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A very rare and specialized game, Ogre Battle was awesome if you were willing to put the time in it. Its strategy RPG where you send units of warriors across a battlefield like chesspieces to capture towns and the eventual enemy headquarters. Its a game where how you win is just important as winning itself, unlike many RPGs where leveling up is the most important thing. Map movement is in real time and combat is performed as rpg style turned based battles where the moves are predetermined upon character class. This game rewards you greatly if you're willing to put in the work but its not for everyone. It is for me, though!EDIT: Holy shit! They actually put this game on the Virtual Console, basically allowing you to leave and come back during the middle of a battle! Do you know how awesome that is? Its freaking awesome! Go spend the 8 bucks on this game now. Maybe if there is enough of a response Square Enix will see that there is still interest in this franchise and make more Ogre Battle games! Its happening with Sin and Punishment and I know some of the staff who made this game have to be around there somewhere.
22 Mar 2010
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