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How to Replace Your Car Battery Car batteries are built to last for five years. Changing a battery is an easy task which requires limited tools. Check if it Needs To Be Replaced  Check if your old battery has sulfate deposits which form as a blue residue.  Check if your battery has been given enough time to recharge properly.  Check the alternator to ensure that it is functioning properly. Choose the right battery Make sure that you choose the battery that suits your car by:  Checking the dimensions of your old battery.  Specifying your car’s make model and engine size to the vendor.  Purchasing a battery which supports the battery tray size. Before removing the battery  Park your car on a flat surface away from traffic.  Make sure that you work in a well ventilated environment.  Wear safety goggles and protective gloves.  Switch off all electrical components and apply the parking brake.  Ensure that there are no flammable materials present in the garage.  Remove the cigarette lighter to avoid fire accident.  Make sure that the bonnet remains open until the process is complete. Tools which you will require  A new battery.  Battery lithium grease or petroleum jelly.  Two adjustable wrenches.  A wire brush to clean the terminals.  A pair of safety goggles and rubber gloves. Remove the battery  In most cars the battery is located in the side of the car’s frame.  In some cars they are locate under the matting of the boot/trunk.  The positive terminal will be covered by a red colored cap  The negative terminal will be covered with a black colored cap.  Disconnect the negative terminal by loosening the clamp with a wrench.  Disconnect the negative terminal before the positive terminal.  Unfasten the screws which hold the battery in the frame (if present). Visit yellowpages-uae com to contact Car Battery Replacement Services in UAE i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/car-battery-replacement
8 Nov 2017
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Have a monkey in your trunk and solve all your problems with the police. And with the rest of the world also...
20 Apr 2006
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The trunk monkey kicks ass.
3 Dec 2007
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A guy sitting on the trunk of a moving car. I saw that one coming...
27 Sep 2006
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When we first brought home Luna (the young female), we weren't sure how the other two cats would take to her. As you can see from this video (about 4 weeks after we got her), that Trunks LOVES her!
12 Jan 2007
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The cats were being SO cute on this day! Lately the two of them have been fighting like crazy, but when I caught Trunks cleaning Luna, I just HAD to tape it!
11 Mar 2007
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I wish I had my camera 30 seconds before, but this is a good example of what went on. Luna tries to hose Trunks and ends up hosing herself!
4 Apr 2007
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My "brotha" poppin his trunk
15 Apr 2007
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Trunks has been doing what we've termed "yoga" forever! We find it adorable, but for some reason, the other cats can't seem to get it just right... He usually has his legs PERFECTLY parallel and prefers to do it in warm weather (or when nestled next to the Bearded Dragons tank!).
9 May 2007
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You will see in this song Trunks destroy the andrions and Trunks vs goku and I write your comment
20 Aug 2007
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You will see in this song Trunks destroy the andrions no.17 and no.18 and kill freeze and i wait your comment
25 Aug 2007
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You will see in this music video Trunks destroy the andrions no.17 and no.18 and kill freeze and i wait your comment
25 Aug 2007
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