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Patrick and Lucy again enjoying grooming and just being together. In this longer version the grooming is reduced and you get to observe more the simple pleasure these two cats derive from each others company. Patrick adopted Lucy when she wandered into his garden a little kitten: undernourished, dirty, fur knotted and extremely timid. He cleaned her, kept her warm, played with her and shared his food till she relaxed enough to trust humans. Now Patrick and the cotton ball kitten are inseparable. I think their affection comes through on this film. (Blackout Productions)
26 Jul 2009
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*******www.transworldnews****/NewsStory.aspx?id=133155 narrated BY 1/2 man 1/2 bot. bot or not? The Many headed monster Gooyahbing had humans miserable in NETWORLD never being able to rest and always expecting the next lock puzzle around every corner. You could not ignore and you had to solve them to move on to the next step. People were spinning 30 minutes at a site that they really wanted to sign up to and with a community that they really wanted to interact with to no avail. Because the Captcha lockbot mechanism would say they were putting in the wrong code to solve the lock puzzle. The site would kick them out and tell them they made too many accounts or they must be a machine. The human didn't even make one account let alone, many. Then the lock puzzles switched to asking what's 1+5= and which one of these things is blue, green, red or which one of these things is different? Human's would begin to ask, Is this an IQ test or a machine test? It takes a machine to solve these things. These lock Puzzles. It runs off of a program that tells it how to distort the alphabet and number combinations, you know. That is when the Intelligent Guy Came a.k.a. IG a.k.a. PD a.k.a. IT the man. IG thought, wait a minute, If only someone could get that program that spits these lock puzzles out and collect this data and store it and sort of reverse engineer it, then CAPTCHA would be automatically solved with lightening speed. Well something like that. So IG said he would develop his own super A. I. hero bot to come and free the NETWORLD people from Gooyahbing's sick logic and pranks with lock puzzles. Gooyahbing heard this and found out IG had completed his task. So next Gooyahbing sent word to there network-wide engineers and unsuspecting site owners to make humans be required to confirm emails by hand to slow things up a bit. Then they publicized it using the good old PROTECT YOUR SITES FROM AUTOMATIC SPAM CHANT that Gooyahbing is famous for. You Story of the internet.greatest computer world story ever told internet. THIS IS JUST THE STORY Once Upon a Time Once Upon A Time, There was a place called NETWORLD a.k.a the internet. Once the internet was a great place for humans to interact and network with like minded people in the community of their choice. Man I remember the times. That is of course before the LOCKBOTScame. The Lockbots were made by a company called (GoogooliYahooBingiAolia a.k.a Gooyahbing for short. That's pronounced (goo-yahhbeeeng) OR (sə-dĭs'tĭk goo-yahh-beeeng). Gooyahbing was a many headed monster made up of the largest NETWORLD CONTROLLING PROPERTIES. Gooyahbing did not take any SH&%T either. What the Gooyahbing lockbots did was come and put locks on everything, locking the Humans up and locking all people up. They did it because they did not trust human beings to identify themselves as full Human beings and not computers machines or programs. Apparently programs hate other programs in the computer world and human beings were unsuspecting of the way programs would punish each other to see each others identity. Man or Machine, Which are you? The lockbots hated computers machines and programs like themselves, but even more they hated Humans and were cruel to them.They would sadistically test humans all day with there little lock puzzles in which they claimed would identify them from computers machines programs. Every movement, every action was governed by these little lock puzzles and enigmas. They tested Human vision to the max and some human beings with weaker vision would just give up because they could not solve the extremely difficult lock puzzles. The Lockbots Spoke a language of completely automated public turing test to tell computers and humans apart and an Acronym was developed and shortened called Captcha. You could not understand this Captcha Gooyahbing language and talk very easy by just seeing it or hearing it. These lockbots were cruel, and punished humans daily by making them work hard to signup and venture and interact with anything or person outside the little circle and box that Gooyahbing placed you in. They punished you with their little lock puzzles easy in a split second. These Lock puzzles hurt the brains and eyes of humans and soon humans would begin to turn their heads sideways and squint, and peer into the screens in order to see and solve them. This practice began to cause eye problems in humans there in NETWORLD. Every once and a while a human would feel courageous and try to figure out a LOCK PUZZLE captcha just so he could free himself/herself and try something new. Gooyahbing only wanted you to try new things on their sites in their little boxes however. They put email, and online blogs, and journals, and games which all seemed to look the same to the people soon enough. That's when they began to
3 Nov 2009
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Jameela's Big Adventure is the true story of a stranded little puppy in Iraq who faces many challenges. She is abandoned by her mother, is forced to survive on her own on the streets of Baghdad, and learns to fear humans when she is kicked and beaten. Thanks to the huge heart of one kind woman, she eventually learns to trust humans. Jameela begins an extraordinary adventure that introduces her to many people, places, animals, and finally, a new home.
10 Dec 2009
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Auna, a Manitoba feed lot rescue, making progress on trusting humans.
18 Nov 2011
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Just a gaggle of humans engaging in oral discourse about moving pictures.