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Here is the best of 2009. It was a slow year, but the numbers are up from 2008! still nothing like 2007! 2007 ***********/watch?v=8Wb8I2r7CCo 2008 ***********/watch?v=fUJMjtkjqrk 2010 ***********/watch?v=JhIpZ2nJW-Y 2011 ***********/watch?v=WDMBz6LicqM Most of the video was made possible though storm chasing, had i not chased I would not have enough footage for a montage. Even so I added other footage to supplement the severe lack of lightning shots as all but 2 or 3 of the 33 storms this year hit in the daytime The montage in order -Close lightning strikes: got 2 of my closest ones yet -Lightning video montage: much to be desired -Hailstorms: lots of hail video this year -High winds: some nasty winds this year -Torrential rains: more of this than last year - D-SLR Shots. What meager few they are Music for the montage is by: groove cutter: my shooter NOTE: song starts at 1:20 \/\/ Rich Executives please READ!!!! \/\/ Audio track in the video is available on Audioswap and is licensed so. Any form of copyright bullying such as "strikes againts fair use" or "claiming my footage and photographs as your own" will result in an all out legal fight, backed by AlbertaWX member, and the combined efforts of thousands of Veteran Storm chasers. Offensive actions against AlbertaWX**** have far reaching consequences including, TwisterChasers, TVNWEATHER, Silver Lining tours, and any other organisation associated personally or corporately with AlbertaWX****. You have been warned!
14 Sep 2013
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