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17 Feb 2012
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bomb from three tousand
1 Feb 2008
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natural born lovers
27 Nov 2010
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1. Twingly Launches Self Proclaimed Spam-free Blog Search Engine, 2. Opera Releases Speedier, Safer New 9.5 Version Of Web Browser
12 Jun 2008
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Although the real-time Web has allowed for many great advancements, it has unfortunately, made information overload even more prevalent. With news traveling at a rapid speed, it is nearly impossible to find the information that you need. To provide a solution for this growing problem, the Swedish company developed Twingly Channels that combines search technology, filtering services, and social aspects into one service. The channels allow users to follow particular topics of interest and invite others to subscribe to their channel. The sources for the information within the channels are ranked according to the number of mentions, comments, recommendations and other social metrics on the social Web.
3 Dec 2009
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Tokyo Drift RemiX..
23 Dec 2007
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The segments for show 1 are Crusty Demons, Astrolab, Fembots, Twingly, Can google hear me.
22 Apr 2007
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Acoustic Compilation CD available to buy from Website. *******www.TheZodiacSessions**** *******www.myspace****/thezodiacsessions ***********/thezodiacsessions *******www.bebo****/thezodiacsessions Kev Fox playing "A Picture With A Smile" at The Zodiac Sessions open mic night in Bruxelles bar, Dublin, Ireland. KEV FOX Peter Saville: Kev Fox is an extremely stylish and talented young man who deserves all the success that is most definitely coming his way Clash Magazine Kev Fox, a Middlesbrough lad whos been jobbing round the pub circuit for the last twelve months or so. Usually Im not over keen on acoustic acts but Kev Fox is a raw, emotive performer who has some killer tunes. With the strength of somebody like Damien Rice, playing over loops, delay and reverb, Kevs act is immensely powerful and soulful putting references of The Verve and early U2 in mind. Haunting and brilliant, I truly cant recommend him enough.. Manchester Evening News KEV FOX, fresh from several Channel M appearances provides a masterclass in looped acoustica, his voice dancing on echoes, wrapped around melodies that are forcefully present as well as at risk of flying off into the heavens. Kev Fox has something rather special to offer and somehow with that voice and his box of tricks he helps provide one of the biggest sounds of the evening. When Things Explode**** "Kev Fox is a talented singer songwriter who layers gorgeous melodies and acoustic guitar over loops, samples and preprogrammed beats. Reminiscent of Pink Floyd and Nick Drake we thoroughly recommend him." Manchester Music His melancholy songs of longing repeatedly surprised me. Looping various thumps and acoustic tinkles with technology that is probably all very simple when you know how, Fox is the perfect weekend comedown tonic, twinges of Portishead in the more brooding of his beats had people sitting up in their seats and wondering just how he pulled that sound off, exactly? *******www.myspace****/kevfox
17 Dec 2008
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Many of us say we have "sensitive teeth." We ususally mean that we feel twinges of pain or discomfort in our teeth in certain situations. Trust Dental Medical Spa, we are the dental clinic in mexico, mexico dentist, offers tips and techniques for good oral hygiene, dental implants in mexico, dental tourism, etc. How dentist in tijuana we are affordable, 70% less than USA dental cost and offer you FREE Digital X-rays and full oral examination. A premier dental in tijuana mexico specialized in Ext[more]reme Cosmetic Dentistry. For more information please call Toll Free (800) 342 8419 or visit our web site: *******www.DentistAtTijuana****
27 Dec 2008
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Have you been left suffering from a motor vehicle crash? We can help you! Pain from your car accident injury in West Palm Beach? Whether it's a twinge of lumbar discomfort, moderate aching or the crippling sting of sciatica, chiropractic treatment can help. As a victim, you could be entitled to up to 10k in medical benefits! We'll work with your insurance. Sign up for a free consultation today!
