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Fidget spinner TORNADO scary story about bad babies
21 Nov 2017
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With the modern technology impossible and imaginations are becoming true. Presenting the future, a dress that changes color.
28 Oct 2017
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This dog’s wish was so strong it became true. Not only that, what he asked for started raining like cats and dogs.
6 Nov 2017
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Isn't it true that we are losing privacy in life nowadays? Someone or the other is peeping onto us from somewhere or the other. All we are looking for is privacy.
17 Nov 2017
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We are familiar with the painting of dogs playing cards. Don’t know how much true that was but this dog is a champ at billiards, see for yourself.
24 Oct 2017
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A new study shows that four factors can help increase a person's lifespan. By exercising regularly, not smoking, not over-drinking alcoholic beverages, and eating enough fruits and veggies, a person can increase their lifespan by up to fourteen years, the study shows. This holds true no matter what the person's socio-economic status, and the person's body mass index (BMI). Even people who are overweight or obese can increase their lifetime by adhering to these guidelines. To learn more about HGH injections please look us up on Google at "The Conscious Evolution Institute of Hormone Replacement Therapy" and visit our website at www dot HGH dot TV.
25 Oct 2017
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Deep, rich and deliciously relatable, the new single, ‘Little By Little’ brings a fresh modern twist to country, weaving country-characteristics around a soulful sound-bed of beats and melodies. An original co-penning written in Nashville by Lucy-May, Karl Rybacki and Leslie Powell , ‘Little by Little’ plucks at Lucy-May’s country roots, as her distinctive vocals slip and skip their way through a sound bed of catchy riffs and loops. Produced by Greg Fitzgerald, the track depicts a tale of reluctant love. The lyrics of ‘Little By Little’ give a melodic description of how the course of true love can’t be blocked, bit-by-bit, cupid’s arrow will eventually cause us to succumb to true love.
31 Oct 2017
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Enter a world of fantasy unlike any other. Nathaniel Wake unveils the dragon realm--and it is up to you to bring its images to life. With all the mystical lore and stunning imagery, you too can explore the world of dragons up close and personal. From the murky depths of the sea to mountains and above, an array of unique designs show these fantastic creatures of lore in their natural habitats. Now with 35 hand-drawn, carefully crafted images, the world of dragons is yours to explore. Bring to life the majesty, the strength, and the wonder with this latest installment by Nathaniel Wake in his adult coloring book line. A true force of nature, these dragons are guaranteed to delight, entertain, and inspire. Take flight into the world of dragons and experience the lore first-hand!
1 Nov 2017
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Dubai has been a dream come true for shopaholics for many years now and still continues to be a home to many worldwide brands. Dubai has it all; from Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci to Nine west, New Look, Hollister and Aeropostale. This means that if you are a freak for anything be it fashion and makeup or technology and gadgets, Dubai is the place for you to be at. With so much to offer in such a small city, Dubai has done a good job at keeping shoppers satisfied with classic brands and much more. Shopping is one of the many must things to do in Dubai.
7 Nov 2017
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Your reaction to someone who stops you from Smoking...when you finally have a cigarette after a bad day at office..! Yes, very true, it is injurious to health and life as well . #hayat #movie #smoking #socialawareness #teenagers #youth #office SUBSCRIBE for the best new upcoming videos, movies and scenes, all in ONE channel . Sign up for Free and get daily updates on New Videos, exclusive Shoots, contests & much more
22 Nov 2017
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Another addition of true life
9 Oct 2006
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Franca grew up in war torn Italy during WWII. Her "Anne Frank" type life is told through her eyes as author Diane Kinman captures her memories of family, loss and history. This is a true story of courage and survival.
12 Oct 2006
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