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Security cameras capture a woman narrowly escaping with her life.
16 Mar 2017
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Philippines Taxis When you want to travel in the Philippines, It's very important to not get ripped off when you arrive at the Manila Airport! It would definitely make your stay in the Philippines start with a bad day. Here's a few travel tips regarding taxis: 1. Visit the 'departures' area of Manila airport to find a taxi driver The 'arrivals' pickup area at Manila airport is filled with scammers and bad taxi drivers. (This is true with most international airports) They've got a continual stream of desperate travelers trying to decipher their Lonely Planet books and asking them for rates. The drivers know they can typically quote an insanely high price and still pick up a passenger. They will rip off any innocent-looking tourist that just recklessly jumps into any available taxi. There are many ripoff cases that happen to every tourist, the airport security are helpless in preventing them due to the sheer number of people everyday. 2. Know where you are going before getting in the taxi cab Watch your destination and current location on Google maps and watch to make sure the taxi follows the correct route. If your taxi driver sees that you have a map, he'll be less likely to drive in circles trying to rip you off! Having Google Maps on hand is not one of the travel essentials. 3. Don't put your bag in the trunk of the car Every day unknowing tourists put their bags in the back of unknown cabs. Their driver brings them to their final destination, and then hits the gas as soon as they hop out of the passengers seat. Their bag is gone, they have no idea where it's headed, and the police (of course) won't help at all! Cheers, Sean
16 Mar 2017
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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 The lymph system’s primary function is to isolate infection and cellular detritus from the rest of the body and deal with it. Imagine you are looking at a handful of living cells through a microscope. A capillary (the smallest blood vessel) delivers blood with its oxygen and nutrients. The local cells use these nutrients and excrete waste. There may be pathogens or antigens present that create an immune response, leaving dead cells and perhaps live infection. Some of the blood and waste products are picked up by tiny veins. But much of the vascular fluid and waste — and hopefully all of the live infection — is picked up by tiny lymph vessels. This process is happening all over the body all the time. Like tributaries trickling into a stream that feeds a slow-moving river, the lymph system transports lymph fluid through ever-widening vessels, moving it through 500 filtration and collection points — your lymph nodes. At each successive node the lymph fluid is filtered and bacteria is removed. If lymph fluid is blocked in one lymph node it will usually take a detour, but when blockage is extreme it can cause the lymph fluid to back up and cause swelling in the surrounding tissue, a condition known as lymphedema. The far-reaching lymph vessels merge at certain points to form lymphatic trunks. You have six major lymph trunks in your body, each responsible for draining filtered fluid from one region of the body. The lumbar and intestinal trunks drain a large volume of purified lymph fluid upward from your lower extremities, pelvis and abdomen into the cisterna chyli, a widened collection pouch at the base of the thoracic duct.
22 Mar 2017
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Have a monkey in your trunk and solve all your problems with the police. And with the rest of the world also...
20 Apr 2006
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The trunk monkey kicks ass.
3 Dec 2007
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trunk monkey is back and now he is fighting the thiefs...
22 Nov 2008
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A guy sitting on the trunk of a moving car. I saw that one coming...
27 Sep 2006
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Trunks stops the sword a second before it hits his head.
4 Oct 2006
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When we first brought home Luna (the young female), we weren't sure how the other two cats would take to her. As you can see from this video (about 4 weeks after we got her), that Trunks LOVES her!
12 Jan 2007
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u have to see this, it's awsome, Clips taken from the "Story of trunks" and some dbz episodes, good show, and comment. Thanks
29 Jan 2007
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The cats were being SO cute on this day! Lately the two of them have been fighting like crazy, but when I caught Trunks cleaning Luna, I just HAD to tape it!
11 Mar 2007
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I wish I had my camera 30 seconds before, but this is a good example of what went on. Luna tries to hose Trunks and ends up hosing herself!
4 Apr 2007
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My "brotha" poppin his trunk
15 Apr 2007
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Trunks has been doing what we've termed "yoga" forever! We find it adorable, but for some reason, the other cats can't seem to get it just right... He usually has his legs PERFECTLY parallel and prefers to do it in warm weather (or when nestled next to the Bearded Dragons tank!).
9 May 2007
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We had to all dump into one car to get a cheaper parking rate, which meant one of us had to ride in the trunk for 20 minutes. Thankfully, it wasn't me!
1 Jun 2007
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We had to fit all 7 of us into one car to get a cheaper parking rate, so that meant one of us ended up in the trunk. Thankfully, it wasn't me!
10 Jun 2007
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