-tolerant species in one area with one irrigation methodology, contrasted with grass/small plants of differing watering needs in another. 3.Create uniformity in plant and tree material, i.e. go with the “SAME THEME” OF VEGETATION. A desert or native theme is okay for plants WITH trees of all sizes, contrasted to mixing natives with tropicals, desert plants with humidity loving plants (these examples are extreme, but I’ve seen it often)! 4.If you can’t change the theme of plants that are with trees and visa versa, consider modifying your irrigation system, whereby you convert the above ground sprinkler heads to a drip system, or soaker hose, or newer “micro” sprays, etc. Did you know that sprinkler heads should NEVER contact the bark of trees? This just accelerates decay from fungi causing organisms. Consistency is the key. Know your plants and trees, and they will thank-you in their own way for good and proper care! David Sims President & Certified Arborist Tree Preservation Inc., a full-service tree care company based in Southern California
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22 Feb 2018
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In this video, you will find the useful information about the best tree care services. If you are looking for the emergency tree care services such as tree trimming, tree removal, and more, then contact the Rancho Cucamonga Tree Care.
16 Mar 2018
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8 Mar 2018
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If you are in need of tree removal, stump grinding, or any seasonal firewood, Redfern Tree Service is the tree-care company that can take care of the job for you. Our customers say that we are the best company around, and we agree! They can attest to the quality and customer service of the tree-care services that we provide. Our services include: Tree Removal Pruning & Trimming Stump Removal Emergency Tree Service Tree Preservation Storm Damage Crane Rental Mulch Supply Fertilizing Commercial Land Clearing Tree Planting Firewood Redfern Tree Service is a fully licensed and insured tree care company with an honest and professional reputation, that has been in business for over 30 years. We specialize in both residential and commercial tree services. We also guarantee your complete satisfaction and will gladly provide references. As a true Arborist, Azur Osmanbasic, the company owner, is a proven tree professional. He has a passion for trees and is very hands-on in running the business. The owner, not a salesperson, actually speaks to you about the service you need. They have the experience and equipment to do any size job - even the large and most difficult ones. For any questions or tree care services, call us for a free-onsite estimate at 770-518-0633.
19 Feb 2018
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Millwork is any kind of woodwork item made in a mill. Examples of millwork include base trim, interior doors, window casing, wood paneling, crown moldings, chair rails, or any other decorative components. These are originally cut from raw lumber in a mill and then installed with minimum chance of alteration. However, these do not encompass flooring, ceiling or other related categories. A millwork item is a custom-made woodwork piece such as shelves, storage piece, elevator surroundings, etc. In order to fall under the category of millwork, it must be customized for a particular space only or else it would be a part of the furniture. 11670 Fountains Drive, Suite 200, Maple Grove, Minnesota, 55369, United States : +1 (763) 270-8285
27 Feb 2018
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Covington Tree Removal - From tree removal to pruning and trimming, Acadian Tree Service handles it all! Call our tree care experts at - (985) 285-9827.
5 Mar 2018
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Watch how easy it is to trim a neckline
10 Dec 2006
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Learn how to Repair Trim, Crome and Diecast metal
3 Nov 2007
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Learn how to Repair Trim, Crome and Diecast metal repair
3 Nov 2007
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normal trimming
11 Jun 2008
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How to trim that door thats hitting the floor. Distributed by Tubemogul.
2 Jul 2008
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While the exterior of the car continues to be perfected, the color and trim design interns are working to create an interior that not only fits the car’s style, but is also eco-friendly and reflective of the emerging market’s culture.
31 Jul 2008
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