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Update: Colin is Tropical Storm Colin again, and it has sustained winds of 60 mph. I'm not going to do another video today since I did one earlier, but if you've watched any of my videos these past few days, you'll know that I think that Colin is going to become a hurricane. I still believe this, and I am giving it a 70% of becoming a hurricane within the next 12 to 36 hours. Tropical Storm Colin is still going to curve northward and head straight toward Bermuda. If you live in Bermuda, you need to watch this system very closely. I will definitely keep you updated, and be sure to watch the tropical update video that I made earlier today. We're still watching Colin, and I'm still expecting some rapid intensification with it. It doesn't look like it is going to affect the US at this point. We are also watching other areas in the Atlantic and a possible area that may form in the Gulf. Go to firsthandweather**** for your latest updates.
6 Aug 2010
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10 Aug 2010
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18 Aug 2010
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*******www.pierrecarr**** With its fantastic climate and numerous idyllic backdrops, the Caribbean offers an exceptional setting for your dream wedding. A wedding in Jamaica or the Caribbean islands is simply like no other. Whether you are after an elegant hotel resort, a luxury private villa or a beautiful beach to set the mood for your island wedding, the Caribbean presents an abundance of exquisite locations for you to choose from. With Pierre Carr as your Caribbean wedding planner you will feel confident and at ease as we guide you through every aspect of your wedding. We’ll take away the stress that planning a destination wedding can create so that you can fully enjoy the romantic tropical wedding you have always dreamed of. 'With Pierre Carr, Exclusive Tropical Weddings you will have the luxury tropical wedding you've always dreamed of.' Pierre Carr Exclusive Tropical Weddings was born out of a desire to meet the demands of today’s modern, stylish bride and groom, wishing to have the wedding of their dreams on a Caribbean island away from home. With happy child hood memories of golden beaches, breathtaking waterfalls and all year round sunshine, the Caribbean was the only choice for founder Michelle Pierre-Carr to have her own stylish wedding and key in her decision to create a company that would bridge the gap for couples wishing to do the same. With specialist knowledge of Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril Pierre Carr, Exclusive Tropical Weddings is a luxury Caribbean wedding design and coordination company which thrives on creating tailor made weddings in Jamaica & the Caribbean for couples looking for much more than a package on their wedding day. The Personal Touch Getting married can be stressful and overwhelming. Getting married abroad for couples that live off the island is often ten times worse. With our face-to-face consultations and personal touch you will breathe a sigh of relief that you can rely on someone who knows the Caribbean. More importantly you will have peace of mind not guaranteed with relying on the internet, staying up late for phone calls or dealing direct with venue coordinators abroad. Caribbean Weddings are our specialty Pierre Carr, Exclusive Tropical Weddings specializes in just that – weddings and associated celebrations in the Caribbean. Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life and therefore the most important event to us. From start to finish we are there with you every step of the way. Specialist knowledge As Caribbean wedding planners our unique selling point is our inside knowledge of the Caribbean, culture and people. By constantly visiting venues and keeping up to date with trends, no stone will be left unturned to ensure your wedding is the best it can be. No Packages Every couple is different! By creating a range of services that reflect your individuality and working closely with you to understand your needs, you can enjoy a unique celebration that isn’t always achieved by packages. No conveyor belts You shouldn’t have to share your wedding day with anyone else. Your wedding date should be your wedding. Therefore we only work with companies that have one wedding per day – yours. Only the best will do With our decision to only work with the best, we only ever recommend those talented individuals and companies that will provide you with the best goods and services for your celebration. Pierre Carr, Exclusive Tropical Weddings handles every aspect of your wedding taking the stress out of the whole process leaving you to enjoy your engagement and the build up to your big day. Because you are unique with your own individual style and tastes we offer a completely tailor made full planning and design service. For those brides who just want help with specific parts of their wedding planning our individual services are an opportunity to still receive our expert help. Venue Search With your wedding aspirations dependent on getting the venue right, this is the ideal service, for couples that require a start in finding their perfect Caribbean wedding venue. Seek & Find Inspections Deciding on a wedding venue shouldn’t be left to chance. This two-day service enables you to inspect a choice of 3 venues on the island of your choice before making a final decision. Wedding Dress & Accessory Assistance Choosing your wedding dress for a tropical climate can be a challenge. This one-day personal service, accompanies you on carefully tailor made bridal appointments offering advice and assistance on this exciting day out. Celebrations & Excursions For most couples the wedding day is only part of the celebrations. This service organizes wedding rehearsal dinners, excursions and welcome parties enabling your guests to feel just as special in the lead up to or after your special day. Video Syndication by *******www.NetBiz****
31 Aug 2010
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Get beautiful plants online at *******www.nationaltropicals****.au/ . See attractive tropical plants nursery online.
