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A new book named 'Pride Of Lions' was unveiled by Vivek Oberoi. The book is based on the life of Indian soldier's and how they see dealth everyday.
1 Dec 2012
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Koningsnacht / Kings Night in Amsterdam 2017. Street parties and parades. This is a short walk tour round the center and Jordaan to see the festivities and nightlife. Cars, Bikes and Scooters raming through the crowds in packed streets, trying to score points during every festival. People killing music, but amongst the mass podiums there are some special DJ's, singers and Bands. How was your kings night in Holland? Did you go, or do you want to go? Let me know? Coming next : KINGS DAY..... Join me for an adventure through Kinds Day celebrations in Amsterdam city. Join me for more. Subscribe for ghost stories, urban myths, secret places, and points of interest around the city. I hope you like, subscribe, and comment. I love to hear from you. #Amsterdam #travel #Europe #jordaan #streetparty Simon X
5 May 2017
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A little boy from Cambodia named William crying for lunch after long hours visiting tulips.
5 Jun 2006
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This little boy gets mad because he wants something to eat during lunch time at the Tulip field in Niigata.
14 Sep 2006
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This flower is my own variation on the tulip from Kunihiko Kasahara.
11 Apr 2007
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Luluk Purwanto, violin/voice; Marcello Pellitteri, drums; Essiet Okon Essiet, bass; Rene van Helsdingen, piano. Camera mounted on Luluk Purwanto, violin/voice; Marcello Pellitteri, drums; Essiet Okon Essiet, bass; Rene van Helsdingen, piano. Camera mounted on the front of the Stage Bus. August 13 2005 - driving through the Yukon Canada -Whitehorse to Atlin BC. Part of the Tulips 2005 60th anniversary friendship tour with the Stage Bus. Music recorded on Nov 30, 2006 at Farmsound studio Heelsum. A song from the upcoming CD Aysha. www.luluk****
26 Apr 2007
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The Veliero Hotel of Riccione - suites and residence Come in and discover a real alternative to how you think your holiday should be. Choose one of our twenty brand new, smartly furnished, preciously finished, flats, from whose large balconies you can admire a charming panorama! The flats are also equipped with a fully-accessoried cooking corner, air conditioning, TV, liquid crystal display and internet links. Otherwise, pick one of our exclusive suites, such as the very original, in-the-van, Garden Suite. The flat has a large TEUCO whirlpool tub for two people and a big-sized, really thrilling, shower, with steam sauna, aromatherapy, chromo therapy, HI-FI stereo and foot massage for whoever demands to be highly satisfied inside their own room. Then there are our new, exclusive Caribbean-style suites -Martinique and Jamaica -, provided with plasma TV, whirlpool tub, hanging gardens amidst a mixture of sculptures and artistic frescoes for the holiday you've always dreamt of. The 'Romantik' House! If you're looking for a reserved spot, here you can really relax peacefully, under a changeable, starred sky, made with optical fibres; inside, enjoy an absolutely wonderful Finnish sauna, our aromatherapy, or the music therapy. Here, a modern Jacuzzi, with a double head-rest, will make your evenings unforgettable, in a cosy and exclusive ambience. The Veliero Hotel of Riccione - suites and residence We are open all year round A valid alternative to the way of contemplating your holiday. Hotel Veliero di Riccione - suites e residence entrate e scoprirete una valida alternativa al modo di pensare la vostra vacanza. Potete scegliere..tra i nostri venti nuovissimi appartamenti, arredati elegantemente, con finiture di pregio dai cui ampi balconi è possibile ammirare un suggestivo panorama! gli appartamenti sono inoltre dotati di una attrezzata zona cucina, condizionatore, tv lcd, e connessione a internet. Oppure potete scegliere..le esclusive suite come la Garden Suite, molto originale e all'avanguardia, L'appartamento è dotato di un grande vasca idromassaggio Teuco per due persone e una capiente doccia emozionale con sauna di vapore, aromaterapia, cromo experience, impianto hi-fi e massaggio plantare per chi cerca qualcosa di completo all'interno del proprio ambiente. Oppure potete scegliere..le nostre nuovissime ed esclusive suite in stile caraibico Martinica e Jamaica le quali dispongono di tv al plasma, vasca idromassaggio, giardini pensili in un misto di sculture e affreschi artistici per una vacanza da sogno. La Romantik House! Zona relax per chi cerca uno spazio riservato, munita di una preziosissima sauna finlandese con all'interno un mutevole cielo stellato a fibre ottiche, aromaterapia, musicoterapia. L'ambiente è intimo ed esclusivo ed una moderna jacuzzi a doppio poggiatesta può rendere le vostre serate indimenticabili. 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31 Oct 2007
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The St. Louis Gateway Arch. The TWA Terminal at JFK Airport. The Tulip chair. Each of these was designed by unconventional master of design - and one-time Michigan resident - Eero Saarinen.
