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Actor Danny Dyer tells whatsontv****** he's pleased to be shedding his bad boy image in BBC1's new drama Kiss of Death
20 May 2008
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*******www.OnlineSecretsTour**** Jenn decided to try her first mussel at The Crab Shack in Tybee Island, Georgia. For more cool videos, check out our video blog at *******www.OnlineSecretsTour****
4 Sep 2009
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5 Aug 2010
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i'm wuld say i'm just a simple girl but i'm really not i like what i want when and how i want it my mom says i'm spoiled but i dont think so at all. i like having fun and laughing and making others laugh. i dont mind calling people out when needed and i'm not embrassed just because someone else might be. everyone makes mistakes you just have to own up to it and not blame anyone else. i'm outgoing willing to try new things but not too new i wont compromise who i am for anyone ya feel me but i was always popular in high school now i'm in college and i'm still the most talked about i dont know why but people are going to talk about you always might as well give them something to talk about right?
25 Jun 2007
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It's never too early to start off the kids at stand up paddle surfing. I went to Waikiki Beach this past weekend to check out the stand up paddle surf division for the HASA surf contest. HASA said the heat would be at 1 pm and when I arrived at 10 am the final was already done. That gave me a lot of time to play in the ocean with my boys and I finally got my 4 year old on the stand up board. My boy is pretty hesitant to try new things and he didn't want to get on the stand up board but I eased him into it little by little. First he started sitting down and paddling. Then he was willing to go on his knees. Finally he stood up and paddled. The entire process took about 15 minutes. I shot a short video and added my brother's music from www.hawaiiguitar****.
20 Oct 2007
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This is how I painted Night of Nights. This is of no were in particular but more of a place I can go in my mind. One of the good things about painting is you can escape the problems and reality's of life. Some times tomorrows dreams are better than yesterdays reality's. So get some paint and some board and have ago. The only way we can learn new things is to try new things. If any one would like to try this Style of painting and you have some questions please ask. Regards Barry.
18 Dec 2007
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So ive been trying to figure this out for getting a video from my camera to the computer, Here is my first one, its kinda boring i think just because im trying to focus on it, im better just doing everything without a direct focus like if i was working or with friends it would be better. Basicly its answering the questions needed. Im Ryan Wright,22,loxahatchee Florida. I want mystery's presance in a room and his judgment to read if a girl is getting bored. Ive had 1 girlfriend. I am open to trying new things, have a diverse education and diverse range of hobbies that could keep me from a conversation with girls. I am also not shy and withdrawn
28 Mar 2008
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*******RileysPicks****/better - Improving self confidence lets you branch out and try new things, make new goals, savour new successes. You don't know what your lack of confidence is forcing you to miss out on. What wonderful life adventures lie in store, if you just start building self confidence. By developing your self confidence, you'll be able to life life the way it's supposed to be lived. Have fun, get the girl, succeed at your job. Right now - today - get your 5 free lessons and start improving your self confidence. Go to: *******RileysPicks****/better
4 Apr 2008
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This past weekend I had the privelage to do a Same Day Edit for a really cool couple. They were willing to try anything and let me try anything!! Well that's what I did tried new things. This video was a lot of work to put together and have ready to show infront on 450 guests. But it was well worth it and I even had the bride in tears which was very flattering.
8 Aug 2008
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Part 4: Julie discusses with John Hall of 40 Creek Whisky how he jumped in with both feet to become a first generation whisky maker; and how this has led him to try new things and bring a fresh approach to his whisky. For more visit: Distributed by Tubemogul.
