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Using household electricity, a pickle can be turned into a rather stinky/steamy light bulb. This is a clip from Dangers of Electricity: Slightly-Mad Science from
15 Apr 2007
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Fourth in the series of driver education, this video emphasises the fact that at red lights there is no FREE Left turn. This short video hopefully will educate and irradicate such mis-conceptions from the minds of the Indian driver's. This is vital as the idea of a free left turn puts pedestrian lives at risk.
9 May 2007
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When a parrots owner plays with him, the parrot gets really happy, and it turns out being funny!
8 May 2007
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ASHA's Kid-Friendly Cartoon Characters Release "Turn Down the Volume" for Better Hearing and Speech Month The Buds, two kid-friendly cartoon characters created by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) to promote safe usage of personal audio technology by the nation's young, released today Turn Down the Volume, a rap song with a safe listening message that encourages children to turn down the volume and invites the public to visit the Buds' Web site, To download the Buds' song from their site, visitors can go to the home page of the Buds' site. Visitors will also find the lyrics to the song, which has the following refrain: Loud music can be dangerous/ so exercise your brain with us/ and sing this refrain with us/ TURN DOWN THE VOLUME.
10 May 2007
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Even the adult do not dare to turn around and afraid of being falled but this baby has done a great show on my camera
15 May 2007
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Is his hand really that fast,he turns a normal voucher card into an ATM card,how much money is inside there!
13 May 2007
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Learn how to turn a client over!
21 May 2007
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The Memorial Day weekend kicks off the beginning of summer days of fun, but according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), it also kicks off the deadliest driving season of the year. On average, 269 more people die in traffic fatalities each month during the summer than in any other season of the year. Of the 25 deadliest days on American roads over the past five years, 20 of them fell during the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Even more troubling is the fact that motor vehicle crashes are now the leading cause of death for 15-to-20-year-olds in America, with more than 7,000 teens killed annually in vehicle accidents. NHTSA also reports that one in five 16-year-old drivers are involved in collisions during their first year of driving. To help minimize the number of accidents involving teens, Ford Motor Company is working to help teens become better drivers by turning to the Web. Ford is now offering safe driving tips in video format on popular Web sites like,, in addition to Ford's interactive teen safe driving Web site, New tips will be posted each week through early June. The short video spots provide a variety of driving tips for teens and adults delivered by professional instructors from Ford's Driving Skills for Life program. The videos show teens what to do if passenger-side wheels leave the roadway, how to recover in a skid, how to sit properly for safe driving, how to anticipate danger, and when it's important to slow down. Produced for Ford
24 May 2007
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Hotel heiress turned celebritante, Paris Hilton has been sentenced to 45 days in a Los Angeles county jail for violating her probation. Despite her harsh prison sentence Paris and her Midas touch are never one to spoil a chance for media exposure. We at HotRoast have obtained an exclusive interview with Paris the Heiress herself at a recent shoot for her new fashion line fittingly named Jailbait. Now that's hot! Music "Let's Do Crime" by Fundamental.
30 May 2007
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turning chocolate
31 May 2007
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Learn how to do the popular turn over card trick. Visit to learn more free magic tricks.
9 Jun 2007
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After a 25 year search, Philadelphia business man and book author, Lance Heft, finally locates his fourth grade teacher, Louise Zulick. The search was important to Heft for so many reasons. He wanted to pay tribute to Louise for her faith in him, and he wanted to say thank you to the woman who played a critical role in his childhood development and in his life. After a joyful reunion, he learned that Louise was a breast cancer survivor. It was then that he knew that he wanted to do something to honor this wonderful woman. As a result, Lance created the American Society $10,000. "Your Turn To Win" endowment in honor of Louise Zulick. Heft states, "It's my sincere hope that this will be the very last generation of women to battle this disease."
18 Jun 2007
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this part is the turning point of Zeer Salem , this clip shows what started the war between the cousins many centuries ago . its in the arabic language
23 Jun 2007
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1:53 - Adriana Gascoigne shows how to turn any TV show into gold using the CSI method. From Show #23
26 Jun 2007
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The cord turns to a scarf ... trick
30 Jun 2007
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The denomination turns to paper trick
30 Jun 2007
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