28 Jan 2008
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Adding just a bit more to the Canon A720 montage, load the FlowerBed.png Canon A720 image from the CH8 project folder on the book’s DVD. This Canon A720 digital photo contains a low-angle shot of a bed of tulips. I have painted out the Canon A720 background for you in Adobe Photoshop. It’s an Canon A720 image in which a key wouldn’t work, so I used Photoshop to paint everything out but the tulips. Saved as a Canon A720 PNG file, the transparent background is retained. Drag and drop the Canon A720 image onto the composition, and you’ll see that it needs no keying or masking, as in Canon A720.
9 Mar 2008
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At this CANON G9 point, your montage it looking well populated and balanced. Of course, this is all open to your own CANON G9 interpretation. Save your work, and get ready to put your montage in motion. The resulting CANON G9 image shown in CANON G9 is a great collection of digital photos; you can also add your own as you like. Before you move on to animating these CANON G9 images, feel free to adjust anything you like and perhaps experiment with some other CANON G9 effects. You’ve added a single red tulip on top of the other CANON G9 images. What about moving it behind a building? Who says it has to be in front? Or how about the street sign? Maybe move CANON G9 behind the buildings to hide some of the pole. You can simply select the CANON G9 NorthFleet.png image on the CANON G9 Timeline tab, and then drag it beneath the CANON G9 BostonBuildings.png image. Another technique you can try is to add effects to the flowers to make them glow or maybe change their color. Or perhaps you might try beveling or embossing the CANON G9 background buildings into the sky. You can even duplicate an existing CANON G9 image, such as the clouds. Isolate just one of the clouds with a mask and increase the size, and you have added CANON G9 elements.
20 Jul 2008
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TÜRKİYE TURKEY TURQUIE TURKEI Türkiye'ye hoş geldiniz. Welcome to Turkey. You will see a lot of historical, panaromic, natural and cultural images from Turkiye (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) in this video. Turkey is worth for travelling. In this video, you will watch images from: İstanbul, Istanbul, Istanbol, İslambol, Sultanahmet Camii, Blue Mosque, Boğaziçi, Bogazici, Bosphorus, Kız Kulesi, Kiz Kulesi, Maiden Tower, Boğaz Köprüsü, Bogaz Koprusu, Bosphorus Bridge, Galata Köprüsü, Galata Koprusu, Galata Bridge, Haliç, Golden Horn, İstanbul at the evening, İstanbul Osmanlı İmparatorluğu'nun Başşehri, İstanbul, The Capital City of the Ottoman Empire, İstanbul Türkiye Cumhuriyeti'nin en kalabalık şehri, İstanbul wich is the most crowded city in the Republic of Turkey, Emirgan (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Adana (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Afyonkarahisar (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Adıyaman, Adiyaman, Nemrut Dağı, Nemrut Dagi (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Ankara, Anıtkabir, Anitkabir, Kocatepe Camii (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Ahlat, Van gölü, Van Gölü, Van Lake, Süphan Dağı, Süphan Dagi (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Alaşehir, Alasehir (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Aydın, Aydin, Trailles (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Eskişehir, Eskisehir, Yunus Emre, Sevelim Sevilelim, Odunpazarı, Odunpazari, Tarihi Evler, Historical Houses,Köprübaşı, Koprubasi, Sakarya Nehri, Sakarya River, Porsuk Çayı, Porsuk Cayi, Porsuk River, Mesudiye Köyü, Mahmudiye (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Bolu, Abant Gölü, Abant Golu, Abant Lake (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Çanakkale, Çanakkale Şehitleri Anıtı, Canakkale Sehitleri Aniti, Monument of Çanakkale Martys, Monument of Canakkale Martys, Truva Atı, Truva Ati, Truva Horse (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Diyarbakır, Diyarbakir, Diyarbakır Surları, Diyarbakir Surlari (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Trabzon, Uzungol, Uzungöl, Maçka, Macka, Sümela Manastırı, Sumela Manastiri, Of (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Aksaray, Ihlara Vadisi, Ihlara Valley, Sultanhanı, Sultanhani (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Erzincan, Çağlayan, Caglayan, Girlevik Şelalesi, Girlevik Selalesi, Kemaliye, Eğin (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Hakkari (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Sivas (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Bitlis, Tatvan, Nemrut Gölü (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Ağrı, Agri, Ağrı Dağı, Mount Agri, Doğubeyazıt, Dogubeyazit, İshakpaşa Sarayı, Ishakpasa Sarayi, Ishakpasa Palace (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Kayseri, ErciyeS Dağı, Erciyes Dagi, Şeker Gölü, Seker Golu, Seker Lake (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Konya, Mevlana Türbesi, Mevlana Tomb, Dervişler, Dervisler, DervisheS (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Batman, Hasankeyf (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Şanlıurfa, Sanliurfa, Balıklıgöl (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Çorum, Corum, Hattuşaş, HattusaS (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Van, Van Gölü, Van Golu, Van Lake, Çaldıran, Caldiran (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Tunceli, Munzur Dağı, Munzur Dagi (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Edirne, Selimiye Camii (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Efes,Ephesus (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Elazığ, Elazig, Hazar Gölü (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Malatya (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Nevşehir, Nevsehir, Göreme, Goreme, Peri bacaları, Peri bacalari (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Ordu, Boztepe (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Rize, Ayder Yaylası, Ayder Yaylasi, Karadeniz Yaylaları, Yayla Evleri (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Kusadasi, Kuşadası (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Antalya (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Didim, Didim, Apollon Tapınağı (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Fethiye,Ölüdeniz, oludeniz (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Denizli, Pamukkale, Karahayıt, Cottoncastle (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Kapadokya, Cappadocia (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Amasya, Yeşilırmak, Yesilirmak (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) Kırşehir, Kirsehir (Turkey, Turquie, Turkei, Turkije) You watched some of the natural,cultural historical and geographical assets of Turkey. Türk Yemekleri, Some Turkish meals, Şiş Kebap, Shish Kabab Çiniler, Kelebekler, Halı ve Kilimler, Van Kedisi, Türk Çayı, Laleler ve Gül Turkish Tiles, Butterflies, Carpets and Rugs, Van Cat, Turkish Tea, Tulips and ROSE Sailing and Paragliding in TURKEY WELCOME TO TURKEY
11 Dec 2008
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North Carolina author Horace Kephart called the old growth forest of the Smokies "an unimproved work of God." Here's an encounter with one of Great Smoky Mountains National Park's largest tulip poplar trees.