2 Sep 2008
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joe nalley talks about letting go of fear-based thought patterns & opening up to trying new things, namely herbs & superfoods find out more at: *******jingmasters****
6 Jan 2009
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Heidi tells iV how having cancer actually gave her confidence - Part 1 Living large at 26 and invincible, Heidi Adams, was diagnosed w/ a bombshell - Cancer. Beating it gave her confidence to try new things so she came up with a web site, an idenity and a voice for young people with cancer. Learn the other amazing challenges she faced when she launched Planet Cancer. Heidi truly is a 'super woman' - CLUB E "Original Programming." CREATED BY: CLUB E & On the Road with iV (Ingrid Vanderveldt , Lyn Graft). Ingrid Vanderveldt (Host), Lyn Graft (Director/Producer), & Chance Carpenter (Virtual Producer).
8 Feb 2009
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I am very worried that people are scared to try new things and not trying to push the envelope these days because they are worried about the reaction. I am hoping this little video will show people that it is not what you do but how you react if it isn’t right that is the key!
30 May 2009
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*******www.MORVacationsAmerica**** ..--// --// Members are wondering if Resorts 360 is a sinking ship as they continually try new things in an attempt to stimulate slow sales. Members who produced sales with Resorts 360 have complained about the small commissions. In attempt to offer larger commissions, {Resorts 360} has tried to sell a limited membership with access to a limited number of resorts for more money than others sell lifetime memberships with access to many more resorts with lower weekly vacation prices sell travel memberships for. People shop around and they are not throwing their money away on inferior products in 2009. Most Resorts 360 members are signing up on the monthly program. That means if they dont see any income from Resorts360 fast, they can easily unplug next month. Brand new marketers often find programs life Resorts 360 to be a loosing proposition. It can cost more money to market it than they can actually make with all the people dropping out. I wouldnt call Resorts 360 a scam, but the bill of goods people are being sold is that they will reap all this residual income. Heck, the Resorts 360 people even add it up for you. The cold hard reality is that over 95% of the people who sign up will quit as soon as they realize its a lot of work and they are not making any money. Over 1000 all inclusive resorts to choose from plus over 5400 resorts, discount hotels, package tours, cruises and much more are offered by one competitor. The scam label has been slapped on Resorts 360 by some, but whats the real deal? The home based travel business expert takes a closer look at the industry and how Resorts360 fits in with the competition. {Resorts360} has entered the marketplace and people are wondering if Resorts 360 Vacation Club is worth the money. Those in the home based business industry are scrutinizing their perpetual leverage compensation plan to see if they can make any money with Resorts360. The home based travel business expert knows the ins and outs of making money in the travel industry. He has now reviewed the Resorts360 Vacation Club program. For those who dont do their homework and shop around, {Resorts 360} might seem OK. Those who take the time to check out the Resorts 360 Vacation Club competition will find more robust vacation club memberships that offer membership benefits {Resorts360} is unable to compete with. Members of {Resorts360} Resorts gain access to about 4000 resorts. Thats not bad, but some of their competitors in the home based travel business arena offer access to 4800 resorts, 5000 resorts, even over 5400 resorts. Resorts360 offers their members prices below retail. Thats a good start. Vacation weeks at some great resorts start at just $399. Not bad, but again, the Vacations 360 competition outperforms the new startup. One competitor provides vacation weeks at $298 while another one has availability every week of the year at $149. Both of those Resorts 360 competitors offer more choices and more resorts.
16 Jul 2009
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*******www.transworldnews****/NewsStory.aspx?id=133155 narrated BY 1/2 man 1/2 bot. bot or not? The Many headed monster Gooyahbing had humans miserable in NETWORLD never being able to rest and always expecting the next lock puzzle around every corner. You could not ignore and you had to solve them to move on to the next step. People were spinning 30 minutes at a site that they really wanted to sign up to and with a community that they really wanted to interact with to no avail. Because the Captcha lockbot mechanism would say they were putting in the wrong code to solve the lock puzzle. The site would kick them out and tell them they made too many accounts or they must be a machine. The human didn't even make one account let alone, many. Then the lock puzzles switched to asking what's 1+5= and which one of these things is blue, green, red or which one of these things is different? Human's would begin to ask, Is this an IQ test or a machine test? It takes a machine to solve these things. These lock Puzzles. It runs off of a program that tells it how to distort the alphabet and number combinations, you know. That is when the Intelligent Guy Came a.k.a. IG a.k.a. PD a.k.a. IT the man. IG thought, wait a minute, If only someone could get that program that spits these lock puzzles out and collect this data and store it and sort of reverse engineer it, then CAPTCHA would be automatically solved with lightening speed. Well something like that. So IG said he would develop his own super A. I. hero bot to come and free the NETWORLD people from Gooyahbing's sick logic and pranks with lock puzzles. Gooyahbing heard this and found out IG had completed his task. So next Gooyahbing sent word to there network-wide engineers and unsuspecting site owners to make humans be required to confirm emails by hand to slow things up a bit. Then they publicized it using the good old PROTECT YOUR SITES FROM AUTOMATIC SPAM CHANT that Gooyahbing is famous for. You Story of the internet.greatest computer world story ever told internet. THIS IS JUST THE STORY Once Upon a Time Once Upon A Time, There was a place called NETWORLD a.k.a the internet. Once the internet was a great place for humans to interact and network with like minded people in the community of their choice. Man I remember the times. That is of course before the LOCKBOTScame. The Lockbots were made by a company called (GoogooliYahooBingiAolia a.k.a Gooyahbing for short. That's pronounced (goo-yahhbeeeng) OR (sə-dĭs'tĭk goo-yahh-beeeng). Gooyahbing was a many headed monster made up of the largest NETWORLD CONTROLLING PROPERTIES. Gooyahbing did not take any SH&%T either. What the Gooyahbing lockbots did was come and put locks on everything, locking the Humans up and locking all people up. They did it because they did not trust human beings to identify themselves as full Human beings and not computers machines or programs. Apparently programs hate other programs in the computer world and human beings were unsuspecting of the way programs would punish each other to see each others identity. Man or Machine, Which are you? The lockbots hated computers machines and programs like themselves, but even more they hated Humans and were cruel to them.They would sadistically test humans all day with there little lock puzzles in which they claimed would identify them from computers machines programs. Every movement, every action was governed by these little lock puzzles and enigmas. They tested Human vision to the max and some human beings with weaker vision would just give up because they could not solve the extremely difficult lock puzzles. The Lockbots Spoke a language of completely automated public turing test to tell computers and humans apart and an Acronym was developed and shortened called Captcha. You could not understand this Captcha Gooyahbing language and talk very easy by just seeing it or hearing it. These lockbots were cruel, and punished humans daily by making them work hard to signup and venture and interact with anything or person outside the little circle and box that Gooyahbing placed you in. They punished you with their little lock puzzles easy in a split second. These Lock puzzles hurt the brains and eyes of humans and soon humans would begin to turn their heads sideways and squint, and peer into the screens in order to see and solve them. This practice began to cause eye problems in humans there in NETWORLD. Every once and a while a human would feel courageous and try to figure out a LOCK PUZZLE captcha just so he could free himself/herself and try something new. Gooyahbing only wanted you to try new things on their sites in their little boxes however. They put email, and online blogs, and journals, and games which all seemed to look the same to the people soon enough. That's when they began to
3 Nov 2009
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HI im Selena I am very open to all kinds of people and really need to meet some new friends for some new excitement. I love taking photos, travel, dancing to music, social gatherings, going to the beach and learning new stuff. I hate liars, cheaters, and clingy guys. You MUST be honest. I am into men. but I do love to look at women. I've had several threesomes. I like bbc, but not strictly. I like voluptuous women mainly, but not only. I want someone who is open minded and willing to try new things. So do you want meet me live or from internet? If your answer is yes I have a private profile only for good friends *******budurl****/selena go there became member for free and check all my information. Don’t forget to send me a message that you have complete your registration. We will chat from my room there (cam2cam) and if make KLIK for me sure we can go out for date. Many many kisses Selena *******budurl****/selena
21 Dec 2009
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