9 Jan 2014
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Patient who came in with headaches, back-pain and leg twinges, discovers relief and solutions for long-term wellness. (425) 369-1040 *******www.thebalancedspine****
29 Jan 2010
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In the US, tax time is coming whether you're ready or not. Perhaps you've already pulled all of your tax info together and are patiently awaiting an appointment with your accountant. Perhaps you're feeling the first twinges of tax time panic. Whatever the case, Michael "Doctor File Finder" Callahan has some handy tax time free iPhone apps that'll help you prepare this year's taxes and get prepped for next year's too. A Internet video series by butterscotch****.
10 Mar 2010
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*******www.ilmagi****/nch/Pregnant/1.html Dear friend, Do you often ask yourself "Why can’t I get pregnant!?" I remember asking myself this same question month after month. I thought I was doing everything right, I tried relaxing more, not thinking about it so much, exercised more, saw specialists and yet I wasn’t pregnant. Each month would end in heartbreak; the tears would flood down no matter how hard I tried to stop them, no matter how much I tried to be positive about the new month ahead. I’d spend two weeks every month imagining that every little twinge my body made was different to the last month, that they were signs I was pregnant, that this month was my month… only to have the month end in devastation. Do you want to know more? *******www.ilmagi****/nch/Pregnant/1.html
31 Aug 2010
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Shiny generator Twings , Pebbles , Putty and Goo Generator
25 Aug 2011
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Michael Williams reads John Fuller's Valentine Valentine by John Fuller (1937-) The things about you I appreciate may seem indelicate: I'd like to find you in the shower And chase the soap for half an hour. I'd like to have you in my power and see your eyes dilate. I'd like to have your back to scour And other parts to lubricate. Sometimes I feel it is my fate To chase you screaming up a tower or make you cower By asking you to differentiate Nietzsche from Schopenhauer. I'd like to successfully guess your weight and win you at a féte. I'd like to offer you a flower. I like the hair upon your shoulders, Falling like water over boulders. I like the shoulders, too: they are essential. Your collar-bones have great potential (I'd like all your particulars in folders marked Confidential). I like your cheeks, I like your nose, I like the way your lips disclose The neat arrangement of your teeth (Half above and half beneath) in rows. I like your eyes, I like their fringes. The way they focus on me gives me twinges. Your upper arms drive me berserk. I like the way your elbows work, on hinges. I like your wrists, I like your glands, I like the fingers on your hands. I'd like to teach them how to count, And certain things we might exchange, Something familiar for something strange. I'd like to give you just the right amount and get some change. I like it when you tilt your cheek up. I like the way you nod and hold a teacup. I like your legs when you unwind them. Even in trousers I don’t mind them. I like each softly-moulded kneecap. I like the little crease behind them. I'd always know, without a recap, where to find them. I like the sculpture of your ears. I like the way your profile disappears Whenever you decide to turn and face me. I'd like to cross two hemispheres and have you chase me. I'd like to smuggle you across frontiers Or sail with you at night into Tangiers. I'd like you to embrace me. I'd like to see you ironing your skirt and cancelling other dates. I'd like to button up your shirt. I like the way your chest inflates. I'd like to soothe you when you're hurt Or frightened senseless by invertebrates. I'd like you even if you were malign And had a yen for sudden homicide. I'd let you put insecticide into my wine. I'd even like you if you were the Bride of Frankenstein Or something ghoulish out of Mamoulian's Jekyll and Hyde. I'd even like you as my Julian of Norwich or Cathleen ni Houlihan. How melodramatic If you were something muttering in attics Like Mrs Rochester or a student of boolean mathematics. You are the end of self-abuse. You are the eternal feminine. I'd like to find a good excuse To call on you and find you in. I'd like to put my hand beneath your chin. And see you grin. I'd like to taste your Charlotte Russe, I'd like to feel my lips upon your skin, I'd like to make you reproduce. I'd like you in my confidence. I'd like to be your second look. I'd like to let you try the French Defence and mate you with my rook. I'd like to be your preference and hence I'd like to be around when you unhook. I'd like to be your only audience, The final name in your appointment book, your future tense.
4 Sep 2011
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