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Click to Facebook! ******* Click to tweet! ******* The streets been infested with trolls all week. We weren't able to get out and shoot anything, sorry guys. We'll get this cleaned up for next week. This is how we deal with trollin' round these parts. Special thanks to Ray William Johnson for teaching us how to deal with trolls. *******youtube****/raywilliamjohnson --- Website! *******facerocker**** Twitter! *******twitter****/fwong *******twitter****/brandonjla Facebook! *******facebook****/freddiewspage
9 Nov 2012
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Found this IP camera a while back and after playing around with it for a while realized it had 2-way audio. Trollmode engaged! After a while i was starting to feel sorry for him so i played some Rick Astley thinking he would understand someone was trolling him, unfortunately this only seemed to make him even more paranoid and thinking it was his family that was screwing with him. Poor guy.
20 Nov 2012
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No, no - different kind of trolls.
13 Sep 2013
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İlginç canlılar: Troll kafalı böcek ve pinokyo burunlu timsah Didem Ürer A9 Tv ... ********twitter****/Didem_Urer *******didemurer.blogspot****/ *******www.didemurer****/
2 Jan 2014
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Hey Guys! Its Gaming Mayhem Here! This is my first video and its about the famous game called! Im trolling botters and giving a taste of their own medicine! Enjoy!
4 Oct 2016
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*******www.tacticalangling****/ - Green Bay Wisconsin Musky Trolling in Fall. Multiple Musky day, as were Chasing GIANT Muskies in TitleTown, Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe! - *******
3 Nov 2016
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TROLLS Melted Plastic Craft 3Doodler Start - 3D Pen DIY Toys
1 Jan 2017
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A husband can not down ground because his wife troll. He is very poor.
18 Mar 2017
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This is a diorama I made to play on, for the GREAT RPG game Tunnels and Trolls, SpineCutter is my band that did the music on this..
26 Mar 2017
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TROLL FACE QUEST TV SHOWS - Como ganar sin entender | 2017 | random Hola me llamo conejo y hoy les traigo el juego troll face quest tv show y le voy mostrar como ganar sin entender nada de nada porque si pasan este juegos entendiendo lo que pasa es que piensan igual que los creadores de este juego jajaja Comenta que te pareció Dale a like si te gusto Suscribete (No temas es GRATIS !!) si no quieres perderte ningún vídeo. Subo vídeos todos los dias. Gracias por ver
5 Jun 2017
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This teacher here is savage. He bans bottle flip from his class after being fed up with it and secretly masters it to troll the students on the last day.
7 Jul 2017
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This is one hell of a way to troll teachers. She finds a drawn cat on board and gets a surprise when she rubs it off. Hilarious!
25 Jul 2017
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