8 Apr 2010
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Hotel Guestrooms reflect Ottawa's elegance. From the tall picture windows, bold tulip inspired artwork, to Biedermeier style luxury furnishings, you cannot help but feel pampered. Ottawa hotel guests enjoy the lap pool with adjoining whirlpool, sauna and varied fitness equipment. Guests of the Lord Elgin Hotel enjoy skating on the Rideau Canal during the winter and jogging alongside the canal in the other seasons. As the Capital of Canada, visitors enjoy the Parliament Buildings, National Arts Centre, Museum of Civilization and National Art Gallery.
30 Jul 2008
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Due to a lot of requests this is part 2 of Super Cheesy Pick-Up Lines. Some are from You Tubers whom left comments on Part 1. 1) Hey~ What's up girl. How have you been. Wow you look so beautiful. It's me. It's me. From your dreams. I'm your knight in shining armor. 2) Yo Yo Yo Yo YO Oh~ Ahn Nyung Ha Sae Yo~ Honey~ 3) You are as sweet as 3.14(Pi) 4) If I had a garden, I would put your tulips and my tulips together. 5) You have nicer legs than an isosceles triangle. 6) When you have pimples on your forehead that means someone likes you. See all those pimples on your forehead? That's me baby~ 7) Can you promise me something? If I kiss you...promise me... you won't scream. 8) *sniff sniff* Do you smell that? You smell like trash. Do you mind if I take you out? Line by: Wait a minute...Your beauty has caused my heart to lag. 10) You are like pinkberry yogurt. So sweet and no fat. 11) If I was a duck I would quack every time I saw a beautiful swan. Quack~ Quack~ 12) Me~OW~~ Little kitty cat. You're so fine it hurts. Purr~ 13) Do you want to go for a ride on my bike? I can pedal really fast. 14) You are so beautiful you give the sun a reason to shine. Line by: Hey girl. Tomorrow I'll have so much money I'll buy you whatever you want. All you have to do is drive the getaway car. 16) You are so hot you are the cause of global warming. Line by: Did you feel that? It was an earthquake in my heart. It says you are a 10.0 on the sexy scale. 18) 1+1=3 You and me = you,me, and our baby. 19) Guess what? I can write your name on the calculator. 20) Greetings! How are you? Please to meet you.
8 Jul 2009
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in the evening of Spring 2008 when the tulip around Istanbul and the atmospere is so beautiful
24 Jul 2009
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*******www.FinancialTornado****/?t=American-Greetings American Greetings stores closing, layoffs increase online home business options. Bruce Wood introduces a turnkey online "recession-proof" business. 2009 Retail Industry Stores Closing, Including Chains Going Out of Business: 567 Circuit City 461 KB Toys 287 Goody's 175 Van Heusen 117 Ann Taylor (by 2010) 112 Office Depot 98 Club Libby Lu (Saks) 60 American Greetings 50 Supervalu 50 New York & Co. (over the next five years) 40 Ruby Tuesday 35 Famous Footwear 8 Yankee Candle 26 Cost Plus 24 Blue Tulip Gift Shops 22 Sears 20 Oneida Ltd. 15 Gap, Inc. 12 Kira Plastinina 11 Macy's 11 Filene's 8 Dillard's 8 Dominos 7 Sweetbay Supermarkets 4 Applebees 4 Harry W. Schwartz Bookshops 3 Good's Furniture & Flooring 3 Lane Bryant 3 P&C Food Markets 3 Pier One 1 Virgin Records Expo
1 Feb 2009
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