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Teasing modern technology could cost you your pants. Try explaining that to your girlfriend.
30 Mar 2006
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With universal simlock remover you can remove an various model of cellphone but in tis how to I'll try explain for this model LG MG200c. hope can help !
12 Oct 2007
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What can I say...I tried show Gaston like a murderer, how It did SparrowSama in "Madellaine" video. Actually I tried explain his reason for killing something more than banal bloodiness or anything else. So we have a PLOT here. I hope it's easy to understand, but if it's not - I'm sorry.XD I'm too lazy to writing it here. But you can see that we have hint on lycanthropy (Gaston is perfect werewolf, I think. Thanx czarownicykot for great idea, I mean "Oh, girl" vid, it was general source of my inspiration).
10 Nov 2010
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