8 Sep 2010
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See beautiful and colorful plant nursery of tropical plants online at *******www.nationaltropicals****.au/
15 Sep 2010
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Performance,Diana Manni, Tropical Visions
27 Oct 2010
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** –Raw Food Educator Ellen Livingston, P2/2:Tropical Raw Sandwich. Episode: 1478, Air Date: 1 October 2010.
27 Nov 2010
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*******www.howtogrowplumeriafrangipani**** Are UK Plumeria Tropical Gardens Replacing the Classical English Garden in Popularity? The classical English garden has traditionally been the hallmark of the stately manors throughout the UK for centuries. With their well-manicured lawns and gardens of traditional plants and flowers these gardens have always caught the eyes of gardeners and visitors alike. These gardens seemed well suited and irreplaceable in the minds and hearts of gardeners throughout the UK. Well-trimmed shrubs that outlined the English garden much like the walls of a castle protecting its inhabitants, the hedgerows protected the beautiful contents growing within its interior such as the classical English roses and other traditional annuals and perennials. Many of these classical English gardens provided large greenhouses stationed nearby to be the workstations that provide the planting preparation, plant care throughout the season, and end of the season winter storage space for these famous favorite selected plants that reward the eyes of the visitor throughout the growing season. Many of the sub-tropical and tropical plants such as plumerias were dismissed from gardener's plans because conventional wisdom believed it was impossible to grow these beautiful exotic plants and their companion plants outside their native habitat, and thus were not suitable for the temperate climate found throughout the UK. Modern thinking has changed this long held view. Following a well-defined and outlined growing method that has proven successful results in other temperate growing zones in the world, UK gardeners are joining the growing number of worldwide exotic plant lovers in creating their own little tropical garden of paradise right where they live beginning with the ever-popular plumeria – frangipani plants. *******www.howtogrowplumeriafrangipani****
17 Dec 2010
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17 Jan 2011
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How tos and tutorials on your Tropical Fish!
6 Mar 2011
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www.visionbedding**** - Tropical rugs will liven up any room & give you that beach feeling even when you are at home. VisionBedding has a huge selection of images for your tropical rugs or create the perfect rug with a photo one of your beach trips.
16 Mar 2011
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*******www.howtogrowplumeriafrangipani**** Tropical Plants and Plumeria Care in Temperate Climates. When it comes to growing tropical plants, including plumerias, some gardeners will tell you that these plants cannot be grown in temperate climates. Recently, I have been asked how tropical plants and plumerias can be grown in less than ideal conditions meaning outside their native subtropical and tropical climates. Tropical plant lovers can let their imagination run wild in creating tropical gardens of their own with all the new plants and information that is available to them these days. No longer do they have to listen to all the naysayers telling them it can't be done. Gardeners can create a tropical garden with banana plants, heliconias, plumerias, and other beautiful exotic tropical plants. Many of these tropical plants have been developed and hybridized for this very reason. For example, if a gardener wants to include banana plants in the garden design, instead of growing banana plants that grow twelve feet or more, like Musa 'Monthan', growing dwarf fruiting banana plants is the available and correct choice. When traveling to tropical destinations vacationers encounter heliconias growing in the wild. Many heliconias grow so tall that they would not be considered suitable for container growing. But there are also many smaller heliconias available that can be grown successfully in pots outside during the summer months and inside during the colder months of the year. Plumeria plants are another group of tropical plants thought to be impossible to grow in temperate climates. By providing the correct plumeria care these plants can be grown as far north as Alaska. If you have fallen in love with tropical plants and want to create your exotic tropical garden oasis in the temperate zone where you reside, go ahead and give it a go. New discoveries and gardening methods have opened the door for new possibilities to grow the garden closest to your heart's desire. *******www.howtogrowplumeriafrangipani****
26 Mar 2011
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*******www.kasundance**** As we live in Costa Rica for over a year now, we have made connection with all sorts of wild animals. Starting from the insects that are every where, reptiles up to all sorts of mammals. But I bet you will never gues what the mot dangerous animal really is - at least in our experience as we have made contact with it and suffered in such an intenses way that yoi wouldn't believe it. You wonder what the most dangerous animal of the tropics looks like?? Well, please watch this video, buckle up and learn.... Love ka
2 May 2011
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24 May 2011
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9 Jun 2011
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