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28 Sep 2008
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Turkish Singer Çelik'S one of the clips
19 Feb 2007
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one of famous turkish singer.
12 May 2008
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Seda Kartal - lale devri best turkish singer.
2 May 2009
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Melis Bilen Zerrin Ozer’in Kiyamam parcasini seslendiriyor. Melis Bilen is singin Kiyamam from Turkish singer Zerrin Ozer.
28 Aug 2011
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Melis Bilen Sezen Aksu’nun Bir Zamanlar Deli Gönlüm parçasını seslendiriyor. Melis Bilen is singing Bir Zamanlar Deli Gonlum from Turkish singer Sezen Aksu.
26 Feb 2010
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Turkey Eurovision 2012 - Can Bonomo - Eurovision 2012 Turkish singer Fragman izle
30 Jun 2012
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One of my favourite songs by gorgeous Turkish singer/model, Petek Dinçöz.
23 Jun 2011
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Yusuf Güney is a Turkish singer currently living in London. Alongside Rafet el Roman, their song was the number one single for 16 weeks in the Turkish charts in 2008 with the song Aşk-ı Virane and thus the most successful song of the year.
16 Oct 2013
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Hot Turkish Singer Grup Hepsi in a very sexy music video
24 Jul 2009
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Turkish singer Sebnem Ferah's "Ben Sarkimi Soylerken" music video
24 May 2009
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Nil Karaibrahimgil (born 17 October, 1976 in Ankara, Turkey), also popularly known simply as Nil (Turkish for the Nile), is a well known Turkish singer and songwriter mostly noted for her distinct lyrics. Nil's passion and admiration for music stems from her father; Suavi Karaibrahimgil, who is also a musician although he is not currently active in the Turkish music industry. Up to 2007, Nil has managed to release 3 successful albums along with several singles of her own here and there. In 2002, her debuting album titled, "Nil Dünyası" managed to bring her into the spotlight with hits that include, "Kek" and "XL". Two years later, Nil managed to follow up with another album called, "Nil FM" which also managed to see similar success as that of her first album. Some of the hit singles released from that album include, "Gitme Yoksa...", "Akbaba", "Ben Aptal Mıyım?" and "Bronzlaşmak" as well. In 2006, Nil would go on to release her 3rd album called, "Tek Taşımı Kendim Aldım". The album managed to bring Nil with some further success with hits including, "Pırlanta", "Peri" and of course, "Organize İşler Bunlar" which is the original soundtrack of the movie Organize İşler. All of the three singles from this album managed to easily top most Turkish charts, which is quite a success considering that the Turkish music industry is a quite competitive one. AlbumsYear Album 2002 Nil Dünyası Date: May 2002 Format: MC, CD, digital download 2004 Nil FM Date:2004 Format: MC, CD, digital download 2006 Tek Taşımı Kendim Aldım Date: May 11, 2006 Format: MC, CD, digital download 2009 Nil Kıyısında Date: February 19, 2009 Format: CD, digital download [edit] SinglesYear Title Turkish Airplay Chart[2] 2007 "Bu mudur?" [Is that it?] 1 [edit] Guest appearancesYear Song Album 2001 "Masal" Komser Şekspir soundtrack "Organize İşler Bunlar" Organize İşler soundtrack 2006 "Yaş 18" Sınav soundtrack 2008 "İstanbul'da Sonbahar" Söz Müzik Teoman [edit] Music videosYear Song Album Director 2002 "XL" Nil Dünyası Umur Turagay "Kek" "Resmen Aşığım" 2004 "Gitme Yoksa..." Nil FM "Bütün Kızlar Toplandık" "Akbaba" Murad Küçük "Bronzlaşmak" "Ben Aptal mıyım?" 2006 "Organize İşler Bunlar" Tek Taşımı Kendim Aldım "Pırlanta" Umur Turagay "Pırlanta Ozinga Remix" "Peri" "Perili Klip" "Bu mudur?" [Is this?] Emre Özbay "Yaş 18" OST - Sınav 2008 "Ruhum Desen Desen" Promo Single 2009 "Seviyorum Sevmiyorum" Nil Kıyısında Umur Turagay "Duma Duma Dum" Burcu Yolcu "Kırık" Sinan Çetin
13 Aug 2013
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Famous Turkish singer Sibel Can was a dancer before her career as a singer - she still knows how to dance - unfortunately clip has no sound
31 Mar 2010
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Turkish singer video clip
16 Jul 2011
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Turkish Singer Semiramis Pekkan (a younger sister of Ajda Pekkan) sings "Olmaz Olmaz Bu İş Olamaz" (origin:Greek song "Ligo Ligo Tha Me Sinithitis" - Λίγο Λίγο Θα Με Συνηθίσεις) This song was covered by Indian(Hindi) playback singers Lata Mangeshkar and Manna Dey as "Jhoomta Mausam Mast Mahina" in Hindi film "Ujala". トルコの大物女性歌手アジダ・ペッカンの妹セミラミス・ペッカンによるギリシャ歌謡"Ligo Ligo Tha Me Sinithitis"。
28 Oct 2012
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one of the best arabic (mezdeke)bellydance it the clips are taken from the song "olurmu olurmu" of the turkish singer Kayahan
19 Nov 2009
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