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Drained from the Head Sprain (Promotional Video Short): this song features laid back trip hop with a unique dual drum break section. Ontologics debut independent full length record, “Something to Needle Over” showcases the Progressive Power Duo's (PPD) ability to fuse Trance-Fusion, Trip Hop, and Post/Prog Rock with psychedelic prose and melody. (Coming Summer 2013) The album includes various styles and a unique approach to songwriting and performance that Ontologics has been culling behind the scenes. The album features three instrumental tracks as well, branching into elements of jam-tronica. Overall, the record captures trance-fusion, trip hop, and post-prog rock movements that expand the sonic space of a dying art scene. “Something to needle over” was crafted from over a year of writing, rehearsing, and improvisational jamming.
17 Mar 2013
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This music video features footage from the G8 protest in Gleneagles, Scotland, the crumbling World Trade Center in New York, Aztecs dancing at Plaza Mayor in Mexico City, child labour and beggars in Varanasi and Delhi, India, a sculpture at the William Ricket Sanctuary in the Dandenongs, Australia, and a soldier in Srinagar, Kashmir. These visual references to poverty, greed, Abu Ghraib, terrorism, and oppression are not so much a political statement but rather a symbolic reference to the age-old struggle against power and control but also their impermanence, whether we are the oppressor or the resistor, Aztec or American, our civilizations will crumble, but for as long as we live we share these human spaces and we might as well make them pleasant and healthy. (Thomas Reissmann) Drawing from Dub, Triphop and Broken Beats genres, MISO deliver a unique and captivating live experience. Characteristic of their sound is the contrast between jazz and classical instrumentation with electronic beats. This rare blend is complimented by seductive yet abstract female vocals. MISO's core members stem from varied fields within the creative arts industry. Producer Thomas (Soup) Campbell has acquired two diplomas of contemporary music and a Degree in Sound Technology. Violoncellist and lawyer Benjamin (Benshaman) Skepper is classically trained also in piano and harpsichord. He has toured nationally and internationally as a guest soloist with full orchestra at the age 10. Benjamin has collaborated with many prominent artists including Curse ov Dialect, Uberlingua, Sunwrae ensemble and Dj Gsan/Thief (Syncopated Zen/Ninja Tunes). Double Bassist Martin Hadley commenced his musical adventures in a punk band. He has a diploma of contemporary music through Victoria University. Vocalist Supina Bytol has gained a broad knowledge of performance art through her work with Perth outfits Spin-FX and Bizurcus. She holds a Certificate IV in Visual Arts.
25 Mar 2007
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Card_Cut_Trip_Hop..... *******
14 Feb 2008
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The Cinematic Series - Hip Hop / Orchestral Song with Featured Artwork.... Song Title: Simple Reasoning.... Music Production: "contain sample".... Music Featured by: spectrum.... Art Featured by: Yani.... "pictures are properties of their respective artists & companies"....
19 Jul 2009
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The Cinematic Series - Hip Hop Song with Featured Artwork.... Song Title: OFF.... Music Production: "contains sample".... Music Featured by: spectrum.... Art Featured by: Yani.... "pictures are properties of their respective artists & companies"....
13 Sep 2009
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The Cinematic Series - Jazz / Hip Song Song with Featured Artwork.... Song Title: Looking to Fate.... Music Production: "contains sample".... Music Featured by: spectrum.... Art Featured by: Yani.... "pictures are properties of their respective artists & companies".... www.sidetrackrecords****
3 Mar 2009
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The Cinematic Series - RnB Song with Featured Artwork.... Song Title: Flack.... Music Production: "contains sample".... Music Featured by: spectrum.... Art Featured by: Yani.... "pictures are properties of their respective artists & companies".... www.sidetrackrecords****
2 Jul 2009
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---------------------->ATTENTION<-------------------- ---------------------->ATTENTION<-------------------- The Facebook Application, i don´t know wy, reset all of my "Likes", since i posted this video. so if you are one of the people that put a "Like" be kind and Put It Again Please, Thank you very much ------------------------------------------------------ Dj Set Sample Of Indie - Alternative - Rock - Lounge You Can Visit my Page For The Other Videos www.wix****/after_eleven/afterelevendjset If You "Like" It www.facebook****/afterelevendjset Thank you Very Much Hope You Enjoy It Show some appreciation it’s FREE! :)
24 May 2012
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Jean Christophe Le Saout , est un auteur, compositeur, producteur de musique, et manager français de musique connu sous le nom de Wax Tailor. hip hop orchestral,trip hop, down tempo,
12 Oct 2012
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Scottish DJ / Producer. MTV: ******* Amazon: ******* Beatport: ******* Google Play: ******* iTunes: ******* News: ******* Twitter: ******* Facebook: ******* YouTube: ******* Nu Disco Music DOG PILOT - Mile High Trip Hop - Electronica
3 Apr 2013
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Missred new LP. Coming soon...
31 Jul 2008
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Tremix au Festival d' Amplaing - Amplaing dans ta Face 2008 Retrouvez Tremix sur Consolament : www*** et sur unblog : ******* Video réalisée par Displugged (www.displugged****) Tremix un artiste Consolament (www***
30 Jul 2008
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Get full length Empire G songs on iTunes.
20 Jan 2009
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Beautifull chilling Track from Germany.
24 Jul 2009
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Hear it - See It! It will all make more sense! Check out more music www.myspace****/imnozoshcardo
22 Sep 2009
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11 Dec 2009
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