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*******www.tweaktown**** For our final piece from the Taipei Game Show we leave you with our video of the lovely Taiwanese booth babes from the show. We managed to squeeze a bit of gaming in, but are you even going to pay attention to it?
4 Feb 2012
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*******www.tweaktowBlizzCon 2011 - Okay, it's another trade show, so there should be booth babes... right?! Well, no. BlizzCon has its own special bread of 'booth babes'. They aren't barely dressed women from Taiwan, Germany or the US, but weird and wonderful people dressed up in some really spectacular costumes as Blizzard game characters.
22 Oct 2011
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You usually see booth babe videos from us at Computex and CES, now we are in a new continent of Europe for GamesCom 2011, we bring you some girls from Germany with a mix of gaming focus, too. The German ladies seemed a little shy on camera at times, but managed to give us a few smiles here and there! *******www.tweaktown**** GamesCom 2011
19 Aug 2011
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*******www.tweaktown**** COMPUTEX Taipei 2010 - Again we are back with Ramsom from Thermaltake and this time he showed us another of their highlight products at this year’s show and it is the Armor A30. Stated as being crafted for battle, the A30 is a rather unique sized case that should end up being very suitable for gamers on the move. Inside you can fit two standard desktop size hard drives as well as two 2.5-inch drives such as SSDs. What is even better is that for such a compact and good looking case, it even is even able to support full size video cards such as the ATI Radeon 5970. The sample we saw was only a very early mock-up that was handmade to display during the show, but still Ramsom tells us development is going really well and it should hit the market in around three months for around 130 USD. Distributed by Tubemogul.
26 Feb 2011
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*******www.tweaktown**** Taipei Game Show 2011 - No excuses this time, this video is all about the girls of the Taipei Game Show 2011. Do I need to say anymore? Distributed by Tubemogul.
18 Feb 2011
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*******www.tweaktown**** You just got done seeing the new ASUS Eee Slate and one of the other products announced by the Taiwanese company today was the Eee Pad Transformer. Yes, yet another tablet to hit the market, but this one you want. As you can see in the video above, it comes with a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor for full 1080p video playback and ASUS claims it offers the fastest web browsing experience in this class as well as the best multi-tasking performance. Not only that, but ASUS also went on to say that it offers the fastest flash video performance. I am not sure exactly what that means and why it is important - but what is important is that you can watch 1080p YouTube content without dropping frames and / or bring the system to a halt. Distributed by Tubemogul.
5 Jan 2011
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*******www.tweaktown**** COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010 – MSI just got done with hosting its pre-Computex press conference and launched and showcased a host of new products. We just posted our hands-on look at the MSI WindPad 110 that is based around the Google Android operating system with ARM processing technology, but the difference with the WindPad 100 s that is build around already well known technology that netbooks use – the Intel Atom to be exact. It ships with Windows 7 Home Premium with a special MSI GUI. Distributed by Tubemogul.
30 Oct 2010
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*******www.tweaktown**** CES 2010 – We stopped by the folks at QNAP who make its bread and butter by producing a solid range of Network Attached Storage or NAS devices that offer a full range of features for users looking at adding more capacity or backup options to their network. In the video below we get a good introduction of the new QNAP 59 series of products and the new features that they bring to the market. Distributed by Tubemogul.
6 Jul 2010
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*******www.tweaktown**** COMPUTEX Taipei 2010 - Antec had a big range of new products on display at the show including cases, power supplies and accessories. In our first Antec video, Chris introduces us to their new range of High Current Pro series power supplies that promise to deliver exceptional performance if we are to believe what we were told. Distributed by Tubemogul.
14 Jun 2010
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*******www.tweaktown**** COMPUTEX Taipei 2010 - Today we stopped by the Intel booth and spoke to a couple friendly engineer folk about their much recently talked about Linux-based operating system called MeeGo. MeeGo is a collaboration between Intel (Moblin) and Nokia (Maemo) that aims to provide an alternative to other operating systems that is designed to work on Intel Atom powered devices such as netbooks and tablets. It has a strong focus on social media as well as includes the Intel AppUp Center, which allows you to buy and use reasonably priced applications and such on your Atom powered system. Intel has a strong focus on MeeGo at the moment and if you mention even sarcastically to Intel PR peeps that you haven’t heard of MeeGo, they stop their conversation and turn around and stare at you. Luckily we were joking and managed to get a good close-up look at one of the latest builds of MeeGo that was only released a couple of weeks ago. Distributed by Tubemogul.
9 Jun 2010
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*******www.tweaktown**** COMPUTEX Taipei 2010 - AMD has being pushing the whole Eyefinity multi-monitor gaming thing for a good while now and despite some minor connectivity issues, it has been accepted with generally lots of excitement in the industry. First up AMD launched Eyefinity with three monitor support, but now the latest video cards are able to support up to six monitors - and 12 in the case of a solution from PowerColor. We walked by the AMD booth today and then of just walking past it like most booths, I stopped and was really impressed with the dual Eyefinity6 setup that the folks over at AMD prepared for the show. AMD had its booth setup in a way so that folks could sit down and watch people race each other on the 'big screen' in Dirt 2. Super cool. I just need to justify spending all those dollars on getting this setup for my lounge room. Rock on AMD! Distributed by Tubemogul.
7 Jun 2010
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*******www.tweaktown**** COMPUTEX Taipei 2010 - Antec had a big range of new products on display at the show including cases, power supplies and accessories. In our second Antec video, we get an introduction of the full line of new cases being displayed including the LanBoy Air, Dark Fleet and ISK 100. Distributed by Tubemogul.
6 Jun 2010
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