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The clip trying to find a gig from Blues Brothers 2000 (1998) Charlie, would I lie to you? Charlie, take it easy. That's all in the past. He hung up on me. A lot of burnt bridges, Mr. Blues. I know you can book us somewhere. You're still the best. Ever hear of Queen Moussette? The Louisiana witch, Queen Moussette? That's her. She has a "Battle of the Bands" going on at her club. Big cash prize. Your band wins, I get 15 percent of the take. I'll book you a couple of gigs on the way to Louisiana. Golly, thanks, Mr. Sline. Let go of me. Sorry. One more thing. You'll have to audition for Queen Moussette. Don't tell the boys about this. We'll call to find out where our first gig is. Just be careful, Elwood. Alan Rubin. Mr. Fabulous. Mr. Fabulous. The Blues Brothers Band. You're going to love them. They're absolutely sensational. Really sensational. They're a great blues band. Yeah, blues band. No, blues, not bluegrass. You don't want a blues band? Bluegrass. They're the Bluegrass Brothers. They're wonderful. They absolutely pulverize an audience. You're going to call and thank me. The Bluegrass Brothers.
13 Nov 2011
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