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This is newly developed VRX-1 1/8 Scale Truggy running a powerful .26 two stroke Nitro Engine, 3 Central Gears System, 4WD System and over sized tires. It was sent to me for testing. It performed awesome on the track. It was way too powerful for that small track. To me it is a very good truggy that rips the terrain with its power and performance. This one is still under testing and will be available for sale soon. Check <*******www.metacafe****/channels/alishanmao>, <*******www.rctoyhouse****>, *******www.hobby-estore**** , and <***********/alishanmao>, <*******www.metacafe****/channels/redcat+racing>, and <*******www.redcatracing****> . Cheers
11 Apr 2009
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This is a new 1/8 Scale 2 speed truggy test video. This one is running on .18 Engine n using oversized tires. It’s one sweet performer off road and on road. Check it out. Comments feedback welcome at alishanmaogmail**** <mailto:alishanmaogmail****>. Don't forget to check <*******www.redcatracing****>, <*******www.metacafe****/channels/alishanmao>, <*******www.metacafe****/redcat+racing> and <***********/alishanmao>. Cheers
22 Apr 2009
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*******www.z01b**** The O’Donnell Z01-B took 1/8 scale nitro buggy design to new heights — and the racing world by storm! Now, Steve O’Donnell has put all of the same features and firepower into the Z01-T truggy. New, upgraded features include true big-bore oil shocks, hard-anodized, machined aluminum hub extensions, wider suspension arms and more!
14 May 2009
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This is newly developed VRX-1 1/8 Scale Truggy running a powerful .26 two stroke Nitro Engine, 3 Central Gears System, 4WD System, 4 Disc Brake System and over sized tires. I posted the dirt track video earlier, now check it out on road, real fast n powerful performance that will make you love this rc truggy. Comments feedback welcome at alishanmaogmail**** <mailto:alishanmaogmail****>. Don't forget to check <*******www.redcatracing****>, <*******www.rctoyhouse****> , <*******www.hobby-estore****> , <*******www.metacafe****/channels/alishanmao>, <*******www.metacafe****/redcat+racing> and <***********/alishanmao>. Cheers
16 May 2009
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I know you can do a lot with your RC Cars, Jumping, bashing, stunts. But can you do this? This is RedCat Racings new 1/8 Scale Truggy that we are going to reveal soon. And not only this is one highly durable, rough n tough truggy but it stands far more beating than other cars could that I own so far. I drive this one so reckless, never care bout engine temp, never give engine rest when I am running this one, always fill the tanks without stopping engine n start bashing again. This one is one real cat.
16 Jun 2009
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me driving my e-firestorm at the local track
13 Apr 2008
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Lipo qui crame
20 Nov 2011
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Few of the antics Caught from 22.02.12 - Wdrccc Taylor Way, Ince - Many thanks to everyone who was there for the fun and games!
13 Feb 2012
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buggy.truck,truggy lovers and nitro !!!!u will luv the montage !!!111
25 Jan 2009
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ACME gave me this new Prototype 1/10 Scale RC Electric Brushless truggy running on powerful brushless motor, and 11.1v 1800mAh Lipoly battery a few weeks ago for testing. I have tested this one on road, and off road both, I tested it on jumps, bashing, speed, power, performance, durability, beating, and what ever you can imagine and this little thing just kept on surprising me with everything. It never broke, never stopped until unless battery ran out of power. I then gave the ACME green signal to start producing it for sales. Check it out here. This is one of my fav buggies now. Comments feedback welcome at alishanmaogmail**** <mailto:alishanmaogmail****>. Don't forget to check <*******www.redcatracing****>, <*******www.rctoyhouse****> , *******www.hobby-estore**** , <*******www.metacafe****/channels/alishanmao>, <*******www.metacafe****/redcat+racing> and <***********/alishanmao>. Cheers
13 May 2009
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The race track was in full swing again this weekend and we were joined by Dan who hasn't been in a while he had his new vorza flux pimped out with a mamba max brushless system. Dave had another new car the Traxxas slash. Steve came with his blitz and was thrashing it round on 2s lipo. Richards Hyper 7 was filmed doing a back flip. Pete was determined to bash his hyper to the max. Aidan's Maverick SC let him down this week as he had problems with his speed controller. Adam and his dad were there also with there Tomahawk ST and NB16. We also had a new member to the team Bob and his family were there with a CEN 1/10 truggy. It was yet again a crazy fun packed stunt weekend. Enjoy the Video!
20 Jun 2011
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*******www.xnitrorc****** - We were all back at the track again this week bashing it to the max as always. Dave put his trophy 4.6 engine in his trophy 3.5 and that thing flew. He drove it so hard he blew his engine up. Crank shaft on order, he also blew up his electric speed controller. Steve took down his hot bodies lightning again and was thrashing that around, Junior came down with his friend again Junior with his new trophy 4.6 and his mate were going crazy truggy racing most of the day. Cara and dan both had there new firestorms to play with which were the only waterproof cars there. So when everyone else had to stop for a while they carried on. Waterproof is the way forward in rc. Welkom intro full credit goes to TheCompanyName ***********/user/TheCompanyName Soundtrack full credit goes to Vaski uploaded by axkldhg3: ***********/user/axkldhg3
30 Sep 2011
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only truggy there :(
7 Sep 2009
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RC-Car Germania-Brötzingen Buggy Truggy Mugen ST-1 CEN Offroad
26 Sep 2009
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Nitro and electric radio control cars from on-road racing to off-road bashing! The cars you buy from NitroRCX**** are fully assembled kits complete with radio for hobbyists who like to race and burn competitions right out of the box. Installed and equipped with the latest Japan/Taiwan engine, each car has a built-in high flow header pipe for incredible top speed that you won't believe it's offered at such unbelievable low price! Offering Lifetime Tech Support & Help on RCDiscuss****
24 May 2009
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Thrashing our cars at the Local BMX track
7 Sep 